GI Joe Headquarters

This variation on the GI Joe Headquarters is an easily erected, prefabricated facility. Despite being considered a 'large' base for the purposes of field operations, it can be quickly assembled almost anywhere on earth, allowing GI Joe to fight Cobra anywhere they hide!

The inner walls, outer walls, floors, ceilings, and other structures of the base should be considered to have an m.s. of 13. It also benefits from these features, detailed assuming that the front of the base is facing north:

Arsenal: allowing it to last through a long, drawn out conflict, this room is usually chock full of spare rockets, ammunition rounds, firearms, and replacement parts. Of course, the Joes also store a bunch of other sundry, yet necessary gear in this room, which usually pays off over time.

Computer / Communications Room: this room rests in the the northeast corner of the Headquarters. It can be used to monitor base security cameras and sensors, and features intensity 7 communications gear (100 mile range) that boasts intensity 10 signal encryption.

Double Pulse-Propelled Rocket Launcher (i): this portable, tripod-mounted launcher can be deployed anywhere within the Headquarters as is needed. This launcher can hold two projectiles, each of which will inflict intenstiy 11 fragmentary damage.

Eliminator Rapid-Pulse Rocket Launcher (i): this powerful, six-round rotary rocket launcher is situated in front of the Headquarters' main door, acting as a first round of defense against enemy vehicles and personnel. It fires rockets that inflict intensity 11 fragmentary damage each.

However, the Rapid-Pulse launcher can in fact fire a multi-rocket volley, doing additional damage depending on just what it needs to demolish. For every additional projectile launched at once, add a +1 to the damage inflicted, to a maximum of intensity 17!

Firefighting: scattered throughout the GI Joe Headquarters are a plethora of fire extinguishers, handy should Cobra come calling. These canisters can emit fire-retardant foam that can reduce the intensity of ambient flames with intensity 6 ability, enough to kill minor flames.

Garage: the GI Joe Headquarters has a fully equipped motor pool, allowing it to service Joe vehicles, whether they simply need fuel, a change of tires, or a new transmission. This garage is capable of servicing up to three vehicles at once.

Jail: this smaller room, in the northwest room of the Headquarters, is available to hold Cobra (or other enemy) prisoners. Its captivity system is a fully secured, "Lock-Tight" jail cell, with bars of made from strength 14 materials, a cage that is rather small, really.

Kitchen: since it has the room to feed its occupants, the GI Joe Headquarters undoubtedly has room to cook their meals, too. As they may be on the premises for quite a bit, the kitchen is equipped with a sink, stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, freezer, and cooking utensils.

Laser Bazooka Cannons (a): the Headquarters has two of these weapons, both of which are situated on its tower (one on the top floor, one on the second). These powerful weapons fire a burst of coherent photons at a target which inflict damage per a +6 Armor Piercing weapon.

Mess Hall: since the Headquarters can house up to fifty Joes, even if that'd be a tight fit, it goes without saying that it has to have room to feed them somewhere. It has a mess hall capable of dealing with about twenty soldiers at once.

Power Plant: designed to operate independent of outside power sources so they can be placed anywhere, the portable GI Joe Headquarters have their own power supplies. This incredibly convenient feature removes the threat of external power interruptions from the base.

Search Light (i): situated on the Headquarters' tower is a very powerful search light. This rotating energy emitter can bathe a 100-yard square zone in intensity 8 light, or narrow its focus down to a 50-yard square area of real estate, filling it with intensity 10 illumination.

Sensors: the GI Joe Headquarters is active in an electronic sense, having quite a few security sensors to help sniff out intruders. These include a bevy of video cameras, motion / proximity sensors, and even a small radar unit to pick up on those pesky airborne opponents.

Single Pulse-Propelled Rocket Launcher (i): there are two of these launchers in each Headquarters. The first is mounted on top of the base's guard tower, while the second is placed in the extreme northeast corner. Their projectiles each inflict intensity 11 fragmentary damage.

Tower: finally, the GI Joe Headquarters has a three-story tall tower with which to surveil the surrounding landscape. Equipped with a personnel elevator for fast access to the observatory on top, the tower is also host to the base's search light, as well as three of its defensive weapons.

2001 Variations

Fielded nine years after the original was rolled out, the 2001 GI Joe Headquarters is functionally the same. Sure, it features a desert color scheme, as opposed to the more woodland accents on the original, as well as modernized facilities, but statistically it is identical.

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