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Additional elf files include the following:

the Cilantro Carnivore: half elf, half demon, the creature identifying itself as the Cilantro Carnivore is a botanical terror who identifies more with her floral side. When not acting as OFF's muscle, she occasionally moonlights as a mercenary for fun. Availability:

the Cilantro Carnivore (MSH Classic)

the Cilantro Carnivore (4C System)

the Cilantro Carnivore (Marvel Saga)

Mágico: targeted for death by the Proxies of Pleb due to his faerie ancestry, Pete was rescued by Nonce - who then took him in. Due to his unique abilities, Nonce then ensured Pete was trained in the use of his natural magical prowess! Availability:

Mágico (MSH Classic)

Mágico (4C System)

Mágico (Marvel Saga)

Ysen: one of the light elves of Alfheim, Ysen began to wander the planes after her people were assaulted by demons, leaving her homeless. Killing them in turn wherever she traveled, Ysen has generally become a force for good in the multiverse! Availability:

Ysen (MSH Classic)

Ysen (4C System)

Ysen (Marvel Saga)

Elves (Typical): the result of thousands of years of intermingling between humans and faerie entities, elves have stabilized into their own species. These beings make their homes on several different planes of existence, including our very own earth! Availability:

Elves (MSH Classic)

Elves (4C System)

Elves (Marvel Saga)

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