the Amphibious Personnel Carrier

The Amphibious Personnel Carrier, or APC, is a versatile mass transport vehicle that the Joe team uses when moving a considerable number of operatives into a trouble zone - or just from one place to another. It is a rather large, ten ton troop transport, and can carry (including the driver and primary passenger) about thirty people within. The Amphibious Personnel Carrier has these special features:

Amphibious Capabilities (a): the APC is a fully functional vehicle on the ground or on the water. It can move about on either surface at approximately thirty-five miles per hour (intensity 2), whether it be fully loaded or not. The APC can maintain buoyancy with or without the flotation tires that assist its amphibious functions, though it moves more sluggishly (at an increased driving / boating difficulty level) when doing so.

Armor Plating (s): the APC is covered by 1.5 inch thick armor plating, solid steel walls that are effective in deflecting all but the most powerful of shells and/or explosive devices. This armor essentially offers the APC intensity 16 (+4) protection from attacks aimed at its frame, though only intensity 12 (+3) protection to everybody within (since the canopy itself is, actually, rather open to assault).

First Aid / Repair / Road Tool Kits (i): the APC has several useful kits scattered around its frame, some mounted on the inside and some on the exterior. Regardless, it has fully functional and fully loaded repair, first aid, and road tool kits available for personnel use. This allows them to patch up either the vehicle or themselves, or make emergency modifications to the road ahead of them.

Headlights (i): the headlights on the Armored Personnel Carrier are quartz-halogen bulbs, which can illuminate all within near missile distance with intensity 10 power. They possess an electrical defrost capability, allowing them to cook ice and muck clean off of them in the event that this is necessary, which takes a full turn. But, considering the APC's amphibious nature, this is an almost vital feature!

Recoil-less Automatic Cannon (a): sources vary as to whether this cannon is either a 50mm or 105mm implement of destruction, but the end result is basically the same. This top-mounted automatic gun fires shells capable of acting as +7 implements of destruction (high explosive armor piercing rounds) per small burst, +8 in a full auto blast of doom. It can be loaded with up to 225 deadly rounds.

Self-Sealing Flotation Tires (a): the APC's six heavy duty, all-terrain tires are equipped to assist the amphibious nature of the vehicle by maintaining its buoyancy; the APC can float with all six tires missing, but steering would be difficult. These tires can withstand up to 12 points of damage before becoming disabled, which is quite a lot compared to ordinary tires!

1989 Variations

the Night Scrambler

When GI Joe's Night Force began its work, it appropriated a few of the team's Armored Personnel Carriers, and rebuilt them as Night Scramblers. The core functionality of the APC is still the same, but the ride is now optimized for nocturnal operations. In other words, the things are painted entirely black - save for the turret up top and the hubcaps, that is.

1992 Variations

the Coastal Unit Defense Amphibious (CUDA) Transport

Though not flashy or particularly high tech like a lot of GI Joe's vehicles, their Armored Personnel Carriers do their singular job, that of getting a large number of Joes to mission quickly, very well. Thus, Cutter made use of these as his Coastal Unit Defense Amphibious (CUDA) Transports on missions to protect the coast from Cobra. They're almost identical to the old APCs, save for their Army green canopies.

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