the Headquarters Command Center

The Headquarters Command Centers are prefabricated, easy to assemble bases of operations. Their parts can be dropped by airlift virtually anywhere on earth, and quickly assembled to form an instant fortress for GI Joe to utilize in their never-ending battle against Cobra.

The GI Joe team has several such bases fully ready to deploy if necessary, and has done so on several occasions; the first time they used one as a decoy over the Pit, to make Cobra think they destroyed GI Joe's base when this facility was demolished in a rather large assault.

The second time the Joes deployed an HCC was after Clutch and Roadblock actually managed to capture Cobra Commander. They used the base as a sort of heavily armed detention facility, having built it on one of the highest Rocky Mountains they could get their hands on.

The Headquarters Command Centers typically have these features. Note - for the purposes of relative directions, assume that one is in the Headquarters Command Center, and facing towards the front:

Armor: the outer walls of the HCC are durable despite their prefabricated nature; modular design need not mean cheap design, after all. These walls offer rank value 40 protection from external attacks, and the interior walls offer this protection -1 RS. This defense works as follows:

RV 40 / RV 20 / RV 6 / RV 2 / RV 0

Communications Room: this 'room', one half of the HCC's command and control chamber, includes a powerful communications array. It can transmit and receive encoded audio/video data at rank value 10, allowing it a 2,500 mile range. This is a rank value 40 cost feature.

Computer Room: this 'room', one half of the HCC's command and control chamber, includes a powerful computer terminal. It can be used to man the surveillance equipment, crunch data, or even perform calculations with rank value 30 ability. This is a rank value 40 cost feature.

Double Devastation Cannon: the main armament defending the HCC, this twin-barreled dealer of doom can inflict unparalleled damage upon anything dumb enough to assault the base. This weapon inflicts rank value 50 Piercing damage with each twinned blast.

Garage Package: on the left and right sides of the HCC are two separate garages, one for regular vehicles (say, a VAMP) and one for larger mobile weaponry (like the MOBAT). This is a rank value 20 cost package, as it can store and repair / maintenance multiple vehicles.

Helipad: while external to the HCC proper, the prefabricated parts used to build the base also include the materials to quickly construct a helicopter landing pad. While it lacks the cover that the rest of the base provides, it nonetheless allows a flat landing surface for VTOL craft.

Imprisonment Package: the HCC has a fully functional, two bed stockade to detain prisoners of war or other bad guys. The bars this cell uses to contain its charges are of material value 40, holding all but the strongest folk at bay. This is a rank value 30 cost package.

Infra-Red Surveillance Camera: while the base has search lights, it can operate in a 'stealth' mode. This camera can be used to spot targets in nocturnal setting as can any other camera, but since it needs no light to generate an image, it can be used clandestinely.

Laser Cannon: as support for the operator of the double devastation cannon, this weapon can deal with opponents trying to target that firearm specifically. It can be fired from its position immediately to the left of the cannon to inflict rank value 30 Armor Piercing Energy damage.

Machine Gun: mounted on the front right side of the HCC, this 20mm gun acts as a tertiary assault mechanism. It can fire a single shot at an opponent to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage, a small burst to inflict +1 RS Piercing damage, or a full auto spread for +2 RS Piercing damage.

Power Room: the HCC is equipped with an electrical generator, allowing it to function for a very long time with no external lines to feed it juice. This generator creates enough electricity to handle all the base's power needs for at least a month. This is a rank value 50 cost room.

Radar Unit: allowing it to detect any aircraft in the vicinity, the HCC has a radar dish, one that is constantly rotating to give a 360 degree 'view' of the base's surroundings. This radar unit can detect all manner of air-based vehicles within one mile of its position, with rank value 30 ability.

Search Lights: mounted on each side of the HCC's main gun, these twin lamps can each fill a two-sector wide zone with rank value 20 intensity light, or focus their illumination on a single point towards the front of the base to shine rank value 30 light on a single sector.

Weapons Locker: allowing the HCC to last through a long, drawn out conflict, this room is chock full of spare parts, ammunition, and extra firearms. Of course, the Joes also store a bunch of other sundry, yet necessary gear in this room, which usually pays off in the long run.

Extra Goodies:

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