the Cilantro Carnivore


Hand Size:
4 (25)


The Cilantro Carnivore is half elf and half demon, something of a genetic and metaphysic train wreck. The thing which birthed her was apparently floral in origin, for the vast majority of the Cilantro Carnivore's ascendant abilities are plant-like in nature.


Hybrid Physiology: a standard biologist (or even Drag) would have a field day with the Cilantro Carnivore. Her body is part plant and part animal, part demon and part elf - the latter of which is itself a hybrid species. Cilantro's inexplicable origins grant her these super-powers:

* Agelessness (s): while elves like her father are typically somewhat long lived, demons like her mother generally don't have to worry about aging at all. The Cilantro Carnivore took after the latter, and can persist indefinitely if not killed by violence, disease or the like.

* Body Armor (s): thanks to her highly magical, possibly impossible physiology, the Cilantro Carnivore is much tougher than the average human (or even humanoid). Thanks to her background, Cilantro benefits from intensity 8 (+2) damage reduction against physical and energy attack.

* Infravision (w): elves are often blessed with the power to peer into multiple portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. This usually manifests as the ability to see by heat as well as light, an ability that is wielded at intensity 4 by the Cilantro Carnivore.

* Regeneration (s): the Cilantro Carnivore, when she plants herself in soil and can bask in sunlight (or at least a close approximation), can quickly regenerate damage inflicted upon her person. Under these conditions, she regenerates with intensity 6 ability.

Plant Hybridization / Self (a): the Cilantro Carnivore has demonstrated spectacular powers of personal transformation, allowing her to adopt and simulate all manner of plant-based powers. Some of the abilities she's demonstrated to date include the following:

* Barbs (s): completely retractable, the Cilantro Carnivore can expose a massive amount of thorns all across her body - even on her elongating vines! She can use these to inflict her Strength +2 in slashing damage, and they're a great delivery mechanism for her poisons.

* Body Armor (s): when she changes into plant matter, the Cilantro Carnivore develops additional resistance to injury; her internal organs are replaced with homogenous plant matter, after all. She has an additional +1 of damage reduction against physical attack in this state.

* Elongation (a): the Cilantro Carnivore can grow vines from virtually anywhere on her body, shooting them out anywhere within far missile distance of her person, with intensity 5 ability! This lets her grapple with her normal Strength, or deliver thorn / poison attacks, with great range.

* Man-Trap (s): an eerie power, the Cilantro Carnivore can fashion her torso into a large maw, and then draw opponents into it to dissolve them - just like a Venus fly trap! The caustic juices in her man-trap inflict intensity 10 corrosive damage per turn of exposure to them.

* Poison (s): the Cilantro Carnivore can exude a variety of floral contact toxins as she sees fit, all of which function at intensity 12. These toxins work with +2 effectiveness if administered with her thorns - assuming that Cilantro inflicts damage with those first.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Weakness to Iron and Silver: the Cilantro Carnivore's father was weakened by the touch of these metals. When in physical contact with either, Cilantro's attributes will drop to intensity zero (0), she'll suffer from excruciating pain, and cannot use her super-powers.




Natural Weapons (s): though she has no practical skill with weapons, Cilantro is quite well-versed in the use of her own, natural implements of pain. Whether she's using her vines or thorns on an opponent, she should do so at one difficulty level lower than is normally required.

Physics / Planar Physics (i): the Cilantro Carnivore knows little besides brute force, but does know her way around the multiverse. Having found out how the laws of physics change across the planes by experiencing such firsthand, she makes related Intellect actions at a reduced difficulty.


The Cilantro Carnivore was a member of the short-lived gang known as the Tenacious Ten, and could presumably rely upon them for help (save for perhaps Ysen). She's also a member of the Plantmaster's bizarre Organization for Floral Freedom, which values her floral side at least.


Demolisher: considering her background, it's no surprise that the Cilantro Carnivore is destructive in nature. She enjoys breaking things for the simple sake of doing so, and has no problem killing people. Life was cheap at home, and as far as she's concerned, it's still cheap on earth.


The Cilantro Carnivore doesn't wear much of a costume; clothes only to hamper the use of her powers, and she cares not for the 'decency' others purport to maintain. However, she has adopted a two piece, chain mail bikini since arriving on earth (if only to shut folks like Normal Man up).


The Cilantro Carnivore is a damaged being.

Abandoned at birth on a demonic plane, she survived through sheer luck. The value of sentient life is meaningless to her, and killing others to get what she wants is pretty much second nature. She only 'plays nice with others' if given a powerful motive to do so.

On the other hand, the Plantmaster has turned her around to his way of thinking where plants are concerned, and Cilantro tends to think of plant life as innocent beings worthy of protection. Unlike you, what have they done to hurt anyone or anything, after all?

Real Name: the Cilantro Carnivore (assumed name; she was given none at birth)
Occupation: mercenary
Legal Status: native of an unrevealed, evil plane who fit right in there
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: (simply) Cilantro
Group Affiliation: the Organization for Floral Freedom, the Tenacious Ten

Height: 6' 3"
Hair: green, and leafy
Eyes: solid, emerald green
Weight: 140 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Cilantro Carnivore has a variety of plant-like characteristics. Her skin is pea green in coloration, with darker blotches scattered about her body. Her hair appears to be long and grassy, and is in fact grass green in hue

Her eyes are mere pools of a glowing, emerald green liquid, but nonetheless function as ocular organs somehow. And yes, unless she's specifically emitting scents to the contrary, the Cilantro Carnivore strongly smells of cilantro at all times.


The Cilantro Carnivore has had a very hard life. Her mother abandoned her immediately after she was born, leaving her for dead in an unknown tract of a similarly unknown plane overrun by demons. And her father? He never even knew that Cilantro existed.

Despite the overwhelming odds against her, this impossible child managed to not only survive, but thrive within these environs. Of course, this entailed growing up such that she could hold her own against demonic monstrosities on a constant basis.

Having no identity and no morality to speak of, the Cilantro Carnivore eventually grew in power within the strange plane of her birth, her lack of skills where combat is concerned not being an issue since she had so much natural, plant-based ability to draw upon.

Thanks to this, she slowly collected a small army of malcontents and monstrosities to do her bidding, both fearful of her power and seeing it as a stepping stone to achieve their own goals. Not that Cilantro minded, for her short life taught her that this was simply how the world worked.

On her thirteenth birthday, assuming time could be measured on her home plane as it is here on earth, the Cilantro Carnivore was summoned forth to the earthly plane by Elys, a powerful dragon techno-mage, and forced to do the creature's bidding for a time.

Elys had powerful enemies that needed dealing with, you see, and didn't feel like getting her own hands dirty. As such, she'd assembled a powerful gang of super-humans to handle this threat for her, and Cilantro was simply pressed into service with Elys' so-called Tenacious Ten.

The Cilantro Carnivore didn't particularly like the Tenacious Ten, and she especially hated Elys for enslaving her, but Cilantro simply went along with the flow for awhile, since she ultimately doesn't really care one way or the other who she killed people for.

When presented with Elys' enemies at long last, Cilantro was happy to fight, if only to take out her aggression on somebody. Of course, the Tenacious Ten ultimately lost their battle with these powerful enemies of Elys', and the dragoness herself was defeated shortly thereafter.

Before she fell though, Elys transported her team of Ten to safety, with the idea of reclaiming them for use another day. Thus the Cilantro Carnivore awoke from her defeat in the quiet peace of a California orchard. Liking the strange inactivity there she remained, idle for a time.

At least, until the Plantmaster struck! This strange activist, the leader of a group he had christened the Organization for Floral Freedom, had the irrational belief that all plants on earth were the hostages of its highly murderous animal life - and needed saving!

Though she thought him mad, the Cilantro Carnivore quickly became smitten with the Plantmaster, the first entity she'd discovered that was part man and part plant. Happy to have finally found someone remotely like herself, Cilantro began following him after his apple assault.

Eventually becoming one of OFF's enforcers, the Cilantro Carnivore is more than happy to war with the human race at the Plantmaster's behest. After all, it's a decent outlet for her need to inflict violence on others, and the floral man seems to genuinely care about her well-being.

And when not working to help further OFF's aims, the Cilantro Carnivore occasionally does 'wet' work on the side. Because really, the Plantmaster may be crazy, but in Cilantro's mind, he's not wiping the humans out fast enough.

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