Hand Size:
3 (17)


Just like most of his allies on the elite GI Joe team, Hacker is a highly skilled human, one who lacks ascendant powers of any variety. He's got a knack with computers and disguises, but he doesn't have any ability that could really be considered super-human in scope.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Commando Knife (s): when using guns would simply be too revealing in a given situation, Hacker will dispatch opponents with a handy serrated blade. Made from m.s. 13 materials, Hacker can cut through items of up to like m.s., or inflict +2 slashing damage, with this knife.

Grappling Hook (a): to access those Cobra locations that are higher in nature, Hacker carries a grappling hook with him. He can use this to ascend up to four stories at a time, as its rope is 52' long (and has a net m.s. of 8).

Machine Guns (a): when subtlety is no longer an option, Hacker can discharge one round from this weapon to inflict his Agility +4 in damage, a three-round burst to inflict his Agility +5 in damage, or fire it continuously to inflict his Agility +6 in damage.

Sidearm (a): this weapon is deadly in Hacker's hands, and a bit more subtle than taking a machine gun to somebody. A bit. He can discharge one round from this firearm to inflict his Agility +4 in damage, or a three-round burst to inflict his Agility +5 in damage.

Spy Troops Gear (a): helping him to infiltrate Cobra installations, Hacker carries various components that, when combined with his own uniform, allow him to pose as a Cobra operative. These components are confiscated Cobra gear, making Hacker's disguises much more convincing.


Boxing (s): everybody learns how to fight upon enlisting - even if it means doing so unarmed. Hacker is no exception to this rule, and as such, may defend himself even without weaponry. He can divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks each exchange.

Computers 2 (i): there's a lot of military computer experts, but it takes someone with exceptional skills to earn his way onto the GI Joe team. Hacker is one such expert, and receives a reduced difficulty (and trumps with Intellect or Willpower) on all computer actions.

Detective / Espionage (i): to do his job on the GI Joe team, Hacker has been given advanced training courses in infiltration and espionage. As such, he should receive a reduced difficulty when attempting to dig up information - or to pose as a Cobra (or other terrorist) operative.

Guns (a): an essential portion of Hacker's military training, the man has been educated in the use of most modern firearms. He may wield any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol at one difficulty level lower than is usually required.

Military / United States (w): the source of all his skills, marketable or otherwise, Hacker is a product of the United States military. Thanks to the government, he can easily get work after his enlistment ends, and he can readily function in most modern fighting units when necessary.


Hacker is a member of GI Joe, and can readily rely upon his teammates for assistance should he but ask for it in most any endeavor. Hacker also has additional, as of yet unrevealed contacts in both military and computer programming circles, as that's where he got his start.


Thrill-Seeker, with a secondary calling of Soldier: Hacker seems the sort that gets a thrill out of his job, and both the actual service he performs and the check he receives are secondary benefits. He's at home when hacking computers, whether doing so remotely or 'in person'.


Hacker's uniform consists of a gray jacket over a T-shirt, gray trousers, blue-gray leather boots and gloves, blue-gray belts, web gear, knee pads, and holsters. He also carries a variety of Cobra trooper costume bits, which he can add to his uniform to pose as one.


Like Daemon and Firewall before him, Jesse appears to be a somewhat amoral computer hacker. Unlike those other two however, he was in the military before the GI Joe team recruited him, and thus is a lot more mature than those two sociopathic, showboating loudmouths.

Real Name: Jesse E. Jordan, Grade unrevealed (but at least E-5)
Occupation: information retrieval expert
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Weight: 160 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Hacker wears a pair of wire-frame glasses to correct his poor vision.


Jesse Jordan was a computer maintenance specialist working at Fort Leonard Wood to repair the mainframes that handle various personnel records when, browsing through GI Joe files he shouldn't have been, he discovered that they needed a new information retrieval expert or two.

As such, he set about getting himself placed in one of those openings. Of course, being a typical, self-important computer hacker, Jesse decided that he was going to show 'what he could do' by hacking into the list of candidates and placing himself on the very top of it!

When Hawk took him to task for this clumsy cry for attention, Jesse then showed the General the other things he'd hacked up, including the man's own high school records! Less than amused, Hawk nonetheless could see that Jesse had talent, so he gave the man a job anyway.

Mind you, Jesse needed training up to do the job Hawk had in mind for him. This is why the GI Joe team had Jesse educated in a wide variety of espionage and infiltration techniques. You see, most of his work isn't simple remote-hack console jockey work, oh no.

Cobra bases are often electronically isolated - at least, as far as conventional technology can tell. So, when Jesse gets the green light to seize some Cobra data or other, if it hasn't been left on an open network of some kind, he gets to work and grabs his disguise gear.

Jesse, as the GI Joe code-named Hacker, carries a variety of Cobra uniform bits with him in the field. Sometimes he poses as a lowly Viper, sometimes it's as a CLAWS; it just depends on who's manning the base he needs to break into at any given time.

Sure, he'd prefer to just do his job from the comfort of GI Joe headquarters. But hey, at least field work keeps him in shape!

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