GI Joe: 1992 Personnel and Equipment


Ace: a gambler through and through, Brad likes nothing more than a good poker game - hence his code name. It's fitting in two aspects, as Brad is also the Joe team's crack fighter pilot, who's downed more Cobra jets than you can shake a stick at! Availability:

Ace (MSH Classic)

Ace (4C System)

Ace (Marvel Saga)

Barricade: an urban combat expert by trade, Phillip was trained long and hard in his art - which made joining the GI Joe team almost easy for him. A late comer to the group, he nonetheless works hard to prove his mettle - and to protect his fellow Joes when he leads them into a hostile city...! Barricade comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Duke: with his years of experience in special ops, Duke was an excellent choice to be GI Joe's field leader. Second only to Hawk in the team's command structure, Duke has consistently led the Joes to victory against Cobra over the years! Availability:

Duke (MSH Classic)

Duke (4C System)

Duke (Marvel Saga)

General Flagg III: son of the late General Flagg, the original leader of the GI Joe team, James Longstreet Flagg the Third was well into his military career when his father was murdered by Major Bludd. When the opportunity presented itself, James gladly joined the Joes for payback! General Flagg III comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Gung-Ho: raised in a swamp, until forced to fend for himself on the streets of New Orleans with naught but a blade, Gung-Ho found his time in Parris Island like unto a vacation. Perhaps that's why the GI Joe team so eagerly recruited him! Availability:

Gung-Ho (MSH Classic)

Gung-Ho (4C System)

Gung-Ho (Marvel Saga)

Roadblock: aspiring to be one of the world's greatest chefs since he was a child, Marvin put himself through the Escoffier School in France. Subsequently enlisting in the Army to learn from their chefs as well, Marvin became quite the machine gunner, too! Availability:

Roadblock (MSH Classic)

Roadblock (4C System)

Roadblock (Marvel Saga)

Stalker: though he started out as an urban warlord in Detroit, Lonzo cleaned up his act and joined the Army, quickly becoming one of its very best operatives. A qualified Ranger, helicopter pilot, and field medic, Lonzo is an invaluable GI Joe operative! Availability:

Stalker (MSH Classic)

Stalker (4C System)

Stalker (Marvel Saga)

the Steel Brigade: GI Joe excels in all areas, but sometimes it comes in handy to work with someone having more localized knowledge. When they need such a specialist, they call the Steel Brigade, their reservists and regional contacts around the world! Availability:

the Steel Brigade (MSH Classic)

the Steel Brigade (4C System)

the Steel Brigade (Marvel Saga)

Wet-Suit: loud and arrogant, Brian forced his way through both Navy basic and his SEAL training. He then performed his saboteur duties with a gleeful passion, which got him a job on with GI Joe - his destructive joy made him very good at his job! Availability:

Wet-Suit (MSH Classic)

Wet-Suit (4C System)

Wet-Suit (Marvel Saga)

Wild Bill: William Hardy is one of the single most friendly people you'll ever meet, not to mention the greatest helicopter pilot youll ever know. He's crashed more aircraft than most pilots actually fly, but then he's also seen more combat than them, as well! Availability:

Wild Bill (MSH Classic)

Wild Bill (4C System)

Wild Bill (Marvel Saga)

Air Commandos:

Spirit: a psychologist and Vietnam veteran, Charlie is an expert woodsman that brings considerable talent to GI Joe. His fellows fail to understand him now and then, but they respect his skill and his ability to keep them alive! Availability:

Spirit (MSH Classic)

Spirit (4C System)

Spirit (Marvel Saga)


Barbecue: thrill-seeker and all around party animal, Barbecue became a fire fighter for the sheer thrill of it all. The only dedicated firefighter on the GI Joe team, Barbecue tends to be placed on missions with the flamethrower experts. Availability:

Barbecue (MSH Classic)

Barbecue (4C System)

Barbecue (Marvel Saga)

Deep Six: having deep-seated people problems, Malcom joined the Navy to serve as a deep sea diver, and 'to be alone'. He did so well on long-term missions that he ultimately landed a job on the GI Joe team - a (thankfully) small unit of elite soldiers. Availability:

Deep Six (MSH Classic)

Deep Six (4C System)

Deep Six (Marvel Saga)

Drug Elimination Force:

Bullet-Proof: Earl has done his time as a D.E.A. operative in some of the world's biggest drug hot spots, including the Golden Triangle. Earning his nickname the hard way, he's been recruited onto the GI Joe team to lead its very own drug interdiction force, the D.E.F.! Bullet-Proof comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Cutter: despite growing up as far as you can from an ocean in the States, Skip nonetheless became a Coast Guardsman. Inexplicably nagging his way onto the GI Joe team, Skip became their resident skipper on missions, whether or not he piloted the WHALE! Availability:

Cutter (MSH Classic)

Cutter (4C System)

Cutter (Marvel Saga)

Mutt & Junkyard: an amazing animal handling ability caused Stanley to gravitate towards military K-9 units upon enlisting, which ultimately led to his assignment to the GI Joe team! There, he and Junkyard provide security on base and in the field. Availability:

Mutt & Junkyard (MSH Classic)

Mutt & Junkyard (4C System)

Mutt & Junkyard (Marvel Saga)

Shockwave: showing true bravery as a member of Detroit's SWAT team, Jason applied for a position on the GI Joe team to use his skills for even more good. Being accepted, he was trained up in the SOP and made one of GI Joe's experts in urban combat! Availability:

Shockwave (MSH Classic)

Shockwave (4C System)

Shockwave (Marvel Saga)

Ninja Force:

Dojo: a former military man trained in the martial arts by a hidden Ninja, Michael P. Russo isn't your average hand to hand fighter. No, the man is a veritable motormouth, and is constantly cracking wise and engaging in snappy patter with his foes in order to disrupt their concentration! Dojo comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Nunchuk: originally a student of the mysterious Blind Master, Ralph eventually came under the tutelage of Storm Shadow himself after his first sensei vanished, well, mysteriously. Soon after, he was skilled enough to join the GI Joe team, as a part of their Ninja Force! Nunchuk comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Storm Shadow: Tommy Arashikage, originally Cobra's greatest ninja, eventually broke free of that organization's influence. Turning his life around, he has since joined the GI Joe team, and works to make amends for his many dark deeds! Availability:

Storm Shadow (MSH Classic)

Storm Shadow (4C System)

Storm Shadow (Marvel Saga)

T'jbang: Sam has studied under the Arashikage clan's master swordsman, and has taken a vow of silence as a result. The man is silent but deadly, having developed his very own sword techniques in darkened caves throughout Japan - techniques no man or woman has lived to describe! T'jbang comes in Classic and Saga styles!


the Barracuda: an incredibly small vehicle, the Barracuda is in effect a one man submarine. This tiny aquatic ride can swim beneath the waves to attack Cobra's sea-based vessels, rapidly sinking them with torpedoes (or just its sharpened hull) before the evil terrorists even know what hit them! The Barracuda comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Battle Copter: while the Air Commandos can get somewhere in a hurry and do so in a quiet manner, they're admittedly at the mercy of the weather somewhat. Keeping this in mind, the GI Joe team built a powered alternative to their gliders, in the form of this backpack helicopter! the Battle Copter comes in Classic and Saga styles!


the Coastal Unit Defense Amphibious Transport: this versatile, armored troop carrier has been in the GI Joe arsenal for years. This because, in addition to being able to drive on land or water, it's a very safe conveyance for Joes on their way to a mission! Availability:

the CUDA (MSH Classic)

the CUDA (4C System)

the CUDA (Marvel Saga)

the Desert Apache AH-74: a slightly modified version of the Army's AH-64, the GI Joe team's Desert Apache has been optimized for use against Cobra. Painted in a tan / khakis color scheme, the Desert Apache is perfect for rooting out Sand Vipers and other Cobra terrorists hiding in the dunes! The Desert Apache AH-74 comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Fort America: though the GI Joe team has no shortage of tracked ground assault vehicles, they don't have too many that can transform into a reinforced combat structure! Fort America can do just that, either as a stand-alone facility or to back-up the main GI Joe pre-fab base in the field! Comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the GI Joe Headquarters: these relatively large, prefabricated compounds can easily be transported and assembled by a small team of Joes in no time. Once assembled, they offer an unparalleled view of their surroundings, and can easily dominate the area with overwhelming firepower. Comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Patriot: the Patriot is a small, tracked vehicle that has a lot more offensive firepower than you'd at first expect. It's armed with a 'surface to air mortar cannon', along with a triple-barreled laser cannon, a side machine gun mount, and even an anti-personnel battering ram with which to trample Cobra! The Patriot comes in Classic and Saga styles!

the Storm Eagle: the latest in a long line of experimental GI Joe fighter jets, the Storm Eagle is advanced in both aeronautics and offensive intent. It primarily makes use of a high-power laser cannon to down enemy jets, along with (of course) a small brace of missiles. The Storm Eagle comes in Classic and Saga styles!

Air Commandos:

the Air Commandos Glider: an update to the standard GI Joe glider, the Air Commandos gliders were designed by a member of the team, Cloudburst. He made them to excel above and beyond the old Falcon gliders in every way - mainly because he uses 'em in the field himself! the Air Commandos Glider comes in Classic and Saga styles!


the Eco Striker: a lightweight vehicle, this blue and orange, off-road marvel was adopted by GI Joe in 1992. Weighing 2.8 tons and armed with a powerful water cannon, the Eco-Striker can neutralize Cobra chemical weaponry almost anywhere! Availability:

the Eco Striker (MSH Classic)

the Eco Striker (4C System)

the Eco Striker (Marvel Saga)

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