the Half-pint Horror-show


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Somewhere in his ancestry, the Half-pint Horror-show had mere normal humans. However, powerful magic has transformed his people into pixies, four inch tall terrors who don't age, and have a sort of natural knack for Faerie magics (hinting at who shrank them so long ago).


Agelessness (s): pixies, as a result of their curious origins, seem to have 'lost' the ability to age. Half-pint no longer experiences the ravages of time, which means he has time to complete his 'work', and he's also immune to powers or other agencies that artificially induce aging.

Shrinking (a): one of their most distinctive qualities, pixies are tiny! The Half-pint Horror-show measures in at just over four inches in height, which means that he has this 'power', by technicality, at intensity 4 for the purposes of combat.

This means against normal-sized foes Half-pint behaves as if his Strength was -4, while his Agility was +4. Against other pixies or similarly sized foes, Half-pint resolves combat normally. Against weirdly sized foes, compare growth or shrinking intensities and calculate these modifiers from there.


Novice / Faerie Magic: though he by far prefers to fight the terrors of the world with his magical blades, the Half-pint Horror-show also has a mystical knack or two for particularly tricksy beasties. To date, Half-pint has demonstrated these magical skills:

Armor (p) (s): Half-pint can summon forth a shimmering suit of fluted armor which appears to be crafted from energetic sapphires. This sorcerous exoskeleton provides him intensity 14 protection from attack, or his Strength +3, whichever is higher at the moment.

Biological Sense (p) (w): one useful spell Half-pint has mastered is the ability to sense life forms in his vicinity. He may do this with intensity 9 ability, which covers everything within far missile distance of a normal-sized person (rather impressive at his stature)!

Glow (u) (i): Half-pint may imbue items with flames, which last for either an aura duration or as long as he maintains this spell. These intensity 12 flames cast an impressive amount of heat and light, and (usually housed within his blades) do considerable damage to monsters.

Healing / Self (p) (s): the Half-pint Horror-show may, once per day, cast this spell to recover a significant amount of lost Health points, functioning at intensity 12. He loses one point of Strength for every additional casting of this spell on a given day.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Weakness to Iron and Silver: pixies are vulnerable to both iron and silver. The touch of either prevents Half-pint from wielding his magic, reduces his physical ability scores to intensity zero (0) while it persists, and also causes Half-pint considerable discomfort.


Enchanted Blades (w): the Half-pint Horror-show has two knives which look like miniature meat cleavers, which are as long as he is tall. These molybdenum blades inflict +4 damage, and are enchanted to be 'unbreakable' (they have an effective m.s. of 25).


Animal Handling: pixies are good with animals in general, but they're specifically fond of horses. While he has never 'trained' a horse, per se, Half-pint seems to have a knack for riding one no matter its general temperament, and should receive a reduced difficulty on attempts to do so.

Languages / English and Spanish (i): transplanted into a primarily Spanish-speaking area after his abduction, Half-pint has had to master the language in addition to his own, native tongue. As such he can now speak, read and write in both English and Spanish fluently.

Lore (i): the Half-pint Horror-show is quite knowledgeable in the area of supernatural creatures. A veritable cryptozoologist in his own right, Half-pint knows almost everything there is to know about monsters, and should receive a reduced difficulty on related actions.

Skill / Swords (s): just about every pixie is adept in the use of a blade, and Half-pint is no exception to this tendency. He wields such weapons at a reduced difficulty level, whether or not he's currently imbued them with his fiery magic of doom!

Two Swords (s): additionally, the Half-pint Horror-show excels in wielding two blades simultaneously, usually screaming like a madman when he does so. He may divide his pre-card play action score between two sword attacks, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.


The Half-pint Horror show has become a member of the Variety Show, a rag-tag group of disparate supernatural creature hunters. This tightly-knit group has become good friends over time, and would do just about anything for each other should a given member but ask.


Adventurer, with a secondary calling of Demolisher: Horace the Half-pint Horror-show is ostensibly one of the good guys, who enjoys high-flying adventure, meeting new things, and killing them. Luckily he reserves his hunting for the 'bad apples' though.


Half-pint has a special outfit shrank down to his size. These items include a white cotton tank top, a pair of baggy brown pants, red Converse All-Stars, a brown fedora, and brown leather straps to hold the two 'sheathes' on his back which contain his oversized (for him) blades.


Horace the Half-pint Horror-show is indefatigable. The man sees everything as a challenge, and rushes headlong to face it. He only truly feels alive when he's doing something totally reckless and insane, such as taking on a werewolf or vampire villain head-on!

Real Name: Horace
Occupation: adventurer, hunter
Legal Status: none; Horace holds no official citizenship, nor do any official records of him exist
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Variety Show

Height: 4.2"
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Weight: 20g (.7 oz)
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Horace has a bright blue coloration, due to his extensive, body-wide tattoos. There are of course gaps in the tattoos on his skin, but normal humans looking upon him won't usually see them. Also, he's exceedingly short, being just over four inches tall!


Horace got his start when he was bagged and tagged by the Society of Explicated Brethren, who were studying his people in an effort to determine whether or not they had a 'right' to exist. You could say that Horace took exception to both being kidnapped and this very notion.

He promptly managed to escape his bonds with the magic his captors didn't know he possessed, and fought his way to freedom - a feat made much easier once he stole a pair of, to the Society, novelty enchanted cooking knives. Unbreakable novelty enchanted cooking knives.

The Society promptly realized the error of leaving something so amusingly deadly anywhere where anyone could get their hands on them, for Horace carved his way through more than a few of the foolish wizards before earning his freedom, though one comment they made stuck.

As he removed one sorcerer's fingers, Horace noted he was called a 'half-pint horror-show', and the words stuck in his head. Liking how it was alliterative with his own name, Horace decided to add that as a title to his own appellation, and he thus wandered off into the sunset.

Little did he know that he'd been in some sort of laboratory in Belize all that time. While he was expecting the usual climate for the British Isles, it was a lot warmer in Belize, and there were different horrible animals trying to eat him. He decided to roll with it.

Horace took to wandering for a time, hacking his way through giant snakes, rodents and insects as they lined up for a chance to eat him. He eventually made his way to Mexico, though at this point he suffered something of a language barrier with the locals.

This was exacerbated when a foolish vampire, on the run from something or other, tried to collect Horace the Half-pint Horror-show as something of a light snack. Horace made quick work of the unsuspecting undead, who had no idea just how much menace Horace was capable of.

Much less the weapons and magic at his disposal. Hacking up its corpse out of spite once he'd dealt with the monster, Horace attracted the attention of the entities it was fleeing from, the vampire hunter known as Ultra Xiang and his side kick, the undead Mos Quito.

Immediately taking a liking to the wee fellow, Xiang offered Horace a place on his team, for he and his friend were monster hunters! While Ultra Xiang had a mad-on for vampires, Mos Quito relied upon werewolves for sustenance. Seeing an opportunity for fun, Horace agreed to this offer.

Learning Spanish from Mos Quito as the trio adventured across the country in search of supernatural threats to eliminate, Horace quickly became a true friend to both Ultra Xiang and Mos Quito. In time, they would form the core of the Variety Show!

This rag-tag group of monster hunters each had special abilities with which to fight the supernatural - heck, most of them were supernatural to some extent or another! This group is the closest thing Horace has to a family, and he'd do just about anything to protect them!

Similarly, this group is working to help Horace the Half-pint Horror-show in his adopted quest to kill one of every possible supernatural horror he can. Since the Variety Show faces all manner of horrific threats, this really isn't too much extra work for them, but they try.

After all, he's just so darn good at it...!

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