Colonel Brekhov (deceased)

Ex 20
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Ex 20
Sh 0



As are the rest of the Oktober Guard, Colonel Brekhov is a normal human - in the strictest sense of the term. While he lacks special powers, the man is an exceedingly experienced commander in the Soviet army, and highly skilled in modern combat tactics.

Known Powers:



Grenade: Colonel Brekhov always carries at least one of these devices with him in the field. It can be flung up to an area distant, and will explode to inflict Remarkable (30) Edged Attack (fragmentary) damage to every uncovered target within its detonation area.

Hand Cannon (v1): this bizarre weapon is a hand-held, dual-barreled Gatling micro-cannon. Fed from Colonel Brekhov's backpack, it can lay out Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a short burst, raised to Remarkable (30) Shooting damage in a fully automatic spread.

Kalashinkov AKMS: a mainstay of Soviet-bloc nations for decades, the AK-47 is tough and dependable. It can be fired to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, Good (10) Shooting damage in a short burst, or Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a full auto spread.

Knife: a must for any serious combatant, Colonel Brekhov carries a blade on him at all times. His knife is made from Remarkable (30) m.s. materials, and can be used to either cut through items of up to the same m.s. (given some time) or to inflict Edged Attack damage in melee.

Makarov PM Pistol: in the event that his other weaponry is impractical or unavailable, Colonel Brekhov keeps this firearm in a handy chest holster. It can discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, raised to Good (10) Shooting damage in a short burst of lead.

Radio: as leader of the Oktober Guard, Colonel Brekhov must remain in contact with its directors at all times. His radio can send and receive transmissions with Typical (6) range (250 miles), and is equipped with Excellent (20) ranked signal encryption.


Unpleasant Habits: Colonel Brekhov is a compulsive smoker, and it's rare to see the man without a large cigar dangling out of his mouth constantly. This tends to put some folks off (those who dislike smoke), and such individuals react to him as if his Popularity was -2 CS in rank.


Guns: naturally, Colonel Brekhov knows his way around most firearms, whether built by a Warsaw Pact nation or anyone else. When firing a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Colonel Brekhov may do so as though his Agility was +1 CS in rank.

Languages / English, Russian and Ukrainian: though a native of the Ukraine, Colonel Brekhov has mastered English and Russian in addition to his mother tongue. He may fluently read, write and speak in any of these languages - a skill that has served him well as a Soviet soldier.

Leadership: Colonel Brekhov has it. While many Soviet officers were in it for personal glory or advancement, Colonel Brekhov actually cares about his country and those who serve it. Any group he commands should benefit from a 100 point addition to their Karma pool while following his lead.

Martial Arts type B: though he's an expert marksman, Colonel Brekhov can easily defend himself without weapons - he can fight anywhere, any time. Whether punching, kicking or even biting an opponent, he should do so at his Fighting rank +1 CS.

Military / U.S.S.R.: the source of all his marketable skills, Colonel Brekhov can thank the Soviet army for his incredible aptitudes. He can easily fight in most any modern combat unit, and knows the ins and outs of the Soviet command structure and its procedures quite well.

Tactics: the Colonel is quite the tactician, and has a habit of thinking ten moves ahead in most any combat situation, mulling outcomes and potentials from moment to moment. Any group following a prepared plan of his should receive a +1 CS to FEATs made wile doing so.


Colonel Brekhov is the leader of the Soviet Union's elite Oktober Guard. He can readily rely upon his team as reliable contacts, as they're a small group who have fought countless battles together. The Colonel also has innumerable other contacts in the Soviet regime.


The Colonel's first Oktober Guard field uniform is utilitarian. It consists of a long-sleeved, light green collared shirt atop a gray T-shirt, light green trousers with brown stripes down the sides, gray leather boots, tan webbing and sheathes / holsters, and his black cover.

His second uniform is somewhat similar to his first. It includes a long-sleeved, dark gray shirt atop a plain white T-shirt, dark gray trousers with red stripes down the sides, black leather boots, black webbing and pouches, green sheathes / holsters, and his gray cover.


Colonel Ivan Nikolevich Brekhov is a take no prisoners, make no apologizes kind of soldier. He's not a mere mouthpiece for the government - he genuinely loves his country and fellow soldiers. Thus, his underlings forgive his rough treatment of them, for it is only to encourage their excellence.

Real Name: Colonel Ivan Nikolevich Brekhov
Occupation: tactician, commander of the Oktober Guard
Legal Status: citizen of the U.S.S.R., legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Oktober Guard

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 160 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Colonel has a large, Cuban cigar dangling from his mouth most of the time, in or out of the field. More curiously though, he has a seeming clone in the form of Red Star, his successor, who has an uncanny resemblance to the Colonel.


Like his father before him, Colonel Brekhov joined the military at an early age. Though he grew up a simple farm boy, Brekhov's father fought the Nazis at Stalingrad, a heroic feat that encouraged his son to do as his father did, and dedicate his life to his country.

He's been in the Soviet army all of his adult life, and has worked hard to earn the rank of Colonel. Shortly after this, he was made the commander of the newly formed Oktober Guard, a small and tightly knit group of anti-terrorist operatives culled from all Warsaw Pact nations.

This group was designed to counter Cobra operations world-wide, though this mission saw the Guard regularly coming into contact - and conflict - with their American counterparts: the GI Joe team. Of course, the two groups would grow to eventually work together to battle their common foe.

When it was convenient for them to do so, that is.

A shrewd tactician, the Colonel's command style left his subordinates both in fear and in awe of the man, and they consistently performed above and beyond the call of duty - both out of fear of negative reports to his superiors as well as out of a wish to do right by the team.

The Colonel himself fell in battle in the tropical nation of Sierra Gordo, caught up in the revolutionary fervor sweeping the land at the time. He died fighting in this new revolution, not remotely regretting his choices after having become jaded at Soviet government policies by this time.

While Brekhov and many of the Guard died in this altercation, this wouldn't be the end of the man's legacy. From the ashes of the original team grew a second Oktober Guard, led by a strange doppelganger of the Colonel, the Soviet navy Captain known as Red Star...!

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