Daemon (deceased)

Gd 10
Ty 6
Pr 4
Ex 20
Rm 30
Gd 10
Gd 10
Gd 10
Sh 0



As is the case with the vast, vast majority of the GI Joe team, Daemon lacks special powers of any variety. He has no ninja sorcery, psionic schooling, or radiation-induced abilities to help him fight the likes of Cobra - just his basic combat skills and his coding prowess. Really.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Knife: all the Joes carry a blade on them in the field, and Daemon is no exception to this rule. His knife is made from Incredible (40) m.s. materials, and can be used to cut through items of up to like m.s., given enough time, or can be wielded to inflict Edged Attack damage in melee.

Portable Computers: Daemon is always coding when not actively doing something else - it's just what he does. He usually has some sort of portable computer, whether a laptop or something smaller and more advanced, that he's pounding keys on at any given moment in time.

Sidearm: lacking signature weaponry of his own, Daemon usually just carries a standard sidearm with him in the field. He may fire one round from this hand cannon to inflict Typical (6) Shooting damage, or a short burst of such to inflict Good (10) Shooting damage.


Nerd: more than most of the techies working for the GI Joe team, Daemon exemplifies this quirk to a tee. The man has a hard time in social situations, usually only able to relate to other programmers, and should receive a -2 CS to his Popularity amongs 'normals'.


Computers 2: his claim to fame, Daemon is quite the computer programmer. He should receive a +2 CS on any FEAT roll required when analyzing, cracking, or even writing computer code, whether it's of his own design or created by someone else entirely.

Guns: though not really combat oriented, Daemon has learned how to wield a gun as a matter of course during his time with the Joes. He can wield most standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifles or pistols as if his Agility was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Martial Arts type B: similarly, Daemon has had self-defense training bludgeoned into him by Beach-Head. As such, he can now defend himself even when unarmed, being able to punch, kick, charge, or even head butt a foe as if his Fighting was +1 CS in rank.

Military / United States: Daemon never wanted to join the Army - he's the quintessential nerd. However, circumstances tied him to the GI Joe team, and as such, he's had the Standard Operating Procedure hammered into his brain by none other than Beach-Head!


In reality, Daemon has few friends. A maladjusted and temperamental 'nerd' in school, few people found him worth bothering with. He's made a name for himself in programmer circles, particularly with Firewall, and is technically a Joe, and can thus rely upon them for aid.


Daemon holds little truck with uniforms. He nonetheless wears the same clothing while 'on the job' with the Joes, which includes a black and blue Spandex ™ T-shirt, baggy orange trousers, green Converse ™ sneakers, and whatever wearable electronics he had handy.


Daemon lacks a sense of humor for the most part, particularly in regards to himself. He has a tendency to take everything way too seriously, which is possibly why he decided to meet the GI Joe physical requirements - he felt that he had to earn his place on the team.

Real Name: Jeff Lacefield, Grade unknown
Occupation: computer hacker
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 9"
Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 150 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Jeff has a particularly small build.


The odd GI Joe operative known as Daemon got his start in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up to be picked on relentlessly by his fellow classmates, primarily because he was rather small of build, but also because he didn't have the ability to take a joke in stride.

He sought refuge in the world of fantasy, enjoying things like comic books, science fiction, and video games. He was also into computers, and became a competent hacker before leaving high school, though he was a bit better adjusted by then, since nerds are seemingly 'in' these days.

Daemon had become a master programmer by the time he was twenty-one, and was creating a wide variety of computer viruses for his own amusement. One such virus hit the FBI's network, which prompted the feds to arrest him once they figured out who caused that mess.

Of course, the FBI can always use hackers of Daemon's caliber, so they made him a deal. He could either go to jail, or help him out with a special problem they'd developed. This problem, mind you, was that the government needed hackers to deal with experimental Cobra technology!

Liking both the challenge as well as the ability to avoid hard time, Daemon took the government up on their offer, and was immediately put to work alongside another hacker, Firewall, under the GI Joe team's master computer whiz, Mainframe.

But there was a reason the government was ready to make such a deal with the likes of a punk kid like Daemon. You see, Cobra's new technology was the so-called nano-mites, molecule-sized robots that could be used to inflict devastating losses on equipment and personnel.

Using this technology, Cobra almost took over the United States government, but thanks to the efforts of Daemon and others, this didn't come to pass. He helped the Joes break into the technology well enough that they could stop it from being used to secure a global takeover.

After this, Daemon stuck around with the Joes, as they saw a potential within him. Of course, this meant that he'd have to undergo the same rigorous training that every other American military operative had to endure - and within the GI Joe team, this was administered by Beach-Head.

Though physically weak and of a particularly small stature, Daemon stepped up to the plate and took on Beach-Head's rigorous physical challenge. In time, Daemon even managed to make the minimum qualifications for GI Joe field work... though this wasn't a good thing.

On one of Daemon's first jobs out in the field, he was with a GI Joe detail escorting several clones of Serpentor to a safe location, when Serpentor and his Coil thugs struck. During this fight, Daemon found himself face to face with the reincarnation of earth's greatest conquerors.

Though he did his best, Daemon was killed by Serpentor, his neck snapped like a twig by that villain when he impeded the man's escape with his 'children'. Like all the other Joes lost in the line of duty, Daemon received a special burial at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Not that, you know, this was much consolation to his friends and family - much less his close friend Firewall.

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