Hand Size:
3 (17)


Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business is a mhunghus, a fungusoid creature spored on a forest moon near Mhung - but not on Mhung proper. It has natural psionic powers, as do all mhunghus, and has trained in the arts of psychoturgy as a matter of principle.


Natural Psionics (Psipathic Powers):

Telepathy (a) (w): while evolution did not give Hates-Wizards the ability to communicate verbally, it has blessed it with a highly psi-active mind. It has the ability to telepathically communicate with other sentients (send/receive surface thoughts) with intensity 5 ability.

Auscultation (t) (w): supplementing its telepathy, Hates-Wizards can also read the surface thoughts of others. This power functions at intensity 8, and card play is only required if the target is specifically trying to shield their thoughts from this ability.

Natural Psionics (Superpsi Powers):

Mental Invisibility (t) (i): though it cannot mask itself from standard senses, Hates-Wizards can indeed hide from psionic abilities. It can cloak its psi presence from others with intensity 5 ability, which means most casual observers won't notice Hates-Wizards's psi powers.

Trained Psionics (Psimantic Powers, Traditional Student):

Casting (a) (w): a chance encounter with marauding B'ntri prompted Hates-Wizards to not only choose its name, but to train in the psimantic arts. Thus, it began its studies by learning this power, and can cast spells with up to intensity 12 skill.

Antimagic Generation (t) (i): since it wishes to combat evil sorcerers at every turn, Hates-Wizards has been taught how to neutralize their powers outright. It can generate intensity 14 antimagic, which inflicts sorcerous damage (AP versus magical defenses).

Magic Sense (s) (w): to track down B'ntri and other magical foes, Hates-Wizards has mastered this psionic. Magic sense allows it to track down magical things in its environment with intensity 10 ability, doing so within far missile distance of itself.


Disciple / Physiomancy Magic: while its psychoturgic abilities grant Hates-Wizards considerable counters to the magic side of its enemies, the B'ntri, it chose to study this school of magic to shore up its physical deficiencies. It knows these spells thus far:

Eldritch Palm (p) (s): while one might expect a mushroom to maybe be poisonous, Hates-Wizards can instead render itself electric! On contact, it can discharge intensity 12 electricity, which inflicts like stunning energy damage on contact!

Environmental Adaptation (p) (a): to better help it function on a variety of alien worlds, Hates-Wizards has learned how to use this ability. It may wield it with intensity 12 skill, allowing it up to four adaptations to hostile environments at that intensity.

Flight (p) (a): since it cannot move naturally, Hates-Wizards has made it a point to master this spell. It can now magically fly with intensity 5 speed, moving anywhere from zero to one hundred and fifty miles per hour, depending on its needs at the moment.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Sessility: mhunghus do not have the ability to move - they lack a natural muscle structure or any other mechanism to achieve mobility. While they generally study psionics with the goal of escaping the location of their birth, they're immobile without such aid.


Glow Stick (w): worn around Hates-Wizards' stipe on a thin steel chain, this item is a small steel tube about three inches long, and a quarter inch thick. It has been enchanted with a permanent glow spell, which causes it to give off intensity 5 light at all times.


Astronaut (i): all mhunghus learn about space and the various objects within from a very young age; the better to get away from each other. Hates-Wizards may attempt actions to find or identify an object in space, or to plot a course somewhere, at a reduced difficulty.

Lore (i): the better to combat magical opponents, Hates-Wizards has studied them long and hard. It should receive a reduced difficulty on actions made with the purpose of recalling obscure knowledge related to magic and the occult in general.


Hates-Wizards is on good terms with the Variety Show, the strange group of misfits on Earth that has adopted it as one of their own. As a mhunghus, Hates-Wizards could also rely upon its fellow fungusoids for aid should it encounter them in the wild - though usually for a price.


Vengeance: naturally, Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business has it out for the B'ntri, and by extension all wielders of sorcery as well. It is 'mellowing out' a bit under the tutelage of the Variety Show, but it takes every opportunity to exert this calling.


The curious mhunghus known as Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business does not rely on a costume, per se; considering that it's not even humanoid, it doesn't really need clothing at all. All it wears is its magical glow stick, on a chain, around its stipe.


Hates-Wizards, if you hadn't guessed, really hates wizards. So much so, in fact, that it was able to justify becoming the thing it hated to better defeat it. Obsessive and vengeful, it is generally consumed by its need to gain payback against all mage-kind.

Mind you, its friends in the Variety Show are working hard to help it develop new interests - or to at least help Hates-Wizards to tone it down a bit. After all, most of them have struggled with similar urges over the years, and don't want to see it consumed by hatred...!

Real Name: Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business
Occupation: adventurer, wizard hunter
Legal Status: citizen of Mhung, due to its species
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Variety Show

Height: 4' 1"
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: black (its light sensitive pits are, anyway)
Weight: 133 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: as are all mhunghus, Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business looks like a rather large mushroom. It possesses a bulbous, umbonate pileus, a long, hourglass like stipe, and a thick, round base. It is grayish-brown in color, with a black pileus (cap), including the light-sensitive pits that it uses to see (after a fashion). It has two 'branches' on its stipe, each on opposing sides of its body, having lost several others in past conflicts (leaving them scarred nubs).


Hates-Wizards-Like-Nobody's-Business was spored on a small forest moon orbiting a gas giant in a star system near the planet Mhung. It has never actually set foot on the home world of its species, but was perfectly okay with that, for it enjoyed its life thus far.

The problem was that the mhunghus were not the sole residents on this moon. No, the place had been settled alongside several other wandering races who thought it would be an ideal place to 'start fresh', most of them being animal-based, unlike the fungusoid mhunghus.

It's not that the various settlers of this moon didn't get along; far from it. The mhunghus performed a valuable ecological service for the planet, and its more ambulatory settlers could make use of mhunghus by-products. The problem was the arrival of the B'ntri.

Tentacular horrors from beyond the known universe, the B'ntri are consummate sorcerers - and carnivores. They enjoy nothing more than eating their way through the cosmos, leaving ruined worlds and extinct societies in their wake. And they found the mhunghus' neighbors tasty.

While the B'ntri didn't directly target the mhunghus on that wooded world, not even recognizing them as sentient at first, they definitely hungered for the other settlers on that world. And in the ensuing conflict, the once beautiful moon was pretty much rendered uninhabitable.

Having eaten their fill before being fought off anyway, the B'ntri left for anywhere else, leaving the survivors to pick up the pieces and move on. While the mhunghus were not consumed like most of the others, they were mainly killed by collateral damage in the fighting.

Despite their psionic prowess.

One mhunghus who managed to avoid being killed by the B'ntri was it who would become Hates-Wizards, who was too small to do anything about the situation at the time - it hadn't even begun to study any psionics yet, having only recently been spored.

Growing up alone on its blasted home world, Hates-Wizards quickly chose this name for itself, and felt an extreme loathing for the B'ntri and spellcasters in general as it matured. This hatred prompted it to study psychoturgy - the better to hunt the target of its ire with.

Of course, to better know a thing, one must become it, and Hates-Wizards ultimately studied spellcraft as a part of its growing mastery of psimantic power. It could justify becoming that which it hated as a stepping stone to exterminating the B'ntri in their entirety!

Eventually leaving its home on a supply ship that hadn't realized just what had occurred to its home yet, Hates-Wizards began to track down B'ntri in local space, eventually finding the trail of some as they sped towards the planet earth - en route to a feeding frenzy!

Following them down to the surface, Hates-Wizards began to assault the monstrous eating machines with all its power, but even its might was no match for the sheer number of B'ntri present. Sadly, Hates-Wizards' blind fury had caused it to act most impulsively.

Though it fought well, Hates-Wizards was almost slain by the B'ntri it had assaulted, but was rescued at the last minute by several natives - bipeds who had apparently evolved from simian stock. But these weren't ordinary monkeys - no, they were all super-powered hunters!

Hates-Wizards had just met the Variety Show!

Though it hadn't defeated the twelve pack of B'ntri it had so recklessly assaulted, Hates-Wizards had nonetheless softened them up quite a bunch, minimizing the damage they inflicted upon rural Seguridad, Mexico. Thus, the Variety Show made short work of the terrible things.

Fascinated by this, Hates-Wizards decided to spend a short bit of time with the Variety Show, since it needed to recover from its grievous wounds anyway. As it happened, the group grew to quickly like the quirky little alien mushroom, and adopted it as one of their own.

Having grown up alone, Hates-Wizards found this to be a strange and unfamiliar sensation, and thought it prudent to explore the situation properly. Thus it has stayed on earth for a time, hunting the various supernatural threats its new Variety Show friends oppose.

And a pack of B'ntri or two, who show up on the planet to make a 'snack' of its denizens now and then. But in time, Hates-Wizards found that it was just as happy beating on human wizards as it is on the B'ntri, so it decided to make a home of the earth for the time being.

And the Variety Show is more than happy to have Hates-Wizards along - both for the abilities it has to oppose sorcerers as well as the company it provides. After all, if the Variety Show is anything else, it's a gaggle of freaks that can't fit into 'normal' society.

And the maladjusted Hates-Wizards fits that description to a tee!

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