Shrage (deceased)


Hand Size:
4 (25)


As are the rest of the Oktober Guard, Shrage is naught but a normal human - at least, in the dictionary sense. He lacks super-powers of any stripe, but the man is a highly skilled combatant, and probably the best infantryman East Germany has ever produced.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



AK-47s (a): Shrage usually has two of these with him in the field. Either can be fired to inflict his Agility +4 in damage when firing a single shot, his Agility +5 in damage when firing a short burst, or his Agility +6 in damage when fired continuously.

One of these has a removable stock and fixed bayonet installed, allowing Shrage to use the weapon to inflict +2 damage in melee. The other lacks a stock but includes an underslung GP-30 grenade launcher that can hit anything withing far missile distance (damage per grenades, below).

Grenade (i): Shrage always carries at least one of these devices with him in the field. It can be flung out to near missile distance, and will explode to inflict intensity 10 fragmentary damage to every uncovered target within near missile distance its detonation area.

Knife (s): a must for any serious infantryman, Shrage carries a blade at all times. His knife is made from m.s. 12 materials, and can be used to either cut through items of up to the same m.s., given enough time, or to inflict +2 damage in melee.

Makarov PM Pistol (a): in the event that his other weaponry is impractical or unavailable, Shrage keeps this firearm in a handy hip holster. It can inflict his Agility +4 in damage when firing a single shot, raised to his Agility +5 in damage when firing a short burst of lead.


Boxing (s): though he's an expert marksman, Shrage can easily defend himself without weapons - he can fight anywhere, any time. He may divide his pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks, the second of which he may attempt as a contingent action.

Guns (a): naturally, Shrage knows his way around most firearms, whether built by a Warsaw Pact nation or anyone else. When firing a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Shrage may do so at one difficulty level lower than is normally required.

Languages / English, German and Russian (i): though a native of East Germany, Shrage has mastered English and Russian in addition to his original tongue. He may fluently read, write, and speak in any of these languages - a skill that has served him well as an Oktober Guardsman.

Military / East Germany (w): the source of all his marketable skills, Shrage can thank the East German army for his incredible aptitudes. He can easily fight in most modern combat units, and knows the ins and outs of Warsaw Pact nation command structures and their procedures well.


An original member of the Oktober Guard, Shrage is on very good terms with the other five members of his unit - even Colonel Brekhov. The man isn't much of a conversationalist but his direct-action style has saved the team's borscht on more occasions than they can count.


Soldier: Shrage is a soldier's soldier. The man exemplifies the ideals of the Communist party's perfect soldier - he's highly motivated and extremely loyal. But he's not loyal to the party so much as he is his country and his fellow soldiers - that's what counts.


Shrage's uniform is simple and utilitarian. It consists of a long-sleeved, collared tan shirt over a black T-shirt, tan trousers, black leather boots, a black leather belt, gray leather gloves, a tan infantryman's cap, and brown web gear and ammunition belts to hold his supplies.


Shrage doesn't talk much, but one can hardly accuse him of being the quiet type. Sure, he's famous for his monosyllabic sentences and replies to queries, as well as his protracted silences - but when it's time for him to fight, the man is an explosive cacophony of carnage!

Real Name: unrevealed
Occupation: infantryman
Legal Status: citizen of East Germany with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Schrage (his name is spelled both ways)
Group Affiliation: the Oktober Guard

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: platinum blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 155 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Shrage is rarely seen without a cigarette dogend in his mouth.


Shrage's origins are a mystery for the most part. He hails from East Germany, and received all of his military training there. Of course, unlike most such individuals, this infantryman was a highly motivated soul, and excelled above and beyond his peers by a wide margin.

His high skill and motivation got Shrage noticed by the powers that be, and when the Kremlin was assembling an anti-terrorist group representing Warsaw Pact nations as a counterpart to the Americans' GI Joe team, Shrage was tapped to be that group's East German representative.

Working with a variety of different Soviet Bloc nations' soldiers greatly broadened Shrage's horizons, as well as his raw skill; fighting a wide assortment of the world's dregs and terrorist mass murderers successfully for year after year will do that to a body.

While he doesn't possess highly specialized skills like many of the other Oktober Guard he works with, Shrage is nonetheless valued as a solid combatant by his teammates, who know he'll go above and beyond to get the job done - he's loyal to a fault and takes great pride in his work.

Right up to the end, Shrage exemplified all the credit his fellow Guardsmen gave him. He met his untimely end in Sierra Gordo, sacrificing himself to save (what he thought, at least) was a train full of revolutionaries - along with most of the original Oktober Guard.

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