GI Joe: 2000 Personnel and Equipment


Big Ben: an elite British SAS soldier, David is as competent as your average American Special Forces trooper. Though trained differently, he's just as good as his fellow Joes are versus Cobra forces, no matter what the nefarious terrorists are up to! Availability:

Big Ben (MSH Classic)

Big Ben (4C System)

Big Ben (Marvel Saga)

the Chameleon: upon discovering she was the Baroness' illegitimate half-sister, this young woman stepped up to help GI Joe. Several reconstructive surgeries later, she was inserted into Cobra's ranks as an impostor of the notorious Baroness herself! Availability:

the Chameleon (MSH Classic)

the Chameleon (4C System)

the Chameleon (Marvel Saga)

Dial-Tone: an electronics whiz and ham radio expert before graduating high school, Jack enlisted to further his knowledge - but found military life an end unto itself. His sheer joy in working with his hobby helped him become the best RTO out there! Availability:

Dial-Tone (MSH Classic)

Dial-Tone (4C System)

Dial-Tone (Marvel Saga)

Duke: with his years of experience in special ops, Duke was an excellent choice to be GI Joe's field leader. Second only to Hawk in the team's command structure, Duke has consistently led the Joes to victory against Cobra over the years! Availability:

Duke (MSH Classic)

Duke (4C System)

Duke (Marvel Saga)

Dusty: born and bred in dry, dusty Las Vegas, Ronald grew up surrounded by desert - and has loved it his entire life. As such, he makes a perfect desert specialist, a vital skill the Joes need since Cobra frequently works in desert climes. Availability:

Dusty (MSH Classic)

Dusty (4C System)

Dusty (Marvel Saga)

Hawk: head of the GI Joe team since its inception in '82, Clayton Abernathy has proven time and time again that he's a capable leader, tactician, and victor in the seemingly eternal war against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world! Availability:

Hawk (MSH Classic)

Hawk (4C System)

Hawk (Marvel Saga)

Law & Order: after years as a Houston beat cop, Christopher enlisted to find a more fulfilling way to be a policeman, taking his trusty dog Order with him. His sheer devotion to the job ultimately got him placed on the Joe team - if under odd circumstances. Availability:

Law & Order (MSH Classic)

Law & Order (4C System)

Law & Order (Marvel Saga)

Sidetrack: after a particularly adventurous uncle took him on safari as a wee youth, Sean found he no longer enjoyed urban environs. He began camping and hiking shortly thereafter, eventually joining the Army (and later, GI Joe) as a survival specialist! Availability:

Sidetrack (MSH Classic)

Sidetrack (4C System)

Sidetrack (Marvel Saga)

Snake-Eyes: a singularly mysterious man, the commando known only as Snake-Eyes has experienced nothing but tragedy in his life. However, he's persevered through the years, and become a true force to be reckoned with - as would any other ninja master! Availability:

Snake-Eyes (MSH Classic)

Snake-Eyes (4C System)

Snake-Eyes (Marvel Saga)

Whiteout: Leonard was recruited onto the Joe team after his highly publicized rescue of twelve skiers buried in an avalanche. Enjoying skiing for a living after his publishing career tanked, Leonard began using his impressive skills against evildoers world-wide! Availability:

Whiteout (MSH Classic)

Whiteout (4C System)

Whiteout (Marvel Saga)

Wild Bill: William Hardy is one of the single most friendly people you'll ever meet, not to mention the greatest helicopter pilot youll ever know. He's crashed more aircraft than most pilots actually fly, but then he's also seen more combat than them, as well! Availability:

Wild Bill (MSH Classic)

Wild Bill (4C System)

Wild Bill (Marvel Saga)


the Locust 2: the Joes' signature helicopter for years, the Dragonfly XH-1 has earned them victory countless times. While it's been renamed the Locust, nothing about this vehicle's superior air support role has changed in the slightest! Availability:

Locust 2 (MSH Classic)

Locust 2 (4C System)

Locust 2 (Marvel Saga)

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