Quintuple Bartender

Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Rm 30
Fe +2

Gd 10
Ty 6
Pr 4
Gd 10
Ty 6
Gd 10
Gd 10
In 40
Fe +2

Gd 10
Ex 20
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Rm 30
Rm 30
Ex 20
Fe +2



Morris Inglebert is an altered human, his body and mind changed drastically after he found himself in the Between for a time - hey, the portal opened up in his basement, how could he not investigate it? While he gained no other powers (that anyone knows of), Morris emerged from the portal in five separate bodies, and has existed in such a multiple state ever since that fateful day.

Known Powers:

Body Doubles: Morris possesses this power at Poor (4) rank, though he doesn't use the power consciously. After his trip into the Between, he came back in five separate bodies, and has existed in this state ever since; whenever something 'unfortunate' happens to one of his bodies, like say it dies, it will fade away and another will reappear within 1d10 turns.

He doesn't actually know how to wield this power, it just sort of 'happens'. This is why he cannot have more than five of himself at any given time, as well as why he never seems to have less. Also, there seems to be no 'core' Morris body, so the only way to kill him forever - aside from old age - would be to terminate all five of his bodies at roughly the same time (difficult but not impossible).

Limitations / Enhancements:



The Club Invertebrate: opened up shortly after Morris' brush with the fantastic, the Club Invertebrate is a large bar and dance club situated in the basements of several buildings in the downtown Omaha area; it was originally just in Morris' own basement, but as business picked up, he purchased the surrounding buildings and expanded the Club significantly. But why is the Club special, you ask?

The Club is home to a rift that leads into a seven-dimensional space known as the Between. It can be used to travel just about anywhere, should the would-be traveler know where he or she wants to go - and if they don't, they'll pretty much wind up everywhere at once. This can be somewhat jarring, so Morris keeps the portal in a cage to prevent casual observers from falling in - which happens more often than you'd think.

The reason he opened the Club, though, was the fact that the portal itself seems to act like a lightning rod for the bizarre. Weird people from our world and others, not to mention other times and planes of existence, are continually drawn to the thing - some not really even knowing why. And instead of fighting off monsters all the time, Morris figured he would make lemonade from this lemon in his basement.

Why not make money off all these freaks, especially when the portal downstairs had made him one too? To this end, he built the Club as a central, techno dance floor surrounded by several bars. Most cater to things 'humanoids' tend to enjoy, but two of the others handle much more exotic wares, and as a true entrepreneur, Morris has learned to tend bar for entities all over the multiverse!

As for the buildings that rest above the subterranean Club Invertebrate (it's in the basements of five separate structures), they include Morris' own home, Kwan's Steak House (the nominal 'street' entrance to the Club), two apartment buildings (one for normals and one for weirdos), and an empty warehouse. Morris isn't sure why, but he can never seem to do anything with that last building for some reason...




Chemistry 2: considering his particularly variable line of work, that being a bartender for things from across the multiverse, Morris has taken it upon himself to learn the finer points of chemistry, and not just the organic stuff; he wanted to make sure he could properly handle everything that he was ultimately going to serve his patrons. He makes Rsn FEAT rolls based on chemical knowledge at a +2 CS.

Martial Arts type B: one of the things Morris has picked up on the job is the minimal ability to defend himself should things go haywire in the Club. This is a regular occurrence after all, so Morris has been trained in the best way possible... by being beat up enough to learn what he's doing wrong. He can attempt unarmed melee attacks as though his Ftg (off) score, above, was +1 CS higher in rank.

Service / Mixology 2: furthermore, Morris has worked hard to figure out just what it is to be a good bartender. Not just the whole 'mixing things up' so much as being that weird shoulder you can lean on, and all the stereotypical 'bartender' things. His Rsn should be considered +2 CS for the purposes of making drinks (stacks with his Chemistry 2) and his Pop +2 CS for the purposes of NPC reactions while tending bar.


Morris, in his role as the Quintuple Bartender, has a staggering array of contacts that he can rely upon for help, though most of them are only available in a transient fashion. He never knows who he can truly rely upon in a pinch, but it's likely at least one superhuman in his bar at any given time will readily lend him a hand should things go amiss - at the very minimum. People like the Club, after all!


Morris doesn't wear a costume, though all five of his bodies wear the same thing on the job. His work 'uniform' tends to include a black tank top under an unbuttoned and untucked short sleeved, collared white shirt with a 'Morris' patch ironed on, loose fitting blue jeans, a black belt with a pouch or two full of 'special' ingredients, and perpetually shined black leather shoes.


Morris is an easy-going, generally lazy fellow with a curious streak a mile wide. Not really feeling motivated to do much, the man knows an amazing opportunity when he smells it, and will sometimes kick his own lethargy to the side if the promises of staggering riches is dangled before him. Despite his sluggishness, all five of him are rather well mannered and polite, and trustworthy for the most part.

Real Name: Morris Inglebert
Occupation: bartender
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a minor criminal record.
Marital Status: divorced
Alias(es), if any: none known
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: light brown
Eyes: green
Weight: 200 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: there's always five of him extant at any given time.


For most of his life, Morris was a failed opportunist. He's a failed artist, both in paint and music, and his attempts to get into the real estate business were what one might consider 'catastrophic' failures. It's not that he's incompetent so much as Morris and people like him are generally ill suited for the 'real' world, and a nine-to-five job is about the last thing they want to spend their time doing.

Imagine Morris' surprise when he found It in his basement. While in an extended block of unemployment, he was digging through the basement of the house he'd bought a few years back in downtown Omaha for something he could sell, and instead he found the portal. A shimmering, glowing sphere of light blue, the thing beckoned to him, and after experimenting with a few discarded items, threw himself through the doorway.

The doorway, of course, being a portal into the Between, a sort of seven-dimensional space that is both in-between all other spaces and outside of them at the same time. This plane, a mishmash of space, time, matter, energy and concept, tends to alter those who walk into it blindly - usually for the worse. And time there isn't quite like time is here; sometimes a few moments pass here while years pass there.

And vice versa. However, Morris emerged from his experimental trip into the Between a man changed for the better - or so he thought, anyway. Nobody knows exactly what he did or where he went while in the Between, but when he returned there were five of him. Not quite him and four 'others', but he actually returned with his mind firmly seated in five separate bodies, all of which inherently knew what the others were doing.

Originally, Morris figured this was great, he could divvy up the work between himselves, and only work one day a week! However, having unblocked the portal in his basement, Morris began to have visitors now and then. People coming in through the portal, people wanting to use his portal to get away from earth, and of course others who were drawn to it and didn't know why, and just wound up hanging out all over the place.

And not just any old people - these were weirdos. Humans, aliens, extra planar thingies, time travelers, you name it - both humanoid and not, they all wanted a piece of Morris' action. Slowly, it dawned on Morris that hey, perhaps there was something to this whole business, and maybe he could use it to make money. After all, if these jerks were going to be hanging around and causing trouble, why not get some cash out of them?

To this end, he opened up the Club Invertebrate with a huge business loan, one he managed to pay off soon when the money just started pouring in. Apparently there aren't too many dance clubs and bars like his on multi-dimensional nexus points, and people, places and things from across reality enjoyed using the Club for a bit of down time now and then - it even became a sort of odd tourist trap in time.

And not just with the sleepy locals, but with travelers far and wide, who really liked the idea of hanging out and dancing in the ultimate multiversal mixing pot. Running out of room as the place became more and more famous, Morris eventually bought out the surrounding buildings and expanded the Club, even opening up one of the apartment buildings he'd purchased to rent out to aliens with extended business on earth!

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