Mister Matter

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Mister Matter is, in the legal sense, Chris Williams. He was an ordinary fellow who developed startlingly handy mutant powers upon entering his teenage years, and he quickly went into business for himself as a 'procurer of rare materials' for whoever could pay his considerable fee.

Known Powers:

Transmutation: his principal mutant ability, this power allows Chris to transform any material into any other he desires. He can transform up to 1,000 lbs. of matter within his sector with this rank value 50 power (he has +6 RS effect at a -6 RS range penalty).

Chris may perform elemental and simple chemical transmutations on a red ACT roll, complex chemicals or solution transmutations with a blue ACT, or even multiple ingredient formulae and transnormal material transmutations on a yellow power ACT roll.

This power is permanent against inanimate matter. Versus the living, it lasts for 1d10 turns on a black ACT roll, fifty turns on a red ACT, fifty minutes on a blue ACT roll, and finally fifty hours on yellow duration ACT - unless, of course, Chris reverses it sooner.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Diamond Visor: formerly ordinary Oakley ™ Flak Jacket ™ sunglasses, Chris has treated them with his power. Now comprised entirely of diamond, this m.v. 75 eyewear protects his eyes from direct damage, though any attack striking them will damage his head, instead.

Invium Lamborghini Diablo GTR: purchased after selling a whole lot of gold in an economy-busting action, Chris quickly built this car up to the point that it was indestructible. He transformed the frame and chassis to Invium, a m.v. 200 metal, giving it these base characteristics:

RV 40
RV 200
RV 150
RV 100

* Buckyball Lubricants: Chris has replaced the lubricants in his ride with buckyballs, perfectly round carbon molecules that offer amazing heat transfer capability - not that his Invium engine will ever wear out. Making the oil pan leak proof, Chris need not ever change his fluids again!

* Diamond Windows / Headlight Lenses: the 'weak point' of its armor, the windows and other transparent components of Chris' ride have been transformed into thick diamond, granting them an effective m.v. of 75, making them very unlikely to be broken under most conditions.

* Solid Core Rubber Tires: though they are still rubber, Chris has installed a solid, Invium core inside his tires. While the rubber itself can be whittled away in combat, the tires themselves will not fail to roll due to their rather solid cores, thus preserving the vehicle's mobility indefinitely.

Laser Pistol: given to him after a trade for the use of his powers, Chris can use this gun to devastating effect. He can fire this pistol to inflict rank value 30 Armor Piercing Energy damage per blast, and thanks to his molecular powers, he can keep the power pack charged indefinitely.

Laser Sword: also given to him after a trade, Chris uses this weapon to intimidate others - it works, too. A swipe with this weapon inflicts rank value 50 Energy damage per strike, and can cut through materials of like m.v. or less, depending on how long he applies it to an object.




Advanced Guns: while he's no good with regular firearms, Chris has learned through trial and error how to use advanced energy casters with competence. When firing his laser gun, or any other advanced, electronics-based beam weapon, Chris may do so at his Coordination +1 RS.

Chemistry: to put his power to proper use, Chris went to college to become an accredited chemist - he has a PhD in this area, in fact. This allows him a +1 RS to ACTs regarding chemical formulae, not to mention remembering the composition of a given substances.

Energy Weapons: similar to his advanced guns talent, Chris has mastered this skill through trial and error, narrowly avoiding losing a limb or three in the process. He can make attacks with his laser sword, or any similar energy-based weapons, at his Melee value +1 RS.

Martial Arts style B: learning how to defend himself the hard way after being pummeled by school-mates incessantly, Chris can fight quite competently without weapons. In unarmed combat, he can connect in combat as though his Melee was +1 RS higher than is listed above.


Chris has a large number of professional contacts, but the man has no real 'friends' to speak of, much less ones who would stick their necks out for him. He's been approached for membership in six different subversive groups, but has of yet refused to join any, preferring his independence.


Most of the time, Chris wears the same outfit, whether or not he's working as 'Mister Matter'. He usually wears a black business suit that has a generous cut to it, which he accents with black leather shoes, a shimmering Invium fabric tie, and a nifty visor made out of tinted diamond.


Chris is aloof, having always had a hard time dealing with others. He'd be happy hanging out with emotionless robots, since human emotion is something he has a hard time sensing, much less reacting well to. Of course, people always seem to want to talk to him, so there's that.

Real Name: Chris Williams
Occupation: professional commodities salesman
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: light blue
Weight: 200 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Chris usually has a five o'clock shadow at all times.


Chris is the kind of guy that you know of, but don't really know personally. He is somewhat socially dysfunctional, not being able to read the emotions of people very well, and is usually unable to figure out just what other people are thinking. As such, he tends to keep to himself.

This caused him to be the brunt of his fellow students' jokes throughout high school, and a veritable ghost in college. But by the time he was there, Chris had little use for his peers, for as far as he was concerned, he had none. Chris had developed his mutant power by then.

Wielding the impressive ability to convert materials from one substance into another, and able to do so to a lot of material at once, Chris quickly became a very, very wealthy young man. In fact he's one of the richest people in America, having 'found gold' in a ranch he bought 'for kicks'.

Having nothing else to do with his time, Chris decided to 'walk the earth', though he did so in his souped-up, virtually impregnable Lamborghini. He wandered from here and there, mostly just seeing the sights and talking to people as they crossed his path - generally just wasting time.

A few people have tumbled onto his ability over the years, though, and these folks are the cause of his interaction with the 'super' crowd. For instance, the Direct Action Americans have hired him on occasion to make some of their gear rather sturdy - either individually or as a group.

Likewise, the Electronicists League often comes to Chris when all other efforts to acquire some rare material or another have failed. Other, less regular jobs have come from some villain or crackpot hiring him to fortify their secret headquarters or weapon of mass destruction once it's built.

Knowing of his power, Chris has also been targeted by members of the Mutant Legion, who regularly try to recruit him into their ever-growing ranks of social misfits. Never one to belong, Chris has refused, though he's offered to work for them on a contract basis when needed.

So, having more money than he knows what to do with, Chris just wanders the country when not working for some group or another in some capacity. He seems to enjoy the work for the change of pace, for it's at least an interesting way to pass the time...!

Legal Hoopajoob:

I offer my Edition 13 work under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

What this means is that if you wish, you may use this Edition 13 material in any way you see fit, whether copying, distributing, or displaying all or part of this text, as long as you credit my work, in either your own derivative texts or products.

If you would like more information about me for attribution, you can contact me via e mail (DashApostrophe@gmail.com).

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