Typical Mindwatch Agents


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Grunt-level Mindwatch agents are for the most part trained psis, otherwise normal humans who have been trained in the mental arts. There are one or two who have actual, natural psi powers that have been augmented and supplemented by true psionic training, but they are somewhat rare for some reason. They also tend to be skilled martial artists, due to the nature of their studies.


Psi-Powers (trained):

All Mindwatch field agents are students of one psionic discipline or another, usually adopting the traditional method of psionic schooling, though some students of intermediate schooling are on the Mindwatch 'payroll'. Regardless, they will always possess at least four psi powers, but may have nine or more, making them true psionic masters in their chosen discipline of power.

Mindwatch operatives are pretty evenly represented in all nine psionic disciplines, for the most part, as the structure of the organization makes such knowledge readily available. Their power levels typically range from intensity 6 to 12 in their various arts, talents, and skills, though some exceptions are known in particularly capable students; see the Manual of the Psi for more information.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Personal Weapon: Mindwatch agents are encouraged to train their bodies in the unarmed martial arts, to lessen their dependence on their psi powers. Furthermore, they are also specially trained in the use of one weapon, which they take on as their 'personal' implement of destruction. While on the job (and often while not), Mindwatch agents will carry this weapon with them at all times.




Boxing (s): supplementing their exceptional martial arts training, this skill allows Mindwatch agents to strike an opponent in unarmed combat twice, by dividing their pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action. Of course, they also do so at one difficulty level lower than is usually required.

Martial Arts (a): Mindwatch operatives are trained in the use of the martial arts, allowing them to strike with either their Strength or Agility in combat, whichever would benefit them greater at the time. Furthermore, they can reduce the difficulty of actions designed to reduce falling damage or catch thrown weapons by one difficulty level.

Trance (w): Mindwatch ops have the ability to place their bodies and minds in a deep trance, one that slows their bodily functions to the point that they appear to be dead (requires an average difficulty Willpower (intellect) action, should an observer somehow suspect the death to be fake). While in this trance, an agent's need for food and water is minimal.

Weapon Skill: as was stated above, Mindwatch agents are highly skilled in the use of at least one weapon, whether it be a melee weapon (staff, sword), projectile weapon (bow, Magnum .45), or even some esoteric device (energy blade, phase plasma rifle). This will thus provide them with the appropriate skill to utilize said weapon (Archery, Marksmanship, Swords, etc...).


Naturally, all members of the Mindwatch organization can depend on each other in a pinch, especially where their charter purpose is involved. However, it is vital to note that virtually every member of Mindwatch has a dual life, and as such, they can easily have a rather full roster of useful contacts that, more than anything else, is completely unique to their person.


Guardian: in both of their missions, Mindwatch agents act as guardians, either protecting normal humans from psis or protecting psis from those that would exploit or harm them. In fact, though a few psis may join Mindwatch for other purposes, their work eventually fosters within them a powerful protective urge, thanks to the persecution they face from virtually everybody that learns of their existence.


Mindwatch agents wear a distinctive, shiny black leather bodysuit while performing their business, one replete with an ample and impressive amount of metal spikes, buckles, and clasps. However, in addition to black boots, gloves, and a black belt, they bear a curious emblem on the chest of their uniforms, one that looks like an eye, but will betray the image of a brain at certain angles.

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