the Hammerhead

The Hammerhead is a dark gray, six-wheeled vehicle that can drive on land or the ocean floor. It features a sophisticated nose ballast system that allows it to operate effectively under water, one whose novel topology ultimately helped Cobra to choose the vehicle's name.

The Hammerhead itself cannot float or 'swim', but it is loaded with five sub-vehicles that can maneuver in three dimensions, making it something of a mobile undersea base of operations. Or, more often, a launching point for assaults against GI Joe coastal installations.

This bus-sized vehicle typically requires several Cobra operatives to function effectively, and has these characteristics:

Body Armor (s): while it is relatively tough, the Hammerhead sacrifices some durability in exchange for mobility and maneuverability. As such, it possesses an effective m.s. of 11, but only provides intensity 8, or +2, protection to its occupants.

Bow Lasers (a): mounted on the Hammerhead's bow, each of these vertically targetable weapons is a twinned laser emitter. They inflict one's Agility +6 in Armor Piercing energy damage each, raised by +1 if both sets are utilized against a single target simultaneously.

Cobra-band Radio (i): to get their marching orders and communicate threats to the Command, Cobras manning the Hammerhead have use of its radio transceiver, which has intensity 5 transmission range (twenty-five miles maximum), and features intensity 9 signal encryption.

Control Center (i): this detachable craft is docked atop the Hammerhead behind its forward personnel seats, above its elevating missile bank. In addition to carrying two of the Hammerhead's torpedoes and its radar array, the control center has intensity 2 Super Swimming.

Decompression Chamber (s): since many of its operators must function outside the Hammerhead at times, the vehicle is equipped with an internal decompression chamber. This helps to prevent Cobras operating the Hammerhead from contracting the bends when surfacing rapidly.

Missile Bank (i): mounted beneath the Hammerhead's control center dock, this elevating platform stores four missiles, which it can utilize while above the waves. They inflict intensity 11 fragmentary damage singly, adding +1 for each additional missile used simultanerously.

Propulsion (a): as stated above, the Hammerhead does not float, and thus cannot utilize 'super swimming.' However, it can move at intensity 2 speeds, approximately sixty miles per hour, on the surface, or half that on the bottom of the sea, no matter how deep.

Radar Array (w): this rotating dish is mounted on the Hammerhead's command center, allowing it to detach, elevate, and see from the 'high ground.' It functions with intensity 5 ability, having an optimum range of twenty-five miles, whether the command module is attached or detached.

Scout Craft (i): there are two of these one-man sea sleds mounted on each Hammerhead, docked between its front and middle tires on each side. In addition to having two of the Hammerhead's torpedoes, these scout craft possesses intensity 1 Super Swimming.

Submarines (i): there are two of these one-man submersibles mounted on each Hammerhead, docked above its two rear wheels on each side. In addition to having five of the Hammerhead's torpedoes, these high-speed, low-noise vehicles possess intensity 2 Super Swimming.

Torpedoes (i): the Hammerhead features seventeen torpedoes: five on each submarine, two on each sled, two on its control center, and one on its stabilizer fin. They inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage when fired singly, adding +1 for each projectile used simultaneously.

2003 Variations

the Torpedo

While the Hammerhead itself was not utilized by Cobra in 2003, captured and repurposed versions of its one-man submarines were fielded by GI Joe. Called Torpedoes, GI Joe repainted these Navy blue instead of their original off-white, featuring gray trim instead of blue-green.

Other than their color change, however, these vehicles function the same as they originally did.

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