GI Joe: 2001 Personnel and Equipment


Big Brawler: with his dual military specialties, Brian is more than effective at rooting out terrorists based in jungle environs. This made him an excellent fit for the GI Joe team, as Cobra often hides their bases in the nastiest jungles they can find! Availability:

Big Brawler (MSH Classic)

Big Brawler (4C System)

Big Brawler (Marvel Saga)

Crossfire: with his love for mechanical things and appreciation of the military lifestyle, it was a certainty that Bill would eventually enlist. Working as a heavy machine gunner, he truly excels at both firing and repairing his weapons when things go awry. Availability:

Crossfire (MSH Classic)

Crossfire (4C System)

Crossfire (Marvel Saga)

Cutter: despite growing up as far as you can from an ocean in the States, Skip nonetheless became a Coast Guardsman. Inexplicably nagging his way onto the GI Joe team, Skip became their resident skipper on missions, whether or not he piloted the WHALE! Availability:

Cutter (MSH Classic)

Cutter (4C System)

Cutter (Marvel Saga)

Double Blast: innovative and inquisitive, Charles can fix broken down appliances with an almost MacGyver-like skill. This ability got him recruited onto the GI Joe team who, also taking advantage of his immense muscle, put him to work as a heavy machine gunner. Availability:

Double Blast (MSH Classic)

Double Blast (4C System)

Double Blast (Marvel Saga)

Flint: enlisting after he grew bored with the life of an academic, Flint utilized both his innate intelligence and brash confidence to excel in various elite specialties - which ultimately saw him being recruited onto the GI Joe team by Duke himself! Availability:

Flint (MSH Classic)

Flint (4C System)

Flint (Marvel Saga)

Gung-Ho: raised in a swamp, until forced to fend for himself on the streets of New Orleans with naught but a blade, Gung-Ho found his time in Parris Island like unto a vacation. Perhaps that's why the GI Joe team so eagerly recruited him! Availability:

Gung-Ho (MSH Classic)

Gung-Ho (4C System)

Gung-Ho (Marvel Saga)

Leatherneck: Wendell has a long history in the Marines - he's about as intense a 'Jar Head' as you can get. He's so hard core that he attracted the attention of GI Joe, who snapped him up as soon as they could, and put him to work against Cobra immediately! Availability:

the Leatherneck (MSH Classic)

the Leatherneck (4C System)

the Leatherneck (Marvel Saga)

Low-Light: lost in the woods for three weeks during a hunting trip gone wrong, Cooper overcame his fear of the dark, animals, and loud noises - and how! He grew up to become one with the night, and is an expert tracker, night spotter, and sniper! Availability:

Low-Light (MSH Classic)

Low-Light (4C System)

Low-Light (Marvel Saga)

Pathfinder: William was raised with a plethora of wilderness survival skills as he grew up in the Florida Everglades. Using these to excel as the Army's premier jungle missions expert, William proved to be a natural fit for the elite GI Joe team. Availability:

Pathfinder (MSH Classic)

Pathfinder (4C System)

Pathfinder (Marvel Saga)

Rock 'n Roll: the Joes' original heavy machine gunner, Craig is from beautiful Malibu, California. He eventually grew up and joined the Army, hoping to make the world a better place, and found that membership in the GI Joe team lets him do just that. Availability:

Rock 'n Roll (MSH Classic)

Rock 'n Roll (4C System)

Rock 'n Roll (Marvel Saga)

Sure Fire: though he grew up in abject poverty in an urban wasteland, David escaped the blight he was trapped within - and did so legally. He then became a member of the LAPD, the FBI, and finally the exclusive GI Joe team, his diligence finally paying off! Availability:

Sure Fire (MSH Classic)

Sure Fire (4C System)

Sure Fire (Marvel Saga)

Tripwire: one of the single most jittery human beings you're likely to meet, Tormod is seemingly a klutz. Of course, he's the Joe team's ultimate demolitions expert because explosives are the only thing on earth that can calm him down! Availability:

Tripwire (MSH Classic)

Tripwire (4C System)

Tripwire (Marvel Saga)

Wet Down: Daniel grew up around the Norfolk naval grounds, quickly falling in love with all things Navy. Naturally, he enlisted in said armed force as soon as possible, and not only excelled but was one of the youngest recruits to pass the SEAL training program! Availability:

Wet Down (MSH Classic)

Wet Down (4C System)

Wet Down (Marvel Saga)

Wet-Suit: loud and arrogant, Brian forced his way through both Navy basic and his SEAL training. He then performed his saboteur duties with a gleeful passion, which got him a job on with GI Joe - his destructive joy made him very good at his job! Availability:

Wet-Suit (MSH Classic)

Wet-Suit (4C System)

Wet-Suit (Marvel Saga)

Disavowed GI Joe Personnel:

Daemon: a youthful computer programmer whose adventures in virus creation got him in trouble with the FBI, Daemon was arrested for his hijinks. However, instead of serving jail time, he was put to use by the GI Joe team, and ordered to crack Cobra's nano-mites! Availability:

Daemon (MSH Classic)

Daemon (4C System)

Daemon (Marvel Saga)

Firewall: an immature hacker whose misanthropic sabotage of government operatives' personal data got her in hot water with the Feds, Michelle LaChance received a once in a lifetime get out of jail free card by helping GI Joe defuse Cobra nano-tech weapons! Availability:

Firewall (MSH Classic)

Firewall (4C System)

Firewall (Marvel Saga)

GI Joe Greenshirts / Reservists: the GI Joe Reservists, or Greenshirts as they've come to be known, are Joe trainees. These 'kids' are the best conventional American military training has produced, though they need just a bit 'more' to become official Joes. Availability:

Greenshirts / Reservists (MSH Classic)

Greenshirts / Reservists (4C System)

Greenshirts / Reservists (Marvel Saga)


the AWE Striker: a small, lightweight vehicle, this matte black, off-road marvel was first adopted by GI JOE in 1985. Weighing 2.8 tons and armed with a powerful, recoil-less rifle, the AWE Striker can offer the Joes fire support almost anywhere! Availability:

the AWE Striker (MSH Classic)

the AWE Striker (4C System)

the AWE Striker (Marvel Saga)

the Desert Striker: a further modification of the Joes' VAMP vehicle line, the Desert Striker replaces the original's weaponry with four distinct weapon systems, allowing its occupants to fight Cobra anywhere around it! Availability:

the Desert Striker (MSH Classic)

the Desert Striker (4C System)

Desert Striker (Marvel Saga)

the GI Joe Headquarters: these large, prefabricated compounds can easily be transported and assembled by a small team of Joes in no time. Once assembled, they offer an unparalleled view of their surroundings, and can easily dominate the area around them! Availability:

the GI Joe Headquarters (MSH Classic)

the GI Joe Headquarters (4C System)

the GI Joe Headquarters (Marvel Saga)

the Night Landing Craft: this small craft was given to Cutter when he returned to the GI Joe team. A nocturnal landing boat, complete with a weapons platform built on a sturdy, yet inflatable boat, it's great for busting drug smugglers or Cobra operatives. Availability:

the Night Landing Craft (MSH Classic)

the Night Landing Craft (4C System)

the Night Landing Craft (Marvel Saga)

Disavowed GI Joe Equipment:

the Cube Cam: this tiny device is one of the Joe team's new tools in its war against Cobra and other terrorists. It's about the size of a normal die, and can both film everything in its vicinity and transmit video directly to a waiting Joe-Com unit! Availability:

the Cube Cam (MSH Classic)

the Cube Cam (4C System)

the Cube Cam (Marvel Saga)

the Joe-Com: the GI Joe Wrist Communicator Device, or Joe-Com, is a wondrously advanced unit developed for the GI Joe team upon its more public reactivation in the year 2001. It allows audio / video communications and vast data storage / transfer! Availability:

the Joe-Com (MSH Classic)

the Joe-Com (4C System)

the Joe-Com (Marvel Saga)

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