the Barracuda

The Barracuda is a tiny submarine, a one-man craft that's just large enough to fit its pilot. It can scoot along beneath the waves, making quick work of Cobra ships both large and small - save for their own submarines, like the Sea Ray. The Barracuda has these capabilities:

Body Armor (s): the Barracuda is built tough, to resist water pressures as well as enemy fire. It has an effective m.s. of 10, and provides its occupant like, or +2, protection from injury, whether caused by environmental extremes or deadly attacks.

Communications Gear (i): the Barracuda is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 communications power (with a 25 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

Environmental Independence (s): the Barracuda has an extended air supply handy, in the event that its operator needs to stay submerged for a longer than planned duration. It can hold up to four days worth of breathable air, giving it this ability (for breathing) at intensity 4.

Periscope (w): mounted on top of the Barracuda is this simple, yet effective device. It allows the submarine's occupant to see with partial Circular Vision. Of course, while the operator can see in 360 degrees, he or she can't see in all 360 of them at once!

Steel Slice Fins (s): the fins on the side of the Barracuda are built in a sharp, serrated configuration. This allows the Barracuda to actually inflict intensity 10 slashing damage against any vehicle (or unlucky diver) it glides by beneath the waves.

Subaquatic Attack Cannon (a): mounted under the bow of the Barracuda, this twinned gun can be fired for deadly effect. It may give off a short burst to inflict the operator's Agility +6 in damage, raised to +7 if opened up in a fully automatic fashion.

Super Swimming (a): something of a misnomer, the Barracuda isn't astoundingly fast beneath the sea. It can move at around 45 MPH (about 40 knots) undersea, which translates into about intensity 2 super swimming. But it's still a lot faster than swimming unaided!

Torpedo Launchers (i): the Barracuda has three torpedo launchers despite its size. There's one port and starboard of the bow, and a third is mounted on the aft section. Each can be fired once, inflicting intensity 10 damage, but add +1 for each additional simultaneous strike.

2000 Variations

the Man-O-War

Built using plans stolen from GI Joe, the original Man-O-War is effectively a clone of their one-man, Barracuda submarine. Despite Cobra changing the color scheme from black with a blue center to chrome with a black center, the Man-O-War is functionally the same vehicle.

Extra Goodies:

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