Cobra: 2000 Personnel and Equipment


Cobra Commander: Cobra's founder, its mysterious Commander began as an unsuccessful businessman who, after his paranoia told him that Big Government was out to crush the 'little guy', decided to forge a new system - one with him on the top! Availability:

Cobra Commander (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (4C System)

Cobra Commander (Marvel Saga)

Firefly: a true artist of a saboteur, Firefly enjoys destroying all which is supposedly invulnerable. The adopted son of the Koga ninja clan, Firefly also takes great pride in never being seen before, during, or after he demolishes his targets! Availability:

Firefly (MSH Classic)

Firefly (4C System)

Firefly (Marvel Saga)

Lampreys: Lampreys are Eels who have been extensively trained in ship to ship combat maneuvers, and are assigned their own Man-O-War subs. They use these craft to patrol Cobra-controlled beachfronts, and regularly engage in battle with other ships. Availability:

Lampreys (MSH Classic)

Lampreys (4C System)

Lampreys (Marvel Saga)

Major Bludd: originally a Major in the Australian Special Air Service, the promise of riches lured Sebastian Bludd away from his patriotic duty and transformed him into a rather amoral mercenary - a path that ultimately led to his employment by Cobra! Availability:

Major Bludd (MSH Classic)

Major Bludd (4C System)

Major Bludd (Marvel Saga)

Rip It: a surly, destructive gear-head, Fredd would almost be more at home in the Dreadnoks than in the Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver corps. A one-man engine of destrction, he likes nothing more than tearing apart the things that others have created, such as cars, homes, or even national identity! Rip It comes in Classic and Saga styles!


Storm Shadow: Tommy Arashikage, Cobra's greatest ninja, didn't originally start out with evil aims. Thanks to the machinations of Cobra Commander, however, he was swept into a life of crime and terrorism, one that continually comes back to haunt him! Availability:

Storm Shadow (MSH Classic)

Storm Shadow (4C System)

Storm Shadow (Marvel Saga)


the High Speed Sentry, Mark 3: the HISS is Cobra's first mass-produced, tank-like vehicle. A treaded vehicle with a top-mounted, twinned 30mm gun turret, the HISS delivers a level of fire power that is second only to an actual tank cannon in practice. Availability:

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 3 (MSH Classic)

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 3 (4C System)

the High Speed Sentry, Mark 3 (Marvel Saga)

the Wave Crusher: an incredibly small vehicle, the Wave Crusher is in effect a one man submarine. Built using the plans for one of the GI Joe team's old Barracuda mini-subs, the Wave Crusher has multiple torpedo launchers, horrific slashing fins and more - despite its small size! The Wave Crusher comes in Classic and Saga styles!

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