the Boogie Brigade

Compiled by myself, this is a collection of reports on the strange criminal group(s) known as the Boogie Brigade. While many of Agency 13's operatives went to the trouble to collect some information on each of these time-lost kooks, it was me, using the Jensen Congress' extensive records, that patched all of this work together; most of these folks have been out of action for a long time. - Michelle 232

The story of the Boogie Brigade is a hard one to pin down, really, because most of the history involved is such a tightly held secret. The Brigade's exploits are very small on earth 013, but on earth 007, where Disco Head eventually became the President of the United States, some light can be shed on the motivations behind the formation of this team. It all started with a man named Job Hand.

After a series of mind-altering drug experiments, Job concocted a revolutionary manufacturing process, one allowing for nigh-miraculous mechanical miniaturization. Not quite nano-technology, this process would nonetheless allow humanity to make great advancements in various areas of expertise. If shared; as it turned out, Job decided to use his 'micro-machinery' to become a super hero!

And thus Disco Head was born. Wielding an oversized helmet shaped like a disco ball, Disco Head began to fight crime in Los Angeles in the 1970s, though he quickly gained the attention of a shady government agency known only as Obsidian Sector. This group was a team of elite former military specialists who were answerable only to the President of the United States, and dealt with all super-beings.


Though the Sector's operatives were good, there's no arguing with vastly superior technology, and Disco Head fought these goons off on many occasions, eventually tracing their orders and operations back to their source: then-President Gerald R. Ford! Making his way to Washington D.C., Disco Head confronted Ford, but was driven back by an unexpected power - the man's demonic sorcery!

Defeated, Disco Head retreated to catch his bearings, and after realizing that he couldn't take Ford alone he sought out people like himself. In time, he founded a group of like-minded ascendant beings that, for various reasons, were bound and determined to help him deal with Ford. He then attacked the White House again, this time with backup. However, Ford had anticipated this move.

He had arranged for the creation of a secondary, unbelievably secretive group to deal with the perpetual threat that super-beings posed: the Bureau of Ascendant Humans. He then gave that group a few hints that he was in dire danger of assault by super-powered terrorists, and the BAH's elite core personally dealt with Disco Head's team of heroes and vigilantes - only Miss Behavin' Maven and Lord Funk escaped.

The rest were turned over to the Bureau's legal arm, and after they were fairly tried for their crimes, all were put on 'ice'. This is how the Bureau deals with ascendant beings that threaten the status quo, you see, they put them in suspended animation until such a time as the conventional legal system can deal with them and their abilities. It is a practically foolproof system - save for the force behind its creation.

Gerald R. Ford.

On earth 007, Disco Head's Boogie Brigade won in its battle against the newly formed BAH's leadership, and had to face down Ford directly. It was at this point that it was revealed that Ford had been possessed by an insectoid demon calling itself Overlord Keda. Possessed of dread powers, it was a truly fearful threat, and the Boogie Brigade's battle with Ford/Keda raged across Washington D.C. - being captured on T.V.

With his allies defeated, Disco Head was on the verge of death himself, but managed a last-minute victory that saved the world from Overlord Keda's perverted aims. Knocking the former Kedae lord loose from Ford, Disco Head managed to not only free the President from demonic possession, but apparently destroyed the villain as well. This was naturally well received by the general populace of America.

Thanks to his ridiculously high profile, Disco Head managed to make his favorite art form a way of life, and both peace and prosperity somehow spread across the globe as as result. He even served as the President of the United States himself, doing so from 1980 to 1988 - the term that Reagan held on our earth. So, my misgivings about disco aside, it would appear that it did some good on at least one timeline.

Returning to this branch of the multiverse, however, it would appear that Ford/Keda's victory against Disco Head and the Boogie Brigade led to his cementing his power base, even though he didn't win his '76 election. Perhaps the voters sensed the man's inherent evil, or maybe even his power cannot sway the will of hundreds of millions of registered voters - or he may not have even cared at that point.

It's hard to say, really.

The point is that, while time moved on, Ford enhanced his power base, and slowly grew mighty on the world scene, even if nobody knew it. The only problem was that since he caused the BAH to be created, primarily so all the world's super beings could be gathered to eventually serve as his conquering army, he hadn't reckoned on the sheer craftiness of his would-be stooge, Captain Cocksure.

The leader of the BAH, Captain Cocksure was an athletic adventurer and former Olympic ™ hopeful that took his job as the world's last line of defense against ascendant beings very, very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he eventually shifted the group's primary operations into an adjacent pocket dimension, made it self-funding so it had no paper trail, and set up several contingencies in the event he was compromised.

So Keda had to draw him out. He did so by inspiring a would-be master villain, the rogue varakni A-Lonse, into doing his dirty work. Since A-Lonse was seeking a weapon to get rid of his own nemesis, the techno-sorcerer dragoness Elys, this wasn't too hard. Keda simply gave him the notion of seeking out an extradimensional space that regularly opens up into our own, and let the chips fall where they may.

Thanks to his advanced technology, A-Lonse eventually discovered the BAH cryogenic prison facility, and after infiltrating it, he walked off with a couple of stasis pods. One of these contained the mighty Disco Head himself, who A-Lonse made great pains to find due to a subliminal suggestion implanted in his mind by Keda's magic. By the time A-Lonse was ready to use Disco Head though, Elys had been slain.

By a group of vigilantes that had ruined his earlier plans to resurrect Morbis.

So, A-Lonse made a deal with Disco Head: deal with these vigilantes, and he'd free the Boogie Brigade so they could have a rematch with Ford. Not wishing to hurt anybody he had no need to, Disco Head nonetheless played along for the time being, hoping to wrest the knowledge of the BAH holding facility from A-Lonse. In order to gain the villain's trust, though, Disco Head had to attack those vigilantes first.

Capturing but not killing three of them, Disco Head hauled them back to A-Lonse's headquarters in Antarctic City, and did indeed get information from A-Lonse that would allow him to locate the extra-dimensional super-prison. Leaving forthwith, Disco Head gave those vigilantes the means of liberating themselves, then took off for warmer climes. There, he met his daughter - the one he didn't know he had.

A product of free love, the second Miss Behavin' Maven was in fact the daughter of the first who had been romantically involved with Disco Head mere hours prior to his being locked away by the BAH for many, many years. After he and the original Miss Behavin' Maven explained what they were up to back in the day, and what he intended to do now that he was free again, Disco Head's daughter joined up with the man.

Thanks to the first Miss Behavin' Maven's powers, Disco Head and Miss Behavin' Maven 2 were easily able to return to the prison that so recently held him in stasis, and sensing that time was short, he grabbed the first seven stasis pods he could get his hands on. He then had three more stasis pods sent onto the streets of Washington D.C., to waylay those vigilantes he was sure were on his trail.

And they were, too.

Luckily for Disco Head, this distraction was more than enough to keep his would be nemeses out of his hair - at least, long enough for him to sort out how to wake up the various BAH prisoners he'd collected. Their stasis pods were somewhat beyond his knowledge of technology after all, so it took him a bit to work out how to revive his prizes without killing them or something.

Meanwhile, once the seven super-folk realized that he'd freed them, they were all mostly grateful, and agreed to follow him in a second attack against Ford as his new Boogie Brigade. So, thanks to Miss Behavin' Maven 2's teleportation powers, the second Boogie Brigade descended upon Ford's California residence, and captured him with the mystic assistance of the Pinball Prophet, who could temporarily block Ford's magic.

Naturally, those vigilantes showed up again to get in his way, this time accompanied by Captain Cocksure himself. So, Disco Head had Miss Behavin' Maven 2 teleport the two of them, and the captive Ford, to his former secret headquarters, a high tech laboratory beneath his old disco club - which had since been transformed into a techno dance... thing... called the Avernus. Though modified, his base was still there.

Here, Disco Head prepared for a final assault, which turned out to be a good thing since his second Boogie Brigade did no better against Cocksure and company than his first did. In due time, those vigilantes found their way to his base, and proceeded to break in and challenge Disco Head. Thanks to the club being open though, Disco Head had all kinds of hostages handy to waylay the heroes yet again.

The only problem was that he is, at heart, a hero as well.

So, he couldn't live with himself holding all those people hostage, and subsequently let them go. Then the big fight broke out, and Disco Head and the vigilantes mostly wore each other out fighting. Disco Head did have an edge though, in that he'd acquired the service of one Tangerine Lovechild, an expatriate from earth 007 who had quite a crush on the man, and truly wished to help him in any way she could.

But when the combatants grew tired, Ford dropped a sorcerous bomb on the assembled do-gooders. Knocking them around before they knew what was going on, Ford then disgorged the insectoid mass that makes up his body, and recreated himself as an exact duplicate - body and mind - of Captain Cocksure. He then flattened most everybody present and sold them into the slavery of the Ubiquidyne corporation.

Having rid himself of most his loose ends, Overlord Keda then left Ford alone in the abandoned wreckage of Disco Head's old laboratory, raving like a lunatic and babbling about demons and the coming apocalypse - but then, having had Keda in his head since the 1960s, Ford was more than a little bit aware what the demon was planning for the earth. Not that anybody would believe him of course - he's how old, again?

Thus ends the story of the two Boogie Brigades. While Disco Head himself eventually escaped the clutches of Ubiquidyne and returned to earth, the task of dealing with Overlord Keda remained. The only problem, of course, would be getting through the entirety of the BAH to face him a fourth - and hopefully final - time. Posing as Cocksure, Keda had all kinds of muscle at his beck and call.

So, our heroes had a bit of work to do.

Knowing that a huge battle loomed before them, Disco Head and Captain Cocksure rallied as many of the surviving vigilantes that came back to earth with them, along with numerous other captives that Argyle had been torturing for some time, as was possible. Many of these individuals had a bone to pick with the BAH, and despite Cocksure being present, were more than happy to lend a hand in its destruction!

Calling in all his ringers, Captain Cocksure had his most highly placed and trusted operatives disrupt BAH's operations, which allowed the assemblage of ascendant humans to take them - and all their recently revived prisoners - down. Which of course just left Overlord Keda... who was ambushed by Gerald R. Ford before the remaining heroes could even lift a finger against him!

Demonstrating that being possessed by a Kedae lord for thirty years had burned its magical knowledge into his mind, Ford used Overlord Keda's own magics against him, and ultimately consumed him bodily! He then turned on Disco Head and Cocksure, along with their assembled army, to take control of everyone present for his own, nefarious purposes!

With hearts most heavy, the heroes then went to battle with not a demon or clone, but a true former leader of the free world. It was a harrowing battle, but in the end Disco Head lived and Gerald R. Ford died, mere feet from where he slew Overlord Keda. And Captain Cocksure, Ford's unwitting pawn since the 1970s, was so morally crushed by these revelations that he attempted to dissolve the BAH.

Thus, Disco Head ultimately won out in the end!

Founder of the Boogie Bridages:

Disco Head: born to evangelical parents as Job Hand, the man who became Disco Head could've been the world's greatest hero - but was waylaid by an immortal being acting as the President of the United States, and jailed for many, many years...! Availability:

Disco Head (MSH Classic)

Disco Head (4C System)

Disco Head (Marvel Saga)

the Second Boogie Brigade:

Browneye the Pirate: cursed to forever wander the seven seas after offending a powerful sorceress, Alastair has taken full advantage of said 'curse' to wander the earth, pillaging and looting all the while - except for the time he spent on 'ice'. Availability:

Browneye the Pirate (MSH Classic)

Browneye the Pirate (4C System)

Browneye the Pirate (Marvel Saga)

the Dirty Hippie: left for dead in a barrel of toxic goo by Pastordyne thugs, formerly mild-mannered biologist and environmental activist Gilbert Giles was transformed into the hyper-nimble eco-terrorist known as the Dirty Hippie! Availability:

the Dirty Hippie (MSH Classic)

the Dirty Hippie (4C System)

the Dirty Hippie (Marvel Saga)

the Fornicator: having wielded his mutant pheromones power for illicit purposes all his life, Leon naturally got on Captain Cocksure's bad side. Leon reformed for a time, and even served as his side kick, but his lecherous nature eventually won out. Availability:

the Fornicator (MSH Classic)

the Fornicator (4C System)

the Fornicator (Marvel Saga)

Miss Behavin' Maven 2: daughter of the original Maven and Disco Head, Elise is a disturbed, confused young woman. She shifts between good and evil at the drop of a hat, and is fighting hard to find her very own place in this strange world of ours. Availability:

Miss Behavin' Maven 2 (MSH Classic)

Miss Behavin' Maven 2 (4C System)

Miss Behavin' Maven 2 (Marvel Saga)

the Obstinatrician: after his natural psionics switched on, Dr. Zedekai Equinos, an ob/gyn, went nuts, transforming into a super-powered sexual deviant. Though he keeps escaping from jail thanks to his powers, his mania keeps putting him right back. Availability:

the Obstinatrician (MSH Classic)

the Obstinatrician (4C System)

the Obstinatrician (Marvel Saga)

the Pinball Prophet: after he conned a wizard into taking him under his wing, Morris Niver forged something resembling his very own school of magic, one based on a pinball theme, and used his new found power to launch a high-stakes criminal career! Availability:

the Pinball Prophet (MSH Classic)

the Pinball Prophet (4C System)

the Pinball Prophet (Marvel Saga)

the Swinging Sultan: a would-be bounty hunter with a robot fetish, Ed volunteered to be one of the Electronicists' League's first cyborg guinea pigs, and miracuously survived. Donning a 'sultan' costume, he then began to make quite a name for himself! Availability:

the Swinging Sultan (MSH Classic)

the Swinging Sultan (4C System)

the Swinging Sultan (Marvel Saga)

the Utoolitarian: Harvey Luntz was a construction worker who always felt out of place in the world, destined for something greater than his pedestrian life. Imagine his surprise when he discovered his store-bought tool box was seemingly magical! Availability:

the Utoolitarian (MSH Classic)

the Utoolitarian (4C System)

the Utoolitarian (Marvel Saga)

the Original Boogie Brigade:

Lord Funk: originally known as Funkenstein while working with the Boogie Brigade, Omar is a Canadian empath who has gone on to become one of the leaders of the Mindwatch organization. Now known as Lord Funk, he's possibly the strongest empath on earth! Availability:

Lord Funk (MSH Classic)

Lord Funk (4C System)

Lord Funk (Marvel Saga)

(coming eventually: Freakenstance, Groovenstein, Miss Behavin' Maven 1, and any other old-school Boogie Brigade folks that catch my fancy)

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