The Oktober Guard

The Oktober Guard

The Oktober Guard

the Oktober Guard

With the success of the Americans' GI Joe team, the U.S.S.R. decided it needed a similar force. Taking volunteers from the militaries of the various Warsaw Pact nations, the Kremlin had assembled its crack group of commandos: the one and only Oktober Guard!

This group would face off against the likes of Cobra and other threats to the motherland, not to mention the competition (such as GI Joe) when necessary: the Oktober Guard has remained rather small over the years, but nonethless includes the following operatives:

the Original Team:

Colonel Brekhov: leader of the original Oktober Guard, Colonel Ivan Nikelovich Brekhov is notorious for his take no prisoners and make no apologies attitude. This cigar-chomping veteran is a fair and patriotic role model for his subordinates! Availability:

Colonel Brekhov (MSH Classic)

Colonel Brekhov (4C System)

Colonel Brekhov (Marvel Saga)

Daina: a Czechoslovakia native, Daina is a competent tactician, an excellent helicopter pilot and a world-class sniper. She's also got a murderous temper, a strange sense of humor, and what she describes as an utter lack of charm - simply the will to win! Availability:

Daina (MSH Classic)

Daina (4C System)

Daina (Marvel Saga)

Dragonsky: having been a fighter since he was but five years old, Andrei Freisov is a Hero of the Soviet Union. A mechanic, combat driver and flamethrower expert, he was a shoe-in for membership in the U.S.S.R.'s elite anti-terror unit, the Oktober Guard! Availability:

Dragonsky (MSH Classic)

Dragonsky (4C System)

Dragonsky (Marvel Saga)

Horror Show: Stepan Drukersky may not be the brightest member of the Oktober Guard, but he makes up for that in his gleeful destruction of all which stands in the Guard's way. He's infamous world-wide as the rocket-blasting strong-man of the Oktober Guard! Availability:

Horror Show (MSH Classic)

Horror Show (4C System)

Horror Show (Marvel Saga)

Shrage: a former East German infantryman, Shrage was drawn into the Oktober Guard thanks to his spotless record and unique personality profile. While not big on things like 'words' or 'talking', Shrage definitely says what he means as a man of action! Availability:

Shrage (MSH Classic)

Shrage (4C System)

Shrage (Marvel Saga)

Stormavik: a Moscow native, Stormavik was raised in an environment brimming with patriotic imagery, and grew up as a highly motivated patriot as a result. This has allowed him to excel in the Soviet military, which easily earned him a place in the Guard! Availability:

Stormavik (MSH Classic)

Stormavik (4C System)

Stormavik (Marvel Saga)

The Oktober Guard

The Oktober Guard

The Oktober Guard

the Second Team:

After most of the original Oktober Guard was killed in action in the midst of one of Sierra Gordo's latest revolutions, the Kremlin put together an all new team of Oktober Guardsmen, though the members of this team mostly hailed from the Soviet Union.

After the collapse of that governmental body, the Oktober Guard was officially disbanded, but its members - having years of combat experience together - continued to work as a team, even if in an unofficial capacity. Later members of the Guard include the following:

Big Bear: filling the role of Horror Show in the Oktober Guard after a fashion, Big Bear was recruited onto the team after the death of most of its original line-up. Big and surly, Big Bear more than makes up for his attitude with his effective performance. Availability:

Big Bear(MSH Classic)

Big Bear (4C System)

Big Bear (Marvel Saga)

Lieutenant Gorky: tapped to replace the late Stormavik, Lt. Gorky quicky proved himself an effective member of the Oktober Guard. He served with the team until it was disbanded, though he quickly fell into a life of crime soon afterwards. Availability:

Lieutenant Gorky (MSH Classic)

Lieutenant Gorky (4C System)

Lieutenant Gorky (Marvel Saga)

Red Star: after the death of Colonel Brekhov, Captain Anatoly Fyodorovich Krimov (who has an eerie similarity to the late Colonel) was tapped to replace the man as leader of the Oktober Guard. And he's gung-ho enough to live up to his predecessor! Availability:

Red Star (MSH Classic)

Red Star (4C System)

Red Star (Marvel Saga)

Ruslan: little is known about the newest recruit into the technically defunct Oktober Guard. Of course, since the GI Joe team has been 'inactive' for some time, its quite possible that Russia assigned Ruslan to the group in an official capacity... Availability:

Ruslan (MSH Classic)

Ruslan (4C System)

Ruslan (Marvel Saga)

Sergeant Misha: drawn from the ranks of the Soviet Union's elite Spetsnaz units, Sgt. Misha was recruited onto the Oktober Guard after most of the original team met its demise. Misha is very well-read, and often waxes philosophical on the battle field. Availability:

Sgt. Misha (MSH Classic)

Sgt. Misha (4C System)

Sgt. Misha (Marvel Saga)

Coming Eventually: Wong (whenever I get enough money to spare to buy the GI Joe series box sets, since he's a cartoon exclusive).

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