the Patriot

The Patriot is a short, squat vehicle that is propelled by four separate, tank-like treads. Its primary implement of destruction is an oversized missile launcher on its left side, though it's also armed with a rear laser cannon for backup. It has these vehicular characteristics:

Armored Canopy (s): since the Patriot is built rather tough, having an m.s. of 11, its operator is particularly well protected. He or she benefits from an armored canopy while driving the Patriot around, which gives them like, or +2, protection while inside it.

Battering Bumper (s): if all else fails, the operator of the Patriot can always just run something over in a pinch. This heavily armored segment allows the Patriot to inflict intensity 10 ramming damage whenever it strikes anything, whether man-made or mankind!

Communications Gear (i): the Patriot is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Laser Cannon (a): on the rear half of the Patriot lies its secondary weapon, a triple-barreled laser cannon! This weapon can fire three coherent light beams at a target simultaneously, all of which combine to inflict the driver's Agility +6 in Armor Piercing energy damage per blast.

Machine Gun (a): this tertiary weapon is mounted on the right side of the Patriot's armored canopy. It can strike whatever is in front of the Patriot, and may inflict the driver's Agility +5 in damage when firing a short burst of rounds, or their Agility +6 in damage when fired continuously.

Mortar Cannon (i): though it's called a mortar, this large-barreled device actually fires surface-to-air missiles. It can only fire one missile at a time, but can be quickly reloaded multiple times when necessary. These projectiles inflict intensity 12 damage each.

Passenger Space: the Patriot can only hold one person inside; the driver alone benefits from the vehicle's body armor, above. However, two additional crew members can hang on to each side towards the rear of the vehicle, atop the treads it uses to get from place to place.

Propulsion (a): though it doesn't look like it, the Patriot is somewhat fast on its tracks. It can move at around 60 miles per hour (intensity 2 propulsion), at least on the road. When driving off-road, it must cut back to a safe speed of 45 MPH.

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