Browneye the Pirate


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Alastair MacLennan is the notorious criminal known to the world as Browneye the Pirate. Though 'known' is a misnomer, since he hasn't been all that active in the last 300 years. He persists thanks to a mystic curse that has rendered him immortal, after a fashion. Curse, indeed.


Immortality (s): after crossing a temperamental mystic investigator, specifically by looting her ship for all it was worth, Alastair was cursed by said mystic. Until he leaves a pound of his own flesh at each of the four corners of the earth, Alastair must walk the earth forevermore.

Naturally, Alastair isn't all that bothered by this 'curse', and has continued his pirating ways to this very day - a few interruptions notwithstanding. Thanks to the rather powerful magic that rendered him immortal, Alastair has been 'cursed' with the following super-human powers:

* Agelessness (s): while many immortal beings do age, if impossibly slow, Alastair does not. He will forever exist at the exact biological age in which he was cursed, which was at about his fortieth birthday. He'll look that old forevermore, no matter how hard he tries to look otherwise.

* Environmental Independence (s): due to his undying state, Alastair no longer requires physical sustenance. He possesses this power at intensity 30, allowing him to go indefinitely without food, water, air, or even sleep - he can enjoy these things, but he does not require them.

* Regeneration (s): as a function of his immortal state, Alastair heals somewhat quicker than your average human being. He possesses this power at intensity 5, allowing him to recover one card of lost Health on a positive or neutral draw that is less than five every exchange.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Black Blade of Baad (s): wrested from the grip of the Kedae expatriate Ocpatex, this dark weapon has become intertwined with Alastair's own life force. It can be used in melee to inflict +4 psychic damage (resisted by Willpower) with every deadly, anti-life attack.

The blade itself is immaterial, but feels rather solid to the person holding it - and those it strikes. However, it is comprised of the same energies it uses to inflict pain on others, and has a slow, corrupting effect on those that wield it - though simply carrying the blade will do no harm.

The first time someone kills with the blade, it gains an effective Willpower rank of 1, which increases by one every subsequent time the blade is used to kill. Over time, this can be used to influence the blade's wielder, causing him to become increasingly sadistic in battle.

Once the blade's Willpower can overcome its wielder's (when he fails a Willpower action to resist its suggestions), the Black Blade will claim their soul, carrying it off to Ocpatex. The blade currently has a Willpower score of 5 where Alastair is concerned - it's only beginning to corrupt him.

Frigid Flint-Locks (a): his original weapons of choice, these flint-lock pistols have become a part of Alastair's self-image, and have thus acquired a touch of deific power. They still function as can ordinary flint-lock pistols, however antiquated that may be, but have additional powers.

For one thing, by simply willing it, the wielder of Alastair's pistols can fire a blast of chilling energies, rays of cold that inflict intensity 10 energy damage. These are particularly devastating against aquatic peoples and sailors who are trapped in the water; in short, they're perfect for pirates.

Furthermore, they are beholden to Alastair's will. In other words, someone can steal them from Alastair, but they will instantly return to his location - no matter how far away from him they are taken. They possess intensity 10 teleportation, allowing for instant, global transport.

Finally, the guns themselves possess the uncanny knack for reloading themselves. Unlike modern guns, flint-lock pistols take quite a while to reload under even the best of circumstances, but these are ready to fire constantly, no matter how many times they are used in combat!


Boating (a): a pirate long before he was cursed with immortality, Alastair knows the ins and outs of sailing quite well. He can navigate and/or sail a ship just about anywhere on the seven seas, though he can be confounded somewhat by the latest in ship technology.

Boxing (s): if anything, Alastair can defend himself - though usually it's other people that have to defend themselves from him. He can divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which - whether a punch, kick, or stomp - will occur as a contingent action.

Guns (a): Alastair is very well-versed in the fine art of gunplay, having used the things since the days of the flint-lock pistol. Keeping his skills up to date somewhat, Alastair can fire any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic firearm, or even his flint-locks, at a reduced difficulty.

Languages / Chinese, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish (i): a pirate for over a hundred years, Alastair has picked up a bevy of languages. He can only read and write in English, but he can speak all of these languages (if in a less than modern capacity).

Skill / Swords (s): while he prefers his guns in battle, Alastair knows they aren't always totally reliable; as such, he keeps up on his swordplay skills. Alastair can wield any sword, whether it be an old-fashioned cutlass or his Black Blade of Baad, at a reduced difficulty.


As Browneye the Pirate, Alastair has few contacts. Most people he hasn't alienated died a horrible death in the distant past. However, he's been recruited into Disco Head's new Boogie Brigade, and being one of the saner members of that crew, can call them a reliable contact.


Adventurer: Alastair primarily wishes to make his own way in the world, eschewing crutches such as 'employment' and 'government'. At the same time, he's proven somewhat nasty over the years, and often has either Greed or Vengeance as secondary callings, depending on the day.


Alastair dresses like a pirate! He wears loose-fitting cerulean trousers, a frilly white, long-sleeved silk shirt, an oversized brown leather belt with twin holsters and a sword scabbard, overly dramatic buccaneer boots, a crimson, three-cornered hat, and his unnecessary black eye patch.


Alastair is living in the past, but then, that's where he's from. He's fiercely independent, and has an active disdain for authority. While he's not a nice guy, being a pirate and all, Alastair is a man of honor, and will stay true to his word if you can convince him to give it in the first place.

Real Name: Alastair MacLennan
Occupation: pirate, miscreant
Legal Status: citizen of the United Kingdom with a considerable criminal record, though legally assumed to be long deceased
Marital Status: divorced a few times
Alias(es), if any: quite a few throwaway names
Group Affiliation: the Boogie Brigade

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: brown
Weight: 200 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Alastair wears an eye patch, even though his lost eye healed itself upon his becoming immortal. He mostly does this out of tradition; after all, you can't call yourself Browneye the Pirate if you have more than one brown eye, you know.


Alastair grew up destitute in London hundreds of years ago, and when the opportunity rose, he signed on to work on a merchant ship bound for the New World. Of course, most merchants back then were unbelievably stingy and abusive, and Alastair was treated horribly by his employer.

Wishing to make his own way though, Alastair persevered. He matured on ships sailing the Atlantic, slowly learning everything he needed to know to captain a ship. He tried to do the right thing, but that was hard when your boss was beating you senseless for no good reason.

So, when Alastair's ship was attacked by pirates, he didn't try resisting like his employer - watching the man get cut up was pretty satisfying. Seeing this, the captain of said pirates was impressed by Alastair, and offered to take him on. Having no reason to stay put, Alastair did so.

Heck, he even set his old captain's ship on fire! Over the next couple of years, Alastair did quite well as a pirate, eventually gaining his own ship and crew, and caused serious damage to intercontinental commerce. He came to be known as Browneye the Pirate, a flashy name to be sure.

This after he lost an eye on a particularly harrowing raid.

Things changed when he raided a young sorceress' ship, though. As his crew ransacked it, they found little of value to be had, but Alastair thought the lady herself would make a great hostage - she appeared to be refined, and possibly wealthy beyond what was readily apparent.

This woman had no intention of being a hostage, much less allowing anything unsavory to happen to her person. Thus, she mystically assaulted Alastair's crew, who fled. Fearing no man or beast, Alastair did not relent though, and when he attacked the sorceress directly, she cursed him.

An odd curse to be sure, but one she figured would cause Alastair endless torment. The idea was that he'd grow to hate life as it stretched on into infinity, and would crave the sweet release of death - though only she knew how he could die, and would wait for him to beg for the secret.

This wasn't how things turned out, though. Alastair came to relish his new found immortality, as it allowed him to handle an insane amount of punishment. He even grew his old eye back, though he keeps it covered to maintain his 'reputation' as a fierce, one-eyed pirate.

The only problem is that magic tends to attract magic.

Being magically enhanced due this curious, so-called 'curse', Alastair began to have one bizarre adventure after another, usually involving creatures of magic. On one such adventure, Alastair fought the mighty Kedae demon Ocpatex, and even stole its powerful magic blade.

As things grew weirder and weirder, Alastair's crew abandoned him, and he was left afloat on a dinghy within the Arctic circle. While a good sailor, Alastair couldn't get back to civilization, and wound up drifting to the polar ice cap. There, he was frozen in the ice for hundreds of years.

Much later, in the early 1970s, global warming caused the ice holding Alastair to break off from the cap, and he drifted back to warmer climes. Recovered by a rich sailor, Alastair thanked the man by hijacking his yacht, throwing everybody overboard, and starting his pirate career anew.

Alastair continued his piracy for years, enjoying how easy sailing had become thanks to modern technology. Of course, his crime spree didn't last, for he was apprehended by agents working for the Bureau of Ascendant Humans when raiding cargo ships off the New York harbor.

He was subsequently put on ice a second time.

Our pirate friend was in stasis for years, only returning from this state when he was liberated by Disco Head, who had need of a team of super-powered thugs to help him defeat Gerald R. Ford. Fearing not the might of the Kedae, since he'd faced one before, Alastair signed on to this task.

Unfortunately for Disco Head, his new Boogie Brigade was defeated after it captured Ford. This again thanks to interference from the BAH, led by the exceedingly competent combatant Captain Cocksure. Alastair himself was beaten by one of Cocksure's curious, vigilante friends.

Defeated again, Alastair managed to recover and escape before Cocksure's regular minions could collect him and put him back on ice. Left to his own devices without the Brigade to direct his actions, Alastair has resumed wandering the earth - learning about the modern world all the while.

When he's not terrorizing it, of course. Were people to realize that a true historical figure was committing inexplicable crimes in their midst, they might panic somewhat. But then, most folks have little to fear from Browneye the Pirate. Unless they have something worth stealing, that is!

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