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Alyssa Treacle, more notoriously known as Moebius, is an intrinsically magical being. Though mostly human, she has something diabolical in her recent ancestry, which is responsible for her supernatural powers and, oddly, her prowess with temporal magic.

Known Powers:

Demonic Ancestry: though not a demon herself, Alyssa has a dash of devilry in her D.N.A. This heritage manifests in the form of several abilities, both passive and active, which have greatly contributed to her survival over the years, such as:

* Invulnerability to Fire and Heat: regardless of the source, either mundane or magical, Alyssa has complete immunity to these two forms of energy. Weakly enhanced, this invulnerability extends to anything Alyssa is currently wearing or carrying.

* Psychometry: by running the ashes of a ruined or otherwise destroyed thing through her fingers, Alyssa can read its past - though this knowledge is primarily used to determine what caused that thing's ruination. This power works with rank value 6 ability.

* Resistance to Physical and Energy Attack: though not immune to these 'mundane' forms of assault, Alyssa is nonetheless considerably resistant to harm of a non-magical, non-psionic or non-deionic nature. She can shrug off these damage forms with rank value 6 ability.

* Spell-like Powers: once per day, Alyssa may invoke, with rank value 20 power, either the Eldritch Blast / Fire, Mesmerism or Philosophical Awareness 'spells'. She need not choose which of these abilities she will wield until one is actually activated.

Schooling: Adept / Elemental Magic (Time): in addition to her inherent powers, Alyssa curiously inherited a knack for the use of temporal magic. She has received proper education in how to wield this power, and has demonstrated a mastery of the following spells:

Elemental Control / Time (s): Alyssa can use this core spell of her elemental schooling to warp time, doing so with rank value 30 ability. She can multiply or divide the rate of time's passage by thirty, and can increase or decrease one's rate of attack by six.

* Aging / Others: one spell stunt Alyssa has developed is the artificial aging of others. Those failing a Fortitude ACT roll against her spell rank value will see their age change by thirty years per use - though such changes, when inflicted by Alyssa, are never permanent.

Annulment (u): this spell allows Alyssa to erase the effect of active magical abilities. Alyssa can use this rank value 30 spell wipe out the effects of other spells, or to deactivate magical items and other permanent spell effects for 1d10 turns.

Eldritch Bolt / Force (u): Alyssa's principal offensive spell, this allows her to hurl a compressed column of temporal force at a target, which inflicts rank value 40 Force damage. These bolt has no temporal side effects accompanying it, it's simply raw, potential force unleashed.

Elemental Sense / Time (s): Alyssa can perceive anomalies in the space-time continuum, whether it is her native universe or any other. She may do this with rank value 20 ability, easily spotting time travelers, time-displaced materials, or other oddities.

Flight (p): another useful spell of hers, this arcane formula allows Alyssa to defy gravity, lifting her through the air at rank value 10 air speeds (or 109.09 miles per hour). She rarely flies this fast, as most of her movement is limited to city life (she flies at 54.55 m.p.h. in 'town').

Glow (u): this spell allows Alyssa to infuse any object she's touching with an aura of non-damaging light, and functions at rank value 10. This aura will last for as long as Alyssa concentrates on keeping it active, plus 1d10 turns.

Individual Shield (p): this wall of temporal energies helps Alyssa to keep alive, especially considering her combative nature. It provides her astounding protection from injury, functioning with rank value 30 ability, which breaks down as follows:

RV 20 / RV 30 / RV 30 / RV 0 / RV 0

Invisibility (p): by shifting her visual signature out of temporal sync with the rest of her body, Alyssa can achieve rank value 20 invisibility. It works, but causes her ghost-like image to appear on the spot, in either its future or its past.

Linguistics (p): this extremely useful spell gives Alyssa special insight into the languages of others, working at rank value 20. It works on either text or spoken words, allowing her to decipher the meaning of people in other time periods or on long-abandoned books and scrolls.

Magic Sense (p): working at rank value 20, this utilitarian spell gives Alyssa an awareness of any magical item, artifact, or person within six sectors. Combined with her elemental sense spell, this ability allows Alyssa to easily find other temporal meddlers at work...!

Time Travel (d): this handy spell allows Alyssa to slip into the timestream, and she can travel about with rank value 50 ability. In other words, via a single time jump, Alyssa can cross 125,000 years of time, either forward or backward in time!

Limitations / Enhancements:



Accessory Pack: whenever she expects trouble, Alyssa always carries her 'mission pack' with her. It holds a week or two of military rations, a lamp, compass, small length of rope, and other assorted things that come in handy in the wilderness.

Temporal Blade of Hogshroth: this unique item, created by Alyssa' former mentor before his untimely doom, is a heavily enchanted blade that allows its wielder to inflict their Brawn +1 RS in Sorcerous damage per deadly strike. However, that's not all.

The Blade of Hogshroth can enhance time travel abilities significantly, allowing one to bring along up to eight passengers, or boosting the temporal range of a time traveler by +2 RS. Also, it allows one to perceive and travel to alternate timelines, as well.

Uzi 9mm: 'acquired' on one of her trips through the myriad timestreams, this small but deadly hand cannon allows Alyssa to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage with a single shot, +1 RS when firing a small burst, or +2 RS by expending a full magazine.


Abnormal Appearance: nothing about Alyssa is normal. Whether you're pondering the unique coloration of her skin and hair or her pointy ears, it's a cinch that Alyssa cannot readily pose as a 'normal'. But then, the perpetual outcast, Alyssa doesn't really mind.


Crime: the essential cross-time burglar, Alyssa has a knack for knowing what's valuable, what's not, and what she could easily get away with stealing. In both the contemplation and execution of a theft, Alyssa should receive a +1 RS to the applicable traits.

Guns: Alyssa has trained extensively in the use of firearms, ever since she first swiped one on an early trip through time. As such, she makes attacks with her Uzi - or any other conventional firearm, really - as if her Coordination was +1 RS in value.

Lore: Alyssa was raised steeped in magic, having been the student of a master of temporal magic, and herself the descendant of an extraplanar horror. Her experience with the bizarre offers her a +1 RS on any Intellect ACT rolls revolving around all manner of occult weirdness.

Skill / Swords: though mages don't usually wield swords where Alyssa comes from, Alyssa has studied the use of blades to better wield her master's former sword. While wielding it or any other sword, Alyssa makes attacks as if her Melee score was +1 RS in value.


Alyssa has few allies and fewer friends. She's incredibly temperamental to say the very least, which is off-putting to most folks. And then, when one considers her diabolic origins and the fear this tends to engender in others, well, most people give Alyssa a wide berth.


Alyssa usually wears bits and fragments of leathery armor, which doesn't really offer her any protection or hinder her movement. Thus, she most often wears brown leather boots, gloves, shorts, and a sort of two piece (front and back) leather shirt, the halves being connected with straps.


Alyssa is a dark, angry soul, and has been ever since her mystic master was lost to her only a few years after her mystic training had begun. She plots, she schemes, and she thoroughly revels in the destruction that is a part and parcel of her very being.

She tempers some of her more extreme tendencies while on the earth, as she doesn't want the hassle of police - or even itinerant heroes - meddling in her business. And business is good for Alyssa, for she's an incredibly effective go-getter when properly motivated.

Real Name: Alyssa Treacle
Occupation: student, cross-time burglar, thug for hire
Legal Status: Alyssa is a citizen of no country
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: many, including Fiendslayer Jane
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 3"
Hair: black with red streaks
Eyes: blue
Weight: 130 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Alyssa possesses matte black skin with red speckles on her hands, feet, and temples, as well as pointy ears.


Alyssa's tale began long ago, when she first became aware of her own existence. She was about three years old, and was the ward of an aged wizard for as long as she could remember. This man, though not her actual father, nonetheless cared for her like she was his own daughter.

Her foster father, Hogshroth, was an older chronomage, a wizard who specialized in the magic of time. When she was old enough, he began to teach her his trade. The two studied together for years, both experiencing great strides in the reach of their powers over time.

The two lived in the relative isolation of a nondescript universe of Hogshroth's choosing, but occasionally he would have to travel to 'civilization' to procure special supplies vital to his research. On one such trip, Hogshroth's life was tragically cut short.

Senselessly killed during a robbery gone sour, Hogshroth inadvertently left Alyssa stranded in the massive planar hub he was currently shopping within. This random act completely destroyed Alyssa's faith in a rational world, and she quickly fell in with a rather mayhemous crowd.

This group of entropists and nihilists were bent on hastening the end of reality as we know it, though most of their activities bordered on senseless violence. Which suited Alyssa just fine, since from what the world had shown her, this was simply the way of things.

Though her allies knew her to be a mage of some prowess despite her youth, Alyssa's friends had no idea of the special abilities Hogshroth had actually helped her to acquire. But others did, and they coveted Alyssa and the power that she held over the nature of time itself.

These sinister foes, supposedly representing a group dedicated to law and order, killed all of Alyssa's crew and attempted to capture her in one fell swoop. Brandishing her temporal magic however, Alyssa leapt into the timestream itself to escape her would-be masters.

Though this worked for a time, Alyssa's mysterious foes eventually determined how to track her down, and their pursuit continued. This went on for a few years, with Alyssa fleeing from one time and dimension to another, meeting a huge roster of strange adventurers all the while.

With the help of the most stalwart of these travelers and fortune seekers, Alyssa was able to finally face down her tormentors - and forever end their harassment. Enjoying her momentary lack of enemies, Alyssa simply drifted through different spaces and times for a few years.

Ultimately, she turned up on modern day earth, enjoying the relatively advanced state of technology. After all, that was one of the promises that Hogshroth made her in regard to her magical pursuits: that they would ultimately allow the both of them to travel to a better day.

Settling in to an apartment building in New York City that mysteriously resonated with her extraplanar nature, Alyssa has begun to work as a sword for hire. She'll happily take contracts for whoever can meet her exorbitant fees, but she tries to avoid harming doddering old wizards.

It's a karma thing.

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