the Night Landing Craft

The Night Landing Craft is a small, sea-based weapons platform built around a sturdy inflatable raft. This vehicle, first put into service in 2001, is a green and black affair (the black bits being the raft, and the green being the add-ons), has an m.s. of 8, and these characteristics:

Communications Array (i): the Night Landing Craft is equipped with a 'super-frequency', frequency-wobbler radio system (and has dual transceiver antennas). This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range), that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Harpoon Launcher (a): mounted on the starboard (right) side of the Night Landing Craft, this weapon is great for latching onto enemy craft - or spearing an unlucky sailor. It inflicts one's Agility +5 in piercing damage, and can puncture objects of up to m.s. 12.

Passengers: the Night Landing Craft isn't really built for mass transit, in that it's a relatively small aquatic vehicle. However, it does have room for one pilot and one navigator (or other passenger). Other folks can pile on the thing if seriously necessary, but it wouldn't be a comfortable ride.

Recovery Crane (s): this front-mounted hook, with a good fifty feet of steel cable attached to it, can be used by the Night Landing Craft's pilot to drag sinking and/or abandoned craft along for the ride. The cable can pull tons of weight before snapping (material strength of 12).

Sensor Suite (w): the Night Landing Craft is equipped with a fully functional, military-grade Global Positioning System receiver, as well as a wind gauge. This gear allows Cutter (or whoever else is piloting the ship) to navigate with pinpoint precision in the course of a mission.

Super Swimming (a): while it's not the fastest thing on water, the Night Landing Craft nonetheless gets by. It can travel on the waves at approximately forty-five miles per hour, having this 'power' intensity of 2. Designed for nocturnal operation, though, it rarely reaches such speeds.

Torpedo Launcher (i): on the port (left) side of the Night Landing Craft is a one-shot torpedo launcher. While it can only be used once per mission, this weapon is usually enough to sink smaller craft, as it inflicts intensity 11 fragmentary damage on impact.

Ultra-Candescent Lamps (i): this trio of lamps, mounted on the Night Landing Craft's windshield, are powerful light casting implements capable of producing intensity 9 illumination. This helps to deal with night operations, and can be used in an improvised blinding attack.

Extra Goodies:

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