GI Joe: 1983 Personnel and Equipment


Ace: a gambler through and through, Brad likes nothing more than a good poker game - hence his code name. It's fitting in two aspects, as Brad is also the Joe team's crack fighter pilot, who's downed more Cobra jets than you can shake a stick at! Availability:

Ace (MSH Classic)

Ace (4C System)

Ace (Marvel Saga)

Airborne: born to oil-rich parents, Franklin E Talltree enjoyed jumping out of airplanes as a hobby - it makes him feel alive. Though a law school graduate, Franklin wanted to perform his hobby for a living, so he joined the Army to become a paratrooper! Availability:

Airborne (MSH Classic)

Airborne (4C System)

Airborne (Marvel Saga)

Cover Girl: after she grew tired of life as a fashion model, Courtney joined the Army to properly challenge herself. Becoming a grease monkey and an Armor expert, she's proven her skills time and time again, usually at the wheel of her Wolverine! Availability:

Cover Girl (MSH Classic)

Cover Girl (4C System)

Cover Girl (Marvel Saga)

Doc: a Harvard Medical School graduate, Carl also spent time at John Hopkins. Though he could've made more money in civilian practice, the man wanted to put his skills to their best possible use, and enlisted in the hopes of joining the GI Joe team! Availability:

Doc (MSH Classic)

Doc (4C System)

Doc (Marvel Saga)

Grand Slam: a comic book / sci-fi fan, James has always been fascinated with advanced technology. An electronics major in college, he attended the Army's Special Weapons and Advanced Technology schools, allowing him to wield the HAL! Availability:

Grand Slam (MSH Classic)

Grand Slam (4C System)

Grand Slam (Marvel Saga)

Grunt: his sheer enthusiasm for military life helping him graduate Advanced Infantry Training near the top of his class, Robert was a perfect fit for the original GI Joe team. He's been associated with the Joes on and off ever since! Availability:

Grunt (MSH Classic)

Grunt (4C System)

Grunt (Marvel Saga)

Gung-Ho: raised in a swamp, until forced to fend for himself on the streets of New Orleans with naught but a blade, Gung-Ho found his time in Parris Island like unto a vacation. Perhaps that's why the GI Joe team so eagerly recruited him! Availability:

Gung-Ho (MSH Classic)

Gung-Ho (4C System)

Gung-Ho (Marvel Saga)

Snow Job: an olympic contender, Harlan decided best training that he could get, for cheap, could only come from of the Army. Expecting him to compete, you can imagine how unhappy the military was when he instead accepted a job with GI Joe! Availability:

Snow Job (MSH Classic)

Snow Job (4C System)

Snow Job (Marvel Saga)

Torpedo: a strict vegetarian and obsessive perfectionist, Edward had mastered three martial arts forms before his nineteenth birthday. Parlaying his personality quirks into a successful military career, he became GI Joe's first Navy SEAL! Availability:

Torpedo (MSH Classic)

Torpedo (4C System)

Torpedo (Marvel Saga)

Tripwire: one of the single most jittery human beings you're likely to meet, Tormod is seemingly a klutz. Of course, he's the Joe team's ultimate demolitions expert because explosives are the only thing on earth that can calm him down! Availability:

Tripwire (MSH Classic)

Tripwire (4C System)

Tripwire (Marvel Saga)

Wild Bill: William Hardy is one of the single most friendly people you'll ever meet, not to mention the greatest helicopter pilot youll ever know. He's crashed more aircraft than most pilots actually fly, but then he's also seen more combat than them, as well! Availability:

Wild Bill (MSH Classic)

Wild Bill (4C System)

Wild Bill (Marvel Saga)


the Amphibious Personnel Carrier: this versatile, armored troop carrier has been in the GI Joe arsenal for years. This because, in addition to being able to drive on land or water, it's a very safe conveyance for Joes on their way to a mission! Availability:

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (MSH Classic)

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (4C System)

the Amphibious Personnel Carrier (Marvel Saga)

the Dragonfly: the Joes' signature helicopter for years, the Dragonfly XH-1 has earned them victory countless times, and not just because of it's legendary pilot. It's armed to the teeth and incredibly maneuverable - in other words, ideal air support! Availability:

Dragonfly XH-1 (MSH Classic)

Dragonfly XH-1 (4C System)

Dragonfly XH-1 (Marvel Saga)

the Falcon Glider: excellent for emergency insertions and stealthy operations, the Falcon glider is one of the cheapest vehicles in GI Joe's arsenal. Lightly armed and altogether lacking moving parts, it is nonetheless effective in the hands of a skilled operator. Availability:

the Falcon Glider (MSH Classic)

the Falcon Glider (4C System)

the Falcon Glider (Marvel Saga)

the Headquarters Command Center: prefabricated, quick-build facilities, GI Joe can utilize these structures to dramatic effect in battle. A quick airlift and some motivated construction labor later, you can have an instant forward base anywhere on earth! Availability:

the Headquarters Command Center (MSH Classic)

the Headquarters Command Center (4C System)

the Headquarters Command Center (Marvel Saga)

the MASS Device: built using technology stolen from Doctor Laszlo Vandermeer, the MASS Device is a game-changing implement which allows for globe-spanning teleportation effects - which GI Joe used to counter Cobra's own version of this technology! Availability:

MASS Device (MSH Classic)

MASS Device (4C System)

MASS Device (Marvel Saga)

the Polar Battle Bear: snowmobiles with attitude, Polar Battle Bears are 1.4 ton, heavily armored, cold weather combat vehicles. Ideal for use near either pole, the Battle Bear is armed with 50mm cannons and heat seeking miniature missiles! Availability:

the Polar Battle Bear (MSH Classic)

the Polar Battle Bear (4C System)

the Polar Battle Bear (Marvel Saga)

the PAC/RATs: Programmed Attack Computer Rapid All Terrain units, or PAC/RATs, are experimental Joe-botic assault systems that not only serve as heavy duty fire support, but can act as convenient 'cannon fodder' for GI Joe when necessary. Availability:

the PAC/RATs (MSH Classic)

the PAC/RATs (4C System)

the PAC/RATs (Marvel Saga)

the Skystriker: GI Joe's first high-speed combat aircraft is a modified Grumman F-14 Tomcat. This swing-wing, super-sonic fighter jet was adopted by the Joe team after Cobra upped the ante, so to speak, when using their own high speed craft in terrorist operations. Availability:

the Skystriker XP-14F Combat Jet (MSH Classic)

the Skystriker XP-14F Combat Jet (4C System)

the Skystriker XP-14F Combat Jet (Marvel Saga)

the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun: this device is essentially a set of hard core, rotating 20mm gatling cannons paired together. Mounted on a reconfigurable wheel base, this weapon can fired either while being towed or when mounted in a stationary position. Availability:

the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun (MSH Classic)

the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun (4C System)

the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun (Marvel Saga)

the Wolverine: a durable armored missile carrier, the Wolverine is essentially a treaded missile launcher, carrying a bay of twelve surface-to-surface projectiles on its back. While slow, the Wolverine's armor makes up for it being an easy target. Availability:

the Wolverine (MSH Classic)

the Wolverine (4C System)

the Wolverine (Marvel Saga)

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