Mos Quito


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Quincy Alvarez is a vampire, a formerly normal human (if an exceptionally good-hearted one) who was attacked by other vampires, and acquired their mystic powers - and curse - as a result. He's not like most other vampires, though, in that he's not evil so much as... kooky insane. A qualified crazy person, he has turned the acquisition of his powers into an excuse for swashbuckling adventure!


Agelessness (s): as one of the undead, Quincy is close to immortal. As long as he continues to prey upon the living for their blood, and isn't slain by direct violence perpetrated against his person, Quincy may persist in his strange existence indefinitely. In fact, if at full Health, Quincy will generally retain the appearance he possessed upon his demise - albeit a slight bit more pale than before.

Animal Control (w): Quincy has the ability to control creatures commonly considered vermin, such as bats, rats, roaches, and wolves, at his Willpower +1 (in Quincy's case, intensity 4). These creatures act as if they were an extension of Quincy's consciousness, and will gladly do whatever he commands, even if they die in the process (though Quincy tries not to cause such).

Animal Hybridization / Self (a): Quincy may transform his humanoid form into that of a wolf - which may actually help to confuse his chosen prey. While so transformed, Quincy has the benefit of +2 bite attacks, a +3 sense of smell, and the ability to run across most surfaces with intensity 1 ground speed (which translates into about thirty miles per hour).

Biological Vampirism (i): the classic, blood-sucking vampire has a strongly limited form of this power, which allows them to derive sustenance solely from the living blood of animal creatures. On contact with a potential target, Quincy may begin to feed upon him or her if he can pass an easy difficulty Biological Vampirism (willpower) action against them, which isn't too difficult with his intensity of 10.

This assumes that Quincy has managed to access his target's bloodstream, of course, which involves either opening the target's skin (most often with his fangs) or by clamping his mouth onto an already open wound. In a single exchange, Quincy may draw out up to ten ounces of blood, which is enough to render a normal human dizzy - but won't actually inflict lethal harm in and of itself.

Unless such a singular attack would remove all the victim's Health, that is. Quincy may continue to drain blood from his victim after this initial attack, though this furthers the risk of killing the victim (thus creating more vampires), as well as the possibility of the victim shrugging off the attack and gaining immunity to that vampire's draining ability (thus becoming a potential nemesis).

At any rate, Quincy may use the drained blood to replace his own, lost Health. If at full Health when drinking his power intensity in ounces of blood, Quincy will experience a +1 to his Strength and Willpower scores, as well as all his power intensities save for this one, for the duration of the encounter. An additional boost of like power requires another infusion of fresh blood.

On the other hand, Quincy will suffer a -1 penalty to the aforementioned ability scores and power intensities for each day he abstains from feeding (whether voluntarily or otherwise). If Quincy's ability scores and power intensities slip to zero (0) from an extended lack of blood, he will not die so much as slip into stasis - at least, until someone is foolish enough to wander into melee distance of him...!

As an undead creature, Quincy cannot defeat his dependence on blood - he literally need it to survive.

Claws (s): in addition to his already deadly (albeit somewhat underused) fangs, Quincy also possess claws - further improving his resemblance to werewolves. These implements allow Quincy to inflict his Strength +2 damage in melee without necessarily transforming his enemies into vampires themselves - or tempting himself to do so, since he cannot taste his foe(s) quite so easily...!

Environmental Independence (s): as anti-life monstrosities, vampires only need to satisfy the limitations of their vampiric power to subsist. In other words, while Quincy must feed upon the blood of others to live, he no longer needs - nor can he derive sustenance from - ordinary food or water, and no longer need breathe to maintain his bodily functions. Quincy still sleeps during the day, however.

Fangs (s): vampires are equipped with retractable fangs, which generally come in the form of abnormal canines (on both the top and bottom of their mouths). Quincy may bring these physical weapons to bear to inflict his Strength +2 in slashing damage. Mind you, Quincy often causes just enough harm with his fangs to access his target's bloodstream (unless a werewolf is being particularly obstinate).

Flight (a): although he cannot transform into either one bat or many, Quincy has nonetheless demonstrated the power to fly! While he is relatively slow compared to other fliers, his intensity 2 flight allows him to slip through the skies at a respectable 60 miles per hour - which is far faster than just about anyone can move on the ground (barring particularly spry therianthropes, that is).

Mesmerism (w): by achieving eye contact with a would-be victim within near missile distance, Quincy can attempt to influence their mind with intensity 6 power. This often makes it extremely easy for him to dine for the evening. Furthermore, if Quincy ever creates 'children', or anyone he bites survives to tell the tale, he can utilize this power against them at a reduced difficulty, as his vampiric ichor binds their will to him somewhat.

Regeneration (s): Quincy has the ability to rapidly repair damage inflicted upon his person - assuming that he has recently dined upon a therianthrope. As long as Quincy is not suffering a penalty due to a lack of blood, he receives the benefit of intensity 8 regeneration. This allows him to heal a card of lost health on a non-negative draw of less than eight each exchange.

Resistance to Physical and Vampiric Attack (s): classical vampires are notable for their considerable resistance to conventional injury. While not quite immune to such, Quincy can easily shrug off attacks that would readily kill a normal human, their applied force being reduced by -3 (intensity 12). This damage reduction applies to both physical and vampiric attacks used against poor Quincy.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Vampiric Weaknesses: while immortals are permanently slain only by total body disintegration, destruction on their home plane, or being killed by a fellow immortal, traditional vampires are instead beholden to a completely different set of weaknesses. Quincy is no exception to this rule, and is subject to a large number of character hindrances that came along with his impressive vampiric powers.

* Originator's Onus: while many vampires lack the power of mesmerism in a general sense, all vampires possess this ability, or are subject to it, in regards to their progenitors or descendants. In other words, a vampire can use this power at their Willpower intensity to command vampires they are responsible for creating, and resist commands from their creators as if their Willpower was zero (0).

* Susceptibility / Direct Sunlight: if exposed to direct sunlight (not mere daylight conditions but actual rays of light from the sun, whether directly or via a reflected surface), Quincy will lose a card of Health in damage each exchange. This is usually enough to turn him to dust in short order - which is why he tends to sleep during the daylight hours, along with his buddy Ultra Xiang.

* Susceptibility / Silver: the mere touch of silver causes Quincy harm, reducing his Health by one card of its normal maximum. Furthermore, attacks made against Quincy with silver weapons or projectiles bypass his protection against physical attack as if it didn't exist, and such damage cannot be regenerated; it will merely heal at the normal rate for a character of similar capability.

* Susceptibility / Wooden Stakes: if Quincy is ever pierced in the heart (with a killing blow) via some wooden object, he will instantly lose all of his remaining Health. Unless can pass a daunting difficulty Strength action immediately, Quincy will crumble to dust in rapid order, the anti-life which sustains his undead existence fleeing his now-uninhabitable corpse all at once.

* Weakness / Holy Symbols: some vampires, like Quincy, are susceptible to the will of a truly faithful person - focused through a symbol holy to their religion. In particular, Quincy is weak against the cross, when properly brandished at him. When this occurs within near missile distance of him, he will lose access to his powers, and see his ability scores drop to intensity 0, until he gets out of range.


Silver Foil (s): as does his compatriot, Ultra Xiang, Quincy carries a special weapon with which to harry his dinner. This blade, made from silver, is of only material strength 10, but this is irrelevant when used against therianthropes (and some vampires), who are harmed by the mere touch of silver, and possess no protection against weapons made from it. Of course, it can break rather easily against ordinary foes...!


Languages / English and Spanish (i): though he hasn't been to America in a long, long time, and doesn't really use it all that often, Quincy has mastered the English tongue alongside his native Spanish; after all, tourists tend to pop up in Seguridad more often than you'd think. He can read, write, and speak in both languages fluently, though he does have a rather strong Spanish accent when speaking in English.

Lore (i): after he was turned into a vampire, Quincy studied various branches of the occult tree extensively, learning all he could about that which is his chosen prey: the werewolf. Of course, his studies have allowed him to learn a lot more about other occult subjects as well, such as vampires (like himself), various otherworldly entities, and places of magical and spiritual power.

Skill / Swords (s): occasionally in pure denial about his vampiric nature, Quincy has learned how to utilize a sword in the perpetration of his swashbuckling adventures - and his werewolf hunting. He can use any blade at one difficulty level lower than is usually necessary, though he truly prefers the use of his trademark silver foil, which allows him to do battle (in his mind at least) with panache and style.


As a vampire, it's a sad truth that Quincy has few folks that he can call upon for assistance should he need it - aside from the super hero team that has grown around him and Ultra Xiang: the Variety Show! Furthermore, should he return to his former church, it's likely that Quincy could get help from any of his former flock (he doesn't want them to know what's happened to him though).


Responsibility of Power: the utterly bonkers vampire known to the world only as Mos Quito (as he refers to himself) feels a responsibility to help those in need, whoever they happen to be. Though he only occasionally seems to recognize his undead state, he'll nonetheless use his considerable abilities to protect the innocent, quash evil, and of course to thin the therianthrope population worldwide...!


Thinking himself like unto Zorro himself (which is eerie, since he strongly resembles George Hamilton), Quincy wears a distinctive costume at all times. His adventuring garb consists of a roomy black silk, long-sleeved shirt, black trousers, black leather gloves, black leather boots, a black leather belt, a black cowl sackcloth mask to hide his identity, and of course, a black sombrero cordobés.


Quincy's a good man. He was a saint before his transformation, but now he's 'just' good - and a great hero. Quincy has thoroughly subsumed himself into his 'Zorro' persona, thinking himself to truly be like unto that great swashbuckler of film lore, even if he goes by a different name altogether. However, he has a habit of referring to himself in the third person, which tends to annoy people.

Real Name: Father Quincy Alvarez
Occupation: adventurer, former priest
Legal Status: citizen of Mexico with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Quincy bears an uncanny resemblance to the actor, George Hamilton, who incidentally played Zorro himself on at least one occasion. Not counting the sickly pallor and unibrow, that is.


Father Quincy Alvarez was originally a Catholic priest who, in the small town of Seguridad, Mexico, became almost legendary for his selfless service to the community. There was nothing he wouldn't do to help those who attended his church, not to mention anyone else in the town. As long as a person was in need, he would go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure said person was well taken care of.

His unqualified charitableness may have been what saved him. You see, one night Quincy was mobbed by a very large number of vampires, beasts who find themselves drawn to the town due to the presence of a secret, mystic library, and who needed a midnight 'snack'. Naturally, though he was armed with a cross, and truly believed in the power it represented, Quincy was no match for the supernatural horrors.

He suffered severe blood loss due to their attack, though he managed to ultimately escape the beasts (as he 'turned' most of them away before he was bitten). Resting in his church for days, Quincy slowly felt the curse of vampirism overcome him, but refused to leave the only home he'd seen in ten years, hoping somehow that being there would be enough to shake the evil out of him.

It didn't though, and unable to deal with the horror of what had occurred, Quincy went mad. Stark. Raving. Bonkers. While most folks that are turned into vampires typically transform into evil, soulless monsters, this didn't quite occur with Quincy. Or maybe it did, draining his nigh-sainthood down to a level of mere 'enlightened goodness'. Regardless, he suffered a dramatic personality shift upon his transformation.

Being kooky in the head, he adopted the persona of an adventuring swashbuckler, à la Zorro, and after leaving Seguridad, he journeyed from town to town, righting wrongs and battling vampires whenever he encountered them on the prowl. Of course, vampires need to feed, but Quincy refused to consume the blood of human beings or animals. This left him only one bizarre recourse.

Noting that the area around Seguridad was lousy with supernatural things, he chose to use therianthropes as his sole source of sustenance - in particular, werewolves. They tended to be only slightly less common than vampires themselves, and he found he could easily subdue them with the use of a special foil that, in addition to furthering his mental image, could easily penetrate their impressive defenses (being silvered and all).

This arrangement worked out well for the environs around Seguridad, for Quincy was definitely putting a dent in the population of supernatural entities. In fact, it was during one werewolf hunt that Quincy ran into a large group of vampires who had ganged up on a mere human. Surprising the evil monsters by attacking them instead of this leather-clad stranger, Quincy easily managed to save him.

Finding out that this man had a mad-on for vampires, Quincy was about to leave him to his own devices, but this fellow, a psionic vampire hunter by the name of Ultra Xiang, felt grateful for the rescue. It wasn't every day that he encountered a somewhat heroic undead, after all, so he wasn't sure what to do about the situation. As such, he questioned Quincy at length about his activities.

After hearing his (admittedly skewed) story, Xiang offered to accompany Quincy on another werewolf hunt; after all, the man had saved his life. This went particularly well with the use of Xiang's telekinetic powers and small arsenal of silver stakes, so Quincy decided to tag along with Xiang on his own hunts. While Xiang may sometimes be annoyed by his ersatz sidekick, Quincy is completely oblivious to the man's disdain.

And sticks by his side to this very day. Which is easy, as the both of 'em are never awake during business hours. Of course, Quincy and Xiang have since been joined by several other individuals with a bone to pick against the supernatural - or at least, a small portion of that spectrum of beings. This group is known to the people of Mexico as the one and only Variety Show!

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