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Zedekai Equinos used to be an ordinary obstetrician and gynecologist who developed two natural psionics by a fluke of chance - in exchange for his sanity. Unable to handle the strange activity inside his head, Zedekai went downright kooky, which ruined his promising career.

Known Powers:

Natural Psionics (Psipathic Powers):

Auscultation (t): Zedekai has the ability to read the surface thoughts of others, usually the victims of his deviant depredations. This power works at rank value 30, and cannot normally be resisted unless the target is specifically aware of Zedekai's efforts.

Charm (s): Zedekai can be unnaturally persuasive at times. When this power is active, and he has no control over exactly when it is in such a state, Zedekai can charm those who fail a Willpower ACT against this rank value 100 power - until he actively harms them, that is.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Calipers: though they have no practical use in a fight, this measuring tool helps Zedekai to feed his particular perversion. It's a digital set of calipers, capable of measuring the size of objects to a very precise level - even those not apparent to the naked eye.


Insanity: as a result of the emergence of his natural psionics, Zedekai is completely bonkers. He's become obsessed with the specific dimensions of the 'private parts' of the fairer sex. Whenever faced with women in life, he has an irresistible need to inspect such.

This irrational compulsion is why he lost his medical practice, not to mention why he was arrested for various instances of assault - if let loose in a general population, the man will likely seek out females to immediately 'inspect' them.

Which is why he should be in a loony bin...


Medicine: Zedekai is a competent medical practitioner, specializing in ob/gyn. While he's lost his medical license, Zedekai still has the skills required to perform various surgeries, and can help a body losing Fortitude values to not only stop such, but to immediately recover 1 RS.


Notorious as a sexual predator in the 1970s, Zedekai has no real contacts to speak of from his past. Of course, the man has been recruited into Disco Head's new Boogie Brigade, and as such can likely rely upon that team for help in a pinch - even if the Brigade isn't too fond of the man.


When wandering about without medical and/or legal supervision, Zedekai wears his obstetrician outfit in public. This consists of a white, collared, long-sleeved shirt, a black pair of trousers, a red tie, a white, oversized lab coat, black leather shoes, and an oversized doctor's head mirror.


Zedekai is kooky in the head.

The man's insanity is ever-present and a constant thorn in his side. It rules all of his thoughts and actions, making him his own worst enemy, not to mention an extreme danger to any females in his vicinity. When he's got that shifty look in his eye, you know what he's thinking about...

Real Name: Dr. Zedekai Equinos, PhD
Occupation: none, former ob/gyn
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a criminal record
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the new Boogie Brigade

Height: 6'
Hair: brown, graying
Eyes: green
Weight: 190 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: after his powers manifested, Zedekai's hair began to stick straight up, and no matter how long it gets (usually trimmed to about six inches in length), it will continually hold itself up. This handily lends itself to his 'mad doctor' look.


Zedekai Equinos used to be a successful doctor, having a long-standing ob/gyn practice. He did well in his chosen line of work, and had a large practice that made him and his family quite wealthy. Things changed for this good-willed young man when his mind opened up, however.

You see, Zedekai is a natural psi, a man who's mind spontaneously manifested powers that normally take people years of training to bring forth. Lacking the such training entirely, Zedekai went completely bonkers, doing so in the middle of an appointment with a patient.

Losing his mind, Zedekai became locked in the exact moment when his powers activated themselves, and thus became obsessed with the specific properties of women's 'private parts' Checking them is constantly at the forefront of his mind... which is what caused his downfall.

Every time he encountered a female, see, Zedekai had the overwhelming, undeniable need to check them out, and this is what got him thrown in the pokey. Zedekai was busted on various assault charges, and thrown in jail for a very, very long time. Nobody knew he had powers, though.

While he can't control them at all, Zedekai has two, and when they worked they repeatedly allowed him to escape incarceration. Each time the man broke out of jail, he gained even more notoriety, eventually coming to be known as 'the Obstinatrician' by a headline-hungry news media.

In time, Zedekai gained the attention of both the Bureau of Ascendant Humans and Mindwatch, though the former got to him first. BAH grabbed Zedekai during his eighth escape and put him on ice, leaving him in suspended animation until they could permanently end his threat.

The tragedy there is that, had Mindwatch found Zedekai first, they might have actually been able to teach him how to use his powers properly, and maybe recover his sanity. Regardless, Zedekai didn't stay on 'ice' forever, for he was liberated from the BAH holding facility by Disco Head.

Having somehow escaped from this place himself, he came back to liberate several other folks he felt might come in handy as his new Boogie Brigade and, mostly thankful for their release, these folks readily agreed to do so. Of course, Zedekai didn't do very well as a villainous thug.

This because, while he has powers, he's not very good at using them. Not to mention the fact that Zedekai isn't really violent - just twisted. As such, when confronted by a female vigilante working with BAH's Captain Cocksure, Zedekai got the stuffing kicked out of him.

Though a few members of the Boogie Brigade eluded capture, Zedekai was not one of them. When the Bureau of Ascendant Humans arrived to clean up Disco Head's mess, the one caused by his abduction of former President Ford, Zedekai was collected and put back in stasis.

Whether or not he'll ever menace the female populace anew remains to be seen.

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