the Cube Cam

The Cube Cams are incredibly small devices designed by Mainframe. They are about the size and shape of a standard six-sided die, and have a digital video lens on each face. They can record everything in a remote area, and transmit that data to a nearby Joe-Com unit.

The design purpose of the Cube Cams are to let a Joe fling them into a potentially hostile area, and see what it sees on his or her wrist unit without actually poking their head into a death trap or other ambush. The Cube Cams have an m.s. of 6, and these built-in features:

Circular Vision (w): the main purpose of the Cube Cam is to film, in 360 degrees, everything around itself. It can do this on both the horizontal and vertical axes, though obviously it cannot film what is beneath it unless it is on a transparent or translucent surface.

Infrared Vision (w): in addition to its ability to record conventional light waves, the Cube Cam can also peer into the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It may do this with intensity 5 ability, easily perceiving most uncloaked heat sources.

Wireless Feed (i): the Cube Cam has no access port - it feeds data to nearby Joe-Coms (and anything else that can recognize its data) completely wirelessly. It has a relatively short range, however, only working with intensity 1 ability (within near missile distance).

Extra Goodies:

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