Miss Behavin' Maven 2


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Elise began life as a normal human. However, her mother is a psi with impressive teleportation powers, and she taught many of these to her daughter over the years. As such, Elise is herself a potent psimotive student, and is picking up several powers her mother never mastered...!


Trained Psi-Powers (psimotive, traditional student)

Teleportation (a) (i): core of the psimotive school of thought, this power allows Elise to move from one point to another without physically crossing the intervening space. She can do this at intensity 12 ability, giving her a 10,000 mile range (an effective, global coverage).

Chaos Shift (t) (i): this talent allows Elise to use her teleportation in rapid bursts, giving her ample opportunities to attack an opponent while at the same time avoiding attack. While using chaos shift, Elise has a +2 to hit her foe, while said foe suffers a -2 to hit her.

Teleport Trigger (s) (i): this skill allows Elise to set up a contingency teleportation. While this power is being maintained, Elise will automatically teleport to a predetermined location if some event comes to pass (such as being knocked unconscious). This power has no intensity.

Summoning (a) (i): great for causing trouble, this art allows Elise to summon forth anything from anywhere in creation. Such can be done easily with this intensity 7 power, though this is relatively dangerous in that things Elise summons might not be under her control.

Banishment (t) (i): working at intensity 10, this talent allows Elise to banish a person or entity from this universe. This is a great complement to her summoning power, since things she calls forth aren't always happy to visit, and may require rapid disposal.

Transient Universe (s) (i): good for smuggling, this skill allows Elise to create a small pocket dimension, one which usually accesses our universe from a pocket in her clothing. This power works with intensity 7 ability, allowing Elise to build a realm with a 49 cubic foot volume.

Space Control (a) (i): one of Elise's nastiest abilities, this intensity 5 art allows her to twist space itself. She can use it to compress or expand space with intensity 6 ability, often simulating movement by tinkering with the space before and behind something.

One particularly icky power stunt she's developed with this ability involves temporarily rendering people inside out - this is both horrifying and debilitating. If she passes an easy difficulty Space Control (strength) action with this power, her target is turned inside out for an aura duration.

In addition to causing power intensity damage, this horrific use of space control essentially paralyzes a body for this period of time.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Blaster (i): built by her father, this recent addition to Elise's arsenal allows her to defend herself directly. It fires a blast of particles that inflict intensity 10 concussion damage per shot, and can usually fire six shots before it requires about six hours to recharge (120 V A.C.).

Knives (s): Elise usually carries at least two blades on her person, both small, deadly affairs that are easily concealable (whether or not they're kept in her extradimensional pocket). She can use these blades to inflict her Strength +2 damage (usable in melee or as ranged weapons).


Boxing (s): trained how to scrap by both her mother and during a few years as a Moscow crime lord, Elise is quite capable in a fist fight. She can divide her pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee strikes, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Languages / English and Russian (i): though taught English as a child, Elise grew up in the U.S.S.R., thus learning Russian as well. She can use both languages equally well, and can read and write in each. She's wants to master a third language, but hasn't gotten to it yet.

Skill / Knives (s): though she can fight unarmed, Elise also has the ability to kill others with ease, being a veritable master knife fighter. She can make attacks with any short bladed object at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary, and can use knives to block or parry.


As a member of the new Boogie Brigade, Elise can rely upon her somewhat perverted team mates for assistance in a pinch. Of course, being the daughter of both Disco Head and the original Miss Behavin' Maven, Elise can definitely call her super-villainous parents reliable contacts as well.


Investigator: Elise's specific motivations wander from one villainous calling to another (pick secondary callings as you see fit), but her ultimate problem is that she doesn't really know what she wants out of life. She's constantly experimenting with different paths to find her 'ideal' life.


Elise wears a primarily blue costume when adventuring. Her uniform includes a long, shimmering blue evening gown, blue stiletto heels, a silver necklace with large sapphires all over the place, a blue leather hip holster with which to carry her blaster, and of course blue nylons.


Elise is an angry, confused young woman. Her life has been topsy-turvy for so long that she tends to lash out at anyone and anything that disturbs her sense of happiness. And she's rarely happy, for she doesn't even know what she wants out of life yet, generally living life day-to-day.

Real Name: Elise Hand
Occupation: adventurer, miscreant
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a criminal record in Russia
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the new Boogie Brigade

Height: 5' 4"
Hair: brown, dyed an excruciatingly bright blue
Eyes: blue
Weight: 119 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: other than the blue hair, none.


Elise grew up in a confusing household.

She was raised by her mother, and tutored at an early age in the psionic arts. Most children find the prospect of gaining super-powers appealing after all, and since her mother was an accomplished psimotive master, Elise bugged her until she relented and shared the wealth.

Of course, Elise's mother didn't teach her to teleport just because it was 'cool', instead doing so because she felt her child's safety depended on it. Her mother was none other than Miss Behavin' Maven you see, partner in crime - and love - to the one and only Disco Head himself.

Both were active in the 1970s, until they were ultimately stymied by the government's efforts to keep a lid on super-human activities. When all was said and done, Disco Head was incarcerated by the ultra-secret Bureau of Ascendant Humans, and Miss Behavin' Maven had gone into hiding.

Fearing that the BAH would eventually come for her and her daughter, Miss Behavin' Maven tried to pass on her super-powerful knowledge to spare Elise the fate that befell her father, and raised her only child in seclusion within the U.S.S.R. - more specifically, in Siberia.

Though she wasn't fond of communism, Miss Behavin' Maven figured if there was anywhere safe from an unknown American government branch, Siberia would be it. So, after learning passable Russian, Miss Behavin' Maven moved there and that was the last the world heard of her.

While life was rough, Elise became quite an intelligent young woman thanks to her mother's tutelage, learning Russian in addition to her native tongue, along with several practical skills. The only problem is that Elise's upbringing left her unable to function in the 'real world'.

As such, upon becoming an adult, Elise started her own criminal syndicate. Though the U.S.S.R. had long since fallen apart, Elise did well despite the immense competition in Moscow, what with her being able to smuggle anyone and anything anywhere needed - that comes in handy.

Having gained quite a rep as the new Miss Behavin' Maven, Elise was on the verge of going 'big time' when she received a strange phone call from her mother, one in which she declared that her father had broken out of jail. Returning home, Elise finally met the man.

That's when he explained just why he'd been locked up for so long. Once she realized the world was in dire peril due to the supernatural powers of Gerald R. Ford, Elise abandoned her syndicate to help her father fight the good fight; her mom would've, but she felt too old for battle.

Getting her father back inside the BAH incarceration facility, Elise helped him liberate several random criminals, and once they had revived, Disco Head formed them into a new Boogie Brigade. Of course, this group was less high-minded than the original, and thus doomed to defeat.

Attacking Ford in his California home, Elise and her fellow Boogie Brigadiers managed to abduct him. Her father couldn't kill him in time though, and BAH leader Captain Cocksure showed up with several super-powered vigilantes in tow to rescue the former American president!

That was when Ford revealed that he was not truly Ford, but a demon by the name of Overlord Keda, who had been possessing the man for a very, very long time. Keda then laid those vigilantes flat along with her father, and promptly sold them all into Ubiquidyne corporate slavery.

Elise herself managed to escape this fate, and was on the run from BAH thugs ever since. At least, until her father returned from Planet T and successfully, finally laid Gerald R. Ford - and the many demons within him - to rest at long last.

With the subsequent revelation of BAH's existence, Elise has been left with a choice, much like her father. Should she finally return to the land of her birth, or should she continue her criminal activities in Russia? The only thing that will tell is, of course, time...!

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