Hand Size:
3 (17)


Pete Alaranjado, known to his Mindwatch peers as Mágico, is not entirely human. He has the benefit of elfin genes, introduced into his family line generations ago, as well as a knack for magic - which he has taken advantage of with psychoturgical training!


Infravision (w): thanks to his elfin background, Pete has been born with the ability to see into the infrared spectrum. This intensity 4 power gives him effective night vision, and thanks to his ability to perceive heat, he's become pretty good at reading the emotions of others.

Trained Psionics (Psimantic Powers, Traditional Student):

Casting (a) (w): this core psimantic describes Pete's ability to comprehend and utilize magical forces. It lets him master spells as can any wizard, though said spells are limited in his case to his casting intensity, which is 10.

Spell Control (t) (i): this intensity 7 art lets Pete control the nature of magic in his vicinity. Doing so requires two actions, however: the first is to take control of magic, and the second is of a difficulty dependent on what he wishes to do with it.

Magic Sense (s) (w): handy for spotting magical hazards in his vicinity, this skill allows Pete to perceive mystic energy within anything around him. This power works at intensity 10, and only requires easy difficulty actions unless additional information is sought with its use.

Variable Sorcery (a) (i): this powerful art allows Pete to alter to his mystical arsenal on the fly. He can use variable sorcery to duplicate and retain any one magical effect extant within near missile distance of his person, doing so with intensity 14 capability.

Flux (t) (w): Pete may generate unadulterated, unshaped magic with this power. His intensity 9 Probability Fallout causes numerous changes, either for good or ill, against those persons or objects is his vicinity he can pass an easy difficulty Flux (willpower) or Flux (m.s.) action against.

Nativity Sense (s) (w): Pete can use this skill to determine whether or not a person or object is native to his current plane of existence. An easy difficulty action is usually all that this intensity 10 skill requires, unless the target is masking its planar origins somehow.

Schooling: Novice / Faerie Magic:

Due to his faerie ancestry, Pete has chosen to follow this unusual path of mystic mastery. Pete hasn't gotten all that far in this school as of yet, but he plans on rectifying that situation in the near future. So far, Pete has gotten the hang of these magical spells:

Admittance (p) (w): when he employs this handy spell, Pete can gain access to any location, no matter what impeding force may block his progress. This spell's intensity of 10 only comes into play when attempting to disarm traps set upon impediments it attempts to remove.

Inanime (g) (i): this group spell allows Pete to choose one of five potent effects each day, usable at intensity 8. He may wield any one of the following spells as often as he likes during that time: concussion conversion, conjuration, glow, object animation, topological control.

Individual Shield (p) (i): his sole defensive power, this spell is vital to Pete's adventuring career. It works at intensity 8, providing him like protection from attack (or adds +2 to his defenses, whichever of the two would be higher).

Inspiration (s) (w): wielding this intensity 6 spell, Pete can act to inspire others when their own creative processes fail them. This has the effect of giving one the solution to a problem, no matter how difficult or improbable success may be, if not the actual means of doing so...

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Naive: despite his study of the mechanics of reality, Pete is rather naive when you get down to it. His ability scores are at zero (0) regarding surprise attacks (whether making or dodging them), and Pete always has to declare his actions first in a given exchange (weak hindrance).

Weakness to Iron: curiously, Pete has this problem thanks to his magical schooling, not his heritage. When in contact with iron, Pete cannot cast spells whatsoever, and his ability scores all drop to intensity 0 until he can remove the substance from his person (weak hindrance).


Bow (a): once he learned of his supernatural ancestry, Pete decided master the bow, to get in tune with what he perceived to be his cultural inheritance. As such, he carries a finely made bow with him on missions, which he can use to inflict his Strength +2 in piercing damage.


Languages / Portuguese and English (i): a Lisbon native, Pete communicates in Portuguese natively. Since his mystic mentor only speaks English though, Pete had to master that tongue in a hurry, and is now able to speak, read and write in each language.

Martial Arts (a): not physically powerful, Pete has studied a more reflexive means of self-defense. As such, he can use Strength or Agility to resolve unarmed melee attacks, and reduces the difficulty of actions intended to catch thrown weapons or lower falling damage.

Lore (i): to better get a handle on his supernatural inheritance, Pete has studied the occult in detail - which also helps him in his psionic schooling. He knows all about mystical places, items, and entities, and makes actions regarding such knowledge at a reduced difficulty.

Skill / Bows (a): Pete has learned how to effectively fire a bow - whether of a standard, compound, or other variety. As such, he may do so at one difficulty level lower than is normally required, making him very deadly with such weaponry.

Trance (w): Pete has been trained to enter a meditative trance, one in which his breathing and cardiac rates drop to nearly nothing. This allows for deep introspection, and can fool others into thinking he's dead, if Pete can pass an average difficulty Willpower (intellect) action.


As a member of Mindwatch, Pete can rely upon his fellows for assistance; they often run afoul of magic users, and his presence on missions is quite welcome. Pete can also count his mystic instructor, Fabled Farley, as a rock-steady contact; earth-bound elves stick together, you know.


Investigator, with a secondary calling of Outcast: though he's mostly human in appearance, Pete nonetheless feels out of place in human society, but doesn't let this get in the way of his studies. Embracing his ancestry, Pete strives to master the forces of magic for the good of all!


Pete wears a rather colorful costume. It consists of a black stretch fabric body suit under an orange tunic, blue gloves, a billowy blue cape with twin Mindwatch badges pinning it to the tunic, orange leather walking boots, and a blue silk belt tied around his waist.


Pete has a hard time dealing with people in general, being young and inhuman. He's always felt like an outsider, more so now that he's developed an outward faerie nature. He's also quite naive despite his intense studies into the universe, as other sentient beings tend to confound him.

Real Name: Pete Alaranjado
Occupation: professional vigilante
Legal Status: citizen of Portugal with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Mindwatch

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: black
Eyes: black
Weight: 120 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Pete has pointy, elfin ears, not to mention a distressing tendency for his foot-long hair to stick straight up, anime-style.


Pete has always felt different from others - but then Pete was actually markedly different from his peers. For one thing, he could see things they couldn't, and folks often had the impression that Pete was either remarkably prescient about their moods, or just plan delusional.

Imagine everyone's surprise when he developed pointy ears. This made him the target of endless pranks in school, but this wasn't the worst of it. As word spread in Lisbon about Pete, people who knew of such things took notice, and he was targeted by the Plebian Federation.

These brainwashed goons, at the behest of their sinister alien masters, work to clear the way for the planet's eventual conquest. They do this by eliminating any trace of ascendant humanity they can find, regardless of what form or origin it may take.

Sending in a squad of their men, armed to the hilt with Plebi technology, the Plebian Federation blew up a large portion of Pete's school trying to get at the poor guy - causing all kinds of incidental damages. Pete himself managed to escape though, if only due to dumb luck.

As the Foundation goons picked up his trail, Pete was rescued at the last minute by Nonce, a Mindwatch operative who was in the area at the time. He would've been clueless about the Federation's presence and activities, had they not disrupted a job he'd been working on in Portugal.

After sending the Foundation packing, Nonce noted that Pete didn't want his presence to put others at risk of further harm. Thus, he took the youth back to Mindwatch's Tibetan headquarters with him. There, the youth decided to stay with the organization out of gratitude.

Since Pete had a natural inclination towards magic, Mindwatch decided to educate him in psychoturgy: the mastery of both magic and psionic power. In order to do so though, they needed to find a tutor to teach him the magic part of that equation, since they had no faerie wizards handy.

Enter Fabled Farley. This fellow, also of faerie ancestry, was more than happy to help educate Pete - Farley knew of precious little people like himself on earth, and figured they should stick together if possible. So, Farley moved into the Mindwatch compound, and went to work with Pete.

After years of tutoring, Pete has developed into a powerful psychoturge, having made great progress in mastering both his psimantic discipline and faerie school of power. Despite all this though, Pete is somewhat naive about the motives of other people, and is somewhat gullible.

Which is sure to eventually get him into trouble of some sort or another, but hasn't managed to yet!

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