the MASS Device

The MASS Effect, discovered by Nobel Prize winning Doctor Laszlo Vandermeer, is a principle by which matter may be disassembled at the atomic level, transmitted as energy to another location, and then reassembled exactly as it was before - revolutionary, to be sure.

While an amazing notion, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Thus, Doctor Vandermeer was working to build a Molecular Assembler Scrambler/Sender, or MASS Device, as a demonstration of the practical use of his mind bending physics, only to be waylaid by Cobra.

Wanting his secrets for his own, Cobra Commander kidnapped Doctor Vandermeer, and forced him to assist Destro in the creation of their very own MASS Device. Though opposed to the idea, Cobra's powers of persuasion are legendary, and in time Cobra had a working prototype.

The MASS Device is a large device that can move under its own power, albeit slowly and clumsily. Mounted on two continuous tracks, the operator of the MASS Device can position it wherever it needs. Strictly speaking, the MASS Device has these vehicular characteristics:

Fe 2
Fe 2
Gd 10

What makes the MASS Device so special, however, is the fact that it is a working demonstration of Doctor Vandermeer's theories. In other words, it is a contraption that Cobra can use to transport matter, in vast quantities, anywhere within the device's range!

Unaided, the MASS Device can transport matter anywhere within its line-of-sight, with a practical limit of 250,000 miles, which is enough to reach as far as the moon itself! In game terms, this translates into Shift X (150) rank teleportation / others.

In order to reach anywhere on the globe, however, Cobra must make use of a satellite to bounce the MASS Effect around the curvature of the earth. Furthermore, to teleport a remote object to another location, a special homing beacon must be placed on the item(s) in question.

Unlike ordinary teleportation, the MASS Effect is not limited by a conventional weight limit. Instead, it is powered by three rare catalysts, including radioactive red crystals, heavy blue water, and particulate yellow meteorite ore, each gram of which allows one ton of matter transportation.

GI Joe's MASS Device

Eventually liberating Doctor Vandermeer from Cobra, GI Joe utilized his expertise to build a MASS Device of their own - and just in time, too. As it turned out, the MASS Effect could be weaponized, such that it could disassemble matter, only to never put it back together again!

When Cobra targeted New York City for destruction with their MASS Device, GI Joe activated their own, at which point it was discovered that one MASS Effect beam could disrupt another. This saved the City, though it expended both forces' supply of MASS Effect catalysts.

Over a series of conflicts around the world, GI Joe and Cobra fought over the only sources of these catalysts, with both teams making off with enough to power continued uses of the MASS Device's overwhelming teleportational capabilities!

As a result of subsequent battles utilizing them, Cobra's MASS Device was destroyed, and GI Joe's was once again depleted of catalysts. As neither side has since made use of MASS technology, it's quite possible that the catalysts to power them are simply unattainable now.

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