the Fornicator


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Unlike many of his Boogie Brigade compatriots, Leon is actually a mutant, a fellow born with inherent super-human abilities - as opposed to having gained them in a freak accident or via intense training. While he's only got the one power, he's studied hard to develop its many uses.


Pheromones (w): his one useful mutation, this power describes Leon's ability to emit fragrant chemicals that have various effects on the human body. Primarily, this can be used to instill a deep physical attraction to him in others, regardless of their gender.

Those within near missile distance of him when he uses this intensity 13 power will be affected if he can pass an easy pheromones (willpower) action against them. Of course, Leon can also repel people with this power, but then, he'd be all alone, wouldn't he?

Leon's pheromones typically last for the duration of an encounter. He's working on manifesting Redolence as a power stunt, but hasn't quite managed it yet; he's usually too preoccupied with... other matters... to work on this for very long.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Obsessive: a curious side-effect of his mutant power, Leon is always 'in the mood' - no matter the situation or circumstances of indulging; it's mostly a hormonal thing. He must fight a constant battle to resist this urge, if so desired, and does so as though his Willpower was zero (0).

This assumes he's trying, mind you. If not, he's likely to insinuate himself into someone's company - anyone's company - and try to 'get it on'. This has naturally led to all kinds of amusing and embarrassing situations for the guy, especially when he brings his power into play.




Biology (i): in an effort to better determine just how his power functions in relation to others, Leon has studied this area of science extensively, so much so that he has a degree in it. In biological matters, Leon should make any applicable actions at a reduced difficulty level.

Boxing (s): since his power tends to get him in all kinds of trouble, Leon has eventually mastered this fighting form, as trial-and-error has been a harsh, harsh teacher. He may divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed attacks, the last of which occurs as a contingent action.

Chemistry (i): similarly, Leon has managed to get a degree in this area as well, since his power is primarily chemical in nature - not that knowing just which pheromones he emits has helped him to control them any better. He can work with chemicals at a reduced difficulty.


As a member of the new Boogie Brigade, Leon can call those strange villains from a mostly forgotten era reliable contacts, should they find themselves working together again. Most of his other contacts have pretty much been lost since he was put in cryogenic storage by the BAH.


Demolisher: while there are mitigating circumstances surrounding Leon's behavior, the truth is that he's given up on trying to resist the harmful effect his power has on others. The lives he's destroyed using his power (one way or another) are without number.


Leon's costume is rather... revealing.

Whether or not he's in action as the Fornicator, Leon tends to wear Spandex ™. His action outfit includes red stretch fabric trousers, a red stretch fabric tank top, black leather platform shoes, and a gold chain with an oversized 'male' emblem on it.

Take that as you will.


Leon is a lech. Partly due to the nature of his power, and partly due to just being generally unwilling to restrain himself in most situations, he tends to spend all of his time focused on 'it' - either getting it or just thinking / talking about it. This usually makes almost everyone hate Leon in time...

Real Name: Leon Campbell
Occupation: sex criminal, former student
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a considerable criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the new Boogie Brigade, Captain Cocksure's former sidekick

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 210 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Leon has a considerable physical build, since he works out as much as he can to distract himself from the personal side-effects of his power. He also wears his hair in a rather large 'afro'... his hair's usually eight inches long.


Leon was an otherwise ordinary fellow most of his life, at least until his mutant power kicked in during puberty. You can imagine how awkward his life became at this point, what with his body already going through significant changes. It may've been awkward, but at least Leon was popular.

It seemed everybody liked him, and more, they wanted to get to know him... better. This being in the sixties, Leon didn't have a particular problem with this, and he went on to lead a rather... x-rated lifestyle. At least, he did until he ran afoul of the one and only Captain Cocksure.

This because that would-be hero figured out Leon's trick, and that he was using it most inappropriately. Leon was of course, but he figured that he was given the power for a reason. Regardless, Captain Cocksure talked Leon into walking the straight and narrow.

For awhile, at least.

Once this happened, Leon began to work as Cocksure's side kick, going under the code name 'the Fornicator'. Not that he actually used his power for that, mind you, but pheromones have quite a distracting effect on people in the middle of some crime spree or another.

While he played super hero at night, Leon went to school during the day, hoping to get a handle on just how his power really works - and to attempt to control the overwhelming... urges it causes him. See, his power isn't perfect, and seems to affect him as well as others. Bummer, eh?

While he managed several degrees thanks to this effort, Leon ultimately failed in his effort to control his power, and after a bunch of subsequent 'abuses', Leon wound up getting trounced by his partner, who had been conned into forming a sort of ultra-secret super-human police force: BAH.

Deeming him irredeemable, this group put Leon on ice indefinitely, at least until they could figure out how to deactivate his power. Time passed, and the era of free love and such expired. Imagine Leon's surprise when he was revived in the new millennium by the oddball Disco Head.

This fellow, also incarcerated by BAH, escaped through dubious means, and was assembling a group of people to avenge himself upon the person behind his incarceration: former President Gerald Ford. Thanks to his daughter, Miss Behavior, Disco Head freed lots of villains.

Having a bone to pick with Captain Cocksure, Leon went along with this plan, as he figured Cocksure would surely show up to stop this attempt on the life of an ex-President. Sure enough, Captain Cocksure arrived on the scene when Disco Head's Boogie Brigade attacked!

The problem was that Cocksure was accompanied by a gang of vigilantes, who helped him take the Boogie Brigade apart; the villains who comprised this group were simply too far behind the times to keep up with these modern-day, ultra-violent heroes, and were soundly trounced.

Leon didn't even get to lay a hand on his former partner!

Shortly thereafter, Leon and much of the new Boogie Brigade were collected by BAH forces anew, and Leon was presumably put back on ice. Whether or not he will ever re-appear to amorously menace anything that moves under its own power remains to be seen...!

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