Disco Head


Hand Size:
5 (30)


While many of his compatriots gained their powers due to mystic curses, freak accidents and the like, Job is a self-made ascendant. Having built all of his advanced technology from the ground up, he is the quintessential high techie - and has created many others in his time.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Disco Head (i): his namesake and primary implement of power, this oversized helmet expands from a device the size of a harmonica into a 2' diameter mirrored globe that covers Job's entire head - and leaves plenty of room to spare. Job's disco head has these high tech capabilities:

* Aura / Light (a): Job can use the disco head to surround his body with a blinding nimbus of rainbow light, a constantly changing blur of unnecessarily bright light that increases the difficulty of hitting him by one level, and that provides him intensity 12 (or +3) protection from attack.

* Circular Vision (w): thanks to plenty of monitors deployed in the surplus space inside the disco head, Job can see everything going on around him at all times. This isn't just horizontal all 'round vision, either; Job's circular vision even shows what's above and below him, too!

* Energy Cohesion (i): a handy stunt indeed, this trick allows Job to solidify his light constructs into quasi-real energy lattices. These objects will last as long as Job wishes them to, either on a temporary or permanent basis, and can be of up to material strength 15 (this power intensity).

* Environmental Independence (s): built to keep Job alive in environmental extremes, the disco head is air-tight. While active and intact, it continually recycles Job's air, providing him an unending supply of such. It also holds gases of all kinds at bay (intensity 15).

* Flight (a): by doing... something to gravitons with his photonic emissions, Job can fly around at his leisure, usually rising above his foes in a dramatic fashion as he fights them. Job can fly with intensity 6 ability, meaning he can rocket about at 240 miles per hour.

* Image Projection (i): while he can easily blast people to atoms with his light generation, Job can also use his disco head to produce more... creative displays of photonic prowess. He can generate three-dimensional light imagery with intensity 15 ability and skill.

* Imaginary Doubles (i): Job can fire off up to ten mirrored segments of his disco head, each of which can generate a holographic duplicate of his august personage. These duplicates are illusions of intensity 10 sophistication, and can be quite dangerous.

This because all of Job's holographic fakes have the power to issue forth one, and only one, energy blast before they fade and the mirror segment generating them must return to the disco head proper. This blast can be targeted in advance, and is at -2 to his normal laser attacks.

* Light Generation (i): naturally, Job can use the disco head to give off impressive blasts of light. These blasts are of intensity 15 power, and can either be used to simulate a concussion blast (to cause physical damage) or a coherent laser beam (to cause energy damage).

* Mesmerism (w): using soothing, calming patterns of holographic light, Job can generally lull people into a relaxed, suggestible state. He can do this with intensity 10 skill, which works against the Willpower of the person or people Job is trying to hypnotize.

Laser Pistol (a): this handy sidearm, kept in a holster on his left hip, is a backup for his disco head should some opponent smash it; it is a handy target, after all. Job's laser pistol can be fired to inflict his Agility +5 damage per blast, and has ten blasts per charge.


Advanced Guns (a): while he usually prefers to use his disco head in combat, Job can also wield hand-held beam weapons effectively - whether they're his trademark laser cannons or any other advanced energy weapon. Job wields such items in combat at a reduced difficulty.

Boxing (s): Job is well-versed in the fine art of fisticuffs, and can easily defend himself should he be denied the use of his high tech equipment. He can divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which he can attempt as a contingent action.

Business / Finance (w): skilled in several areas of scientific discipline, Job is also well versed in matters of money; he knows how to spend it, not to mention make more of it. He can thus bring his Willpower to bear on any action involving financial transactions.

Electronics (i): while his strong suit is in the creation of mechanical constructs - particularly small ones, in fact - Job is also competent in this area of expertise. He can use this skill to build electrical or electronic items, which complements his other skills quite nicely.

Engineering 3 (i): not merely knowledgeable in building things, Job has in fact devised a revolutionary manufacturing process that is worlds ahead of modern mechanical science - think small, very very small. He may autotrump whenever building just about anything!

Physics / Optics 2 (i): while his micro-machining process will likely be what eventually gets him in the history books, Job is also well-versed in the field of optics. He can do all kinds of things with light that have yet to be duplicated, and he trumps with either Intellect or Willpower cards.


Job has all kinds of contacts in criminal circles; heck, most high tech villains in the seventies used gear he made for them. Of course, most of his allies have been killed or put in cryogenic storage by the BAH, so there are few folks in the modern day and age that can help him of late.

Of course, he also knows his fair share of heroes. His original Boogie Brigade were mostly heroes, as were the vigilantes who helped him take on the former President Ford. And finally, of all people, Job has earned the respect of the one and only Captain Cocksure.


Youthful Exuberance, later Vengeance, and finally Responsibility of Power: Job became Disco Head to make his own way in the world, but found himself thrust into heights of heroism and depths of villainy beyond his wildest imagination. Where he goes from here is anybody's guess.


Job wears a rather distinctive costume.

It consists of white polyester bell bottoms, a white long-sleeved, open chested shirt with an oversized collar, a veritable mountain of gold chains, shiny black leather platform shoes, and naturally his trademark mirrored, high tech 'disco head' disco ball helmet.


Job is a very headstrong, driven individual. Despite the curves thrown his way, he always strives to make the best out of any situation, no matter how dire. He's one heck of a friend to have in your corner, but at the same time he's about the last person you want as your enemy.

Real Name: Job Hand
Occupation: inventor, criminal, adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a criminal record (via the BAH)
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Boogie Brigade, the New Boogie Brigade

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 190 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Job is quite hairy, having a heroic amount of chest hair - which he usually tries to keep shaved, but it's a hassle. He also sports a magnificent 'afro' haircut, since his hair naturally grows that way - and it was in style in his day.


Job has had a hard road before him all his life, thanks to his parents.

Seriously oblivious evangelical folks, Richard and Kitty Hand thought nothing of naming their first-born son Job. After all, that's a right and proper Biblical name, you know - they just didn't think about how it'd look on a job application.

Though his high school days were full of heckling, Job worked hard to learn everything he could; his home life was bereft of science, so Job sought it elsewhere. He had very good grades, and even managed to gain scholarships to acquire his engineering degree, but couldn't get a job.

People always thought his applications were just pranks. Undeterred, Job continued on in college as long as he could, until he could learn no more. Still unable to get a job, Job decided to disappear for awhile, and went into seclusion so he could sort his strange life out.

Under the influence of mind-altering substances, Job had an epiphany, and worked out the core principles of a revolutionary technology. This process, which he dubbed micro-machinery, is the production of standard mechanical objects on a microscopic level... in vast quantities.

He could use this technology to create all kinds of things. Not quite nanotechnology, this stuff was nonetheless almost magical in effectiveness, which got Job thinking. Why bother with a nine to five job, especially for worthless jerks that could care less about whether he lived or died?

For a time, Job used his technological wizardry for the highest bidder, cranking out all manner of inexplicable contraptions that others would subsequently use to commit crimes. While highly irregular, each job was a unique challenge, and Job enjoyed them all.

Eventually, Job was tracked down by government agents from a group calling itself the Obsidian Sector. These (naturally) black-garbed men and women were there to close Job down, and stop him from creating all manner of high tech villains with which to plague society.

Narrowly escaping their chicanery, Job decided to fight fire with fire, and built himself a ludicrous high tech arsenal all his own. Thus was Disco Head born, a super villainous identity that he could use to commit crimes with impunity - and to avenge himself upon the Obsidian Sector!

Eventually tracking them down (thanks to several well-laid traps), Job learned that they answered solely to Gerald R. Ford, then the President of the United States! Assaulting the White House directly, Job was on the verge of killing Ford when the man flattened him.

With diabolical magic!

Fleeing the scene, Job prepared for a rematch. But this time, his motivations were somewhat more pure; realizing the President of the United States was a demon or perhaps possessed by one, Job decided that it was his duty to do something about this terrible state of affairs.

He collected a team of people like himself, individuals with abilities above and beyond those of ordinary men and women. When all was said and done, Job'd collected quite a few, a troupe of super-folk he dubbed the Boogie Brigade - in keeping with his own, secret identity!

When they were ready, Job led them in another assault on the White House, but things went awry once more. Instead of having to deal with the Obsidian Sector, Job and his cohorts instead had to contend with Captain Cocksure, leader of the newly formed Bureau of Ascendant Humans.

This ultra-secret organization was built to deal with ascendant humans, from prevention to policing to justice, and they'd caught wind of Job's intentions - even if they had no clue about Ford's true nature. So, they laid an ambush for the Boogie Brigade - and caught 'em all red handed.

Mostly. Miss Behavin' Maven and Funkenstein to escape while the others were carted off and thrown into cryogenic storage indefinitely. Then time... passed. Years, in fact, until the villainous varakni A-Lonse broke into the BAH prison and freed Job for his own purposes.

This was orchestrated by Ford, in order for him to get his hands on Captain Cocksure; the man had become rather elusive of late, and Ford didn't know how else to find him. Sure enough, Cocksure came looking for Job, but not before Job got on the bad side of several violent vigilantes.

Regardless, Job planned on finishing the job he started, so he started making plans. After making a few calls, Job realized he had a daughter, the second Maven, and with her help, he freed several more folks from the BAH penal warehouse - and formed a new Boogie Brigade.

They went after Ford and even captured him, too, though this was a ruse on Ford's part, executed to bide his time until Captain Cocksure showed himself. He did when he tracked Job down along with those same vigilantes that Job had angered earlier, and that's when things got really ugly.

Once Job and his cohorts were defeated, Ford decided to reveal his true nature to everyone present, and flattened them with his mystical might. Then, to dispose of all his many foes, Ford sold them off to Ubiquidyne's own Argyle.

To serve as fodder in the man's latest reality show!

These Arena battles, fought with psychoplasmic duplicates of its hundreds of contestants, allowed them to kill each other endlessly. At least, until one of the combatants figured out how to escape the system, and subsequently trashed Argyle's set - brutally!

Making their way back to earth, Job, Captain Cocksure, and the remaining vigilantes and Boogie Brigadiers who were still up for it, prepared for one last battle with Ford. Of course, by this time Ford had essentially co-opted the Bureau of Ascended Humans.

Using his powers to control a large swath of their formerly frozen prisoners, Ford sent wave after wave of ascendant humans at Job and his allies, foes who had been passed up by time thanks to BAH's unique prison system. But all was not lost!

Having planned for this contingency, Captain Cocksure had planted 'ringers' in his own organization, lest it become co-opted by some external force. Calling them all in, he was able to locate Ford's secret hideout, and ultimately flushed him out for a final confrontation.

There, Ford revealed that he had been possessed by the monstrous Overlord Keda for over thirty years, shortly after he'd even set the wheels of BAH in motion. While that demon had since moved on to greener pastures, Ford retained all the mystic knowledge Keda burned into his brain.

Thus, it was with a heavy heart that Job and company had to fight against a former President of the United States - to the death! They'd hoped it was simply an impostor or clone or some sort of mind control... but no. Their foe was truly a former leader of the free world!

Who was now intent on conquering it! Throwing down with Ford, Job and company managed to defeat him once and for all, though at a heavy cost. In addition to their many losses, their battle with Ford at his California ranch revealed the presence of ascendant humans to the world.

And in a fashion that couldn't be covered up with claims of 'swamp gas' or 'light from the planet Venus'. Shortly thereafter, the Bureau of Ascendant Humans was forced to disclose all of its actions to a skeptical public, after which time Captain Cocksure himself was imprisoned.

Oddly enough, Job escaped capture in the midst of all this, and was left to his own devices. Mind you, the world was much more focused on the higher profiles of his many foes, which gave him the opportunity to make a choice about his future. A choice about Good or Evil.

But which one will Job make?


When originally written, President Ford was, in fact, still alive. This nemesis of Job's has since passed on however, which leaves the aspiring Narrator with a dilemma. One could assume Ford was still alive in their campaign - at least, until Job and company took him out.

Alternately, they could instead slide the events described here forward a tad, and use, say, President Carter instead.

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