the Dragonfly XH-1 Attack Copter

The Dragonfly XH-1 Assault Copter is the Joes' first, and easily most recognizable assault helicopter. This flying arsenal is equipped to carry a pilot, a gunman, and all kinds of firepower into battle. Though it's usually flown by Wild Bill and Airborne, just about any helicopter pilot and gunner team can take this thing into a firefight and do some damage with it. The Dragonfly has these characteristics:

160mm Cannon Pod (a): mounted on the Dragonfly's left pylon, this deadly cannon is equipped with 1200 rounds with which to annihilate any foe. Guided by a laser targeter beam (for a +1 to hit), this cannon fires bursts of shells that inflict harm per +7 weapons with each deadly rain of lead. The only disadvantage to this gun is that it can only hit whatever is directly in front of the Dragonfly.

317-A High Resolution Radar System (w): mounted on the nose cone of the Dragonfly Attack Copter, this high quality radar imaging system allows the pilot of this vehicle to acquire a decent idea concerning what's in the air around him or her, what's on the ground before them, and also provides a targeting mechanism for the Dragonfly's air-to-air missiles. This radar unit functions with intensity 10 effectiveness.

Armor Plating (s): while it's not invulnerable to assault, the Dragonfly helicopter nonetheless offers its pilots (and its internal mechanisms) some protection against injury, usually originating from some opponent or another that wishes Wild Bill no good. The Dragonfly is equipped to offer its pilot and gunner intensity 8 (+2) protection from attack, which is better than nothing, eh?

Flight (a): when fully manned and armed, the Dragonfly can achieve flight speeds of approximately 220 miles per hour (intensity 7 flight). Furthermore, when fully fueled, the Dragonfly can attain a total range of about 510 miles, giving it the ability to control a very large portion of real estate around a base, body of troops, mission in progress, or whatever.

M-32 Grenade Launcher (a): one of the two weapons mounted on the Dragonfly's chin turret, this large gun is used to lob explosive devices at an opponent, said opponents usually being heavily armored vehicles and such. These grenades inflict intensity 11 damage to everything within near missile distance of their impact, unless people and objects in said area are under cover from the grenade blasts.

Rescue Hook / Winch (s): not just built to inflict carnage and mayhem on the forces of Cobra, the Dragonfly is also equipped to serve in a cargo hauling / rescue capacity. It is equipped with a powerful winch mechanism that can tow two tons of cargo to and fro (strength 12), though the Dragonfly's total range is reduced somewhat when hauling the fully listed amount of weight along for the ride.

Sidewinder Air to Air Missiles (i): these two fire-and-forget missiles are targeted with the Dragonfly's radar system, and then will fly along on their merry way without having to be steered at their quarry. These two missiles inflict intensity 12 damage upon whatever airborne target they strike, affecting everything within near missile distance of their impact equally, and receive a +2 to hit thanks to their radar lock targeting system.

Sidewinder Air to Ground Missiles (i): these four wire guided missiles are aimed, fired, and controlled by the gunner of the Dragonfly helicopter. As such, the pilot needs to help him or her generally keep the target of these air to ground dealers of doom in sight, else the missiles be wasted. These projectiles inflict intensity 12 damage to whatever they hit, as well as everything else within near missile distance of their impact area.

Vulcan 20mm Gatling Cannon (a): the other weapon mounted on the Dragonfly's chin turret, this rotating 20mm cannon can be used to inflict all kinds of damage to enemy personnel, aircraft, or whatever. It functions as a +6 weapon when using a short, controlled burst, +7 in a fully automatic, lawn-mower style spread of ammunition. This device is armed with a 2500 round ammo drum.

1988 Variations

the Tiger Fly

From time to time, GI Joe fields a special unit known as its Tiger Force, which uses a large array of confiscated and/or refurbished vehicles with which to fight the forces of Cobra. A large portion of Tiger Force's air power came in the form of the Tiger Fly, a recolored version of the Dragonfly XH-1 Attack Copter, refitted for use in heavily tropical climates.

2000 Variations

the Locust XH-1 Attack Copter

Upon his return to the Joe team, Wild Bill found that he had no more Dragonfly Copters available for his immediate use. However, he did locate the new Locust, a modified Dragonfly that is outfitted for desert operations, with a color scheme to match. Knowing that this was essentially the same vehicle he'd come to know and love over the years, he seized the item for his own use on the Joe team immediately!

2012 Variations

the Oktober Guard Attack Helicopter

About a decade after the GI Joe team last fielded a new model of Dragonfly, the Russian Federation premiered its clearly-stolen Attack Helicopter. Used exclusively by the Oktober Guard, this attack helicopter curiously has the same name, armaments, and general appearance of the original Dragonfly. Though it features upgraded avionics and targeting systems, the Attack Helicopter functions the same as its predecessor.

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