the Oktober Guard Dnepr

Special-built for the Oktober Guard by Dnepr, these assault cycles are themselves unarmed, but feature numerous sidecar weapons. Though not as fast or maneuverable as a consumer model, the Guard's cycles are tough as nails! They have an m.s. of 10, and these characteristics:

Missile Launcher (i): mounted in front of the Oktober Guard Dnepr's sidecar, this swivel-mount launcher can strike anything within a 180 degree angle of of the vehicle, save for where the motorcycle itself blocks its line of fire. Its projectiles inflict intensity 11 damage each.

Communications Array (i): the Oktober Guard Dnepr is equipped with a clandestine operations radio system common to the Russian Federation. This allows for intensity 5 communications (with a 25 mile range) that features intensity 9 signal encryption.

Propulsion (a): though not as peppy as the consumer model, the Oktober Guard's Dneprs are still pretty quick. They can move at around 150 miles per hour, giving them this ability at intensity 5, though this is reduced to intensity 4 with the sidecar attached.

Quartz-Halogen Heated Lights (i): these heavy duty, impressively warm bulbs can be used to light up an area in front of the Dnepr with intensity 9 illumination. Furthermore, the heat they generate is enough to quickly burn off mud and other impediments to its function.

Twin Guns (a): the Oktober Guard's Dneprs feature a twinned machine gun mount on the outside of its sidecar. They can fire short bursts of ammunition to inflict one's Agility +6 in damage, but the rounds they fire can only hit what is directly in front of the vehicle.

Extra Goodies:

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