Doc (deceased)

Ty 6
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty 6
Gd 10
Ex 20
Sh 0



As are almost all of his fellows, Doc is merely a normal human, heroically speaking. He has no radiation-granted powers, occult schooling, or even any incredibly high tech devices at his disposal. However, what he does have is a heart of gold and medical education that puts most doctors to shame, an education that he regularly puts to use with the GI Joe team in its battle against Cobra!

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Colt M1911A1 Pistol: though he would hate to use it, and he has never been documented as having done so, Doc does carry a sidearm with him should an emergency arise; sure, the Geneva Convention would consider that a serious no-no, but he carries this weapon nonetheless. In battle, he can use it to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, +1 CS in a semi-automatic spread.

First Aid Kit: essential to his work as a field medic, Doc carries this case with him at all times while he's on a mission - and whenever else he may feel that he may need it. The kit is complete with all kinds of bandages, dressings, scissors, scalpels, sterilizing agents, pain-killing drugs, and other emergency treatment items. It also includes a collapsible, easily assembled stretcher for carrying the wounded.

Flare Gun: in addition to his other equipment, Doc does carry a flare gun with him at all times. This gun can be used to fire a canister that will explode not with explosive force, but instead with a powerful burst of light. This Remarkable (30) intensity illumination readily attracts attention, especially at night, and can be used in a pinch to set easily combustible items ablaze should they be struck by these flares.

Helmet: even though he is a non-combatant, strictly speaking, one never knows when a less than scrupulous opponent might decide to take a shot at Doc. As such, whenever he's headed into action, Doc wears a combat helmet on his head at all times, one that offers him Good (10) protection from physical attacks that strike it; any head shot save for a full frontal, facial assault will affect the helmet first.


Dulled Sense / Vision: though he's otherwise in good shape, physically speaking, Doc has something of a vision problem. For all intents and purposes, he must make all vision based Intuition FEAT rolls as though that (already low) ability score was -2 CS in rank. He can negate this penalty by wearing glasses, of course, but should he find himself without them, Doc must deal with this penalty while in action.


Guns: though he's a pacifist by principle, it is nonetheless an essential part of the Army's basic training to be educated in the proper use of firearms. Though he'd never wish to do so, Doc can utilize any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or handgun as though his Agility score was +1 CS in rank. Again, even though he does carry a pistol on him, he'd never utilize it unless it was absolutely necessary.

Martial Arts type A: unlike many Army recruits, Doc learned a less aggressive form of self-defense while he was in basic training, one that doesn't involve direct attacks upon others. Whenever he is forced to engage in melee combat (though he is loath to do so), Doc can inflict Slam and Stun results upon an opponent regardless of his or his opponent's comparative Strength or Endurance ranks.

Medicine: a physician by trade, Doc graduated from Harvard Medical School and completed his regency at John Hopkins. This gives him the ability to bring a dying (Shift 0 Endurance) character back from the brink up to twenty turns after they reach that state, as well as help them recover lost Endurance ranks at a rate of one per week (in addition to the standard healing rate). This on top of other, standard medical functions.

Military / United States: though he could have made a career for himself with just his impressive scholarly background, Doc wanted to be a member of the Joe team, and as such, he signed up with the Army to earn such a position. He knows military protocols like second nature, has innumerable free contacts in the Army as a result of this, and gains a +1 CS on all FEATs regarding military science.

Survival: to be a more efficient medic on the field, Doc has been put through Airborne School, Mountaineering School, and the Desert Training Unit. As such, he can function in such environments indefinitely should he need to - and more importantly, he can better treat wounded soldiers in the field no matter where they happen to be active.


Since he's patched most of them up at one point or another, Doc can easily rely upon the entirety of the Joe team for assistance should he find himself in need, whether or not he's on a mission with them; the Joes most definitely take care of their own. Furthermore, he has more contacts in Military and Medical circles than you can shake a really, really big stick at.


While on duty, Doc tends to wear a standardized medic uniform. This uniform consists of a tan pair of trousers, a white, turtle neck shirt, and a tan jacket with medic patches (red crosses) on the right bicep and on the left shoulder. He complements this outfit with a red belt bearing white patches, a tan helmet (which also has a red cross) and a tan holster for his gun (not that he uses it).


Doc is a patriotic, caring soul who truly wants to make a difference with his life and his talents - that's why he went through medical school, after all. He wanted to help other so badly, in fact, that he signed up with the Army to better use his skills on those who need them, as opposed to just settling down in a comfortable practice all his own. He's a good guy who cares deeply about his compatriots.

Real Name: Carl W. Greer, Grade O-3 (Captain)
Occupation: medic, doctor
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Doc wears a rather obvious pair of green-tinted spectacles at all times, to augment his poor vision.


Doc's career in medicine began well before he joined the Army, having gone through Harvard to gain his medicinal schooling, and then having done a lengthy residency at John Hopkins. Once he'd finished these years of hard work, Doc could've gotten a job as a doctor at just about any hospital, anywhere; however, he wanted to make a difference with both his life and his skills.

To this end, he attempted to gain a guaranteed position with the newly forming GI Joe team, but found out that the military carried no such option. However, Doc enlisted with the Army anyway, and wound up earning the desired position of GI Joe medic fair and square, after functioning as the Joe's acting field medic on a disastrous mission they undertook in the Middle East.

Once he'd been properly inducted into the team, Doc was immediately put into action, acting as field medic and relief personnel on a mission which was ultimately meant to keep Cobra from using the Alaska Pipeline to swipe a respectable amount of weapons grade plutonium. Doc continued to serve the team with distinction after this first mission, doing his all to keep the Joes alive after their dangerous missions.

Doc was present for quite a few of the Joe team's more important battles, such as the defense of the original Pit, but his actions had the greatest effect (for good or ill) during the creation of Cobra Island. You see, Cobra Commander and his flunkies had hatched a scheme to trick the GI Joe team into aggravating a fault line on the Caribbean Sea floor, one that would raise a chunk of it up to the surface.

To this end, they set up a dummy base on the fault line, one that began to kill all local marine life. In order to stop Cobra, the U.S. government was prepared to launch a nuclear strike against the base, but thanks to Doc's suggestion, the Air Force was able to drop a comparable amount of conventional explosives on the spot to do the same job (he really didn't like the idea of a nuclear assault).

It took quite some time to amass the necessary amount of explosives, but once the deed was done, the dummy base was destroyed and Cobra Island was born (sans radiation). Though he meant well, Doc had played right into Cobra Commander's hands; not that the villain had Doc specifically in mind, of course - it could've been anybody that devised the non-nuclear plan that he wished to come about.

Despite this (since it wasn't really his fault that things went the way they did), Doc continued on with the GI Joe team until his untimely demise on a mission within Trucial Abysmia. During an assault on a string of Cobra Terror Dromes in the region, Doc and several other Joes were captured by the forces of Cobra, who (upon misinterpreting an order from Cobra Commander) decided they had to get rid of the Joes.

To this end, the villains in command of the situation, Tomax and Xamot, had a rather surly SAW-Viper gun the prisoners down - starting with Doc. After he took out the innocent non-combatant, the murderous Cobra operative then turned his gun on various other Joes, assassinating them with glee. For what it was worth, however, the surviving Joes eventually got their revenge on Doc's killer - and how.

Once the conflict in Trucial Abysmia was over, Doc (along with over a dozen other Joes killed during this small war) was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery, and deservedly so.

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