The PAC/RATs (Programmed Attack Computer Rapid All Terrain) units are experimental robotic assault systems that GI Joe put through their paces in the fight against Cobra. Essentially, each PAC/RAT unit is a weapon mounted on an off-road chassis, which can be programmed or field operated to perform various duties. These Joe-bots have the following, common characteristics:

RV 6
RV 10
RV 4
RV 20
RV 2
RV 10
RV 6


Combat Processor: the PAC/RAT systems have a powerful computer 'brain' that allows them to be used in various ways, either 'on patrol' or 'on attack'. They can be programmed before a mission, re-programmed in the field, or be simply directed by remote, all functions that are likely protected by a special password known to Joes, so that the enemy cannot make use of them.

Hard Points: each of the PAC/RAT units are equipped with thick, steel armor plating over their vital areas - which is most of the unit, considering their utilitarian designs. This plating offers PAC/RAT units rank value 20 protection from attack. Of course, targeted attacks that strike unarmored sections of the PAC/RATs can bypass this defense altogether, since the armor isn't complete.

Infravision: in addition to potent camera arrays and the powerful visual processors necessary to properly target enemy vehicles, fortifications, and personnel, the PAC/RATs are equipped with handy infra-red frequency scanners, allowing them to see in the dark, or track a target by his, her, or its heat signature. These sensors function at rank value 10.

the PAC/RAT Flamethrower

Flamethrower: this PAC/RAT's claim to fame, its weapon is a powerful, fire-emitting weapon that can easily lay waste to enemy troops and vehicles. The flamethrower can strike opponents within one sector, and in doing so, can inflict rank value 30 SD Energy damage to everyone it hits. The flamethrower has enough fuel to power about twenty blasts before it must be refilled.

Halogen Spotlights: to aid its visual combat processors in battle, this PAC/RAT is armed with a heavy duty halogen spotlight system. This powerful, top-mounted light system can illuminate a sector with rank value 20 power, and can also act to blind an opponent if they're caught by surprise; this is a similarly valued blinding attack if a target walks into the halogen flash unaware.

Twin 35mm Machine Guns: unlike the main weapon of this PAC/RAT, this gun mount cannot actually rotate and pivot towards an enemy; it can only fire at whatever is immediately in front of the unit. Regardless, these automatic cannons can fire to inflict rank value 10 Piercing damage to a target in a short burst, raised to rank value 20 in a longer, deadlier stream of lead.

Unique Off-Road Chassis: using a rather curious all-terrain mechanism, this PAC/RAT moves about on three wide treads, in a tricycle configuration, each of which is mounted on a hydraulic suspension system to afford maximum stability for mobile firing solutions. This chassis allows the PAC/RAT to effectively use both of its inherent weapons systems if necessary.

the PAC/RAT Machine Gun

Quadruple Machine Gun Array: this PAC/RAT is armed with two pairs of twinned machine guns, one of which can swivel in 360 degrees and elevate up to sixty degrees relative to the other gun set, which is fixed in a forward position. The gun pairs each fire to inflict rank value 30 Piercing damage per blast, though if both sets train on one target, the damage is increased to rank value 40.

Radome: in the event that visual processing isn't really an option, the PAC/RAT Machine Gun unit can instead rely on a powerful radar imaging unit, allowing it to target opponents even when normal vision and infra-red frequencies are obscured. This unit functions at rank value 10, and even allows the PAC/RAT to target fast-moving aircraft in its patrol / combat modes.

Unique Off-Road Chassis: the machine gun PAC/RAT is equipped with a more standard propulsion mode, in that it simply has four heavy duty, off-road tires to carry it about, as opposed to the more exotic tread mechanisms the other two PAC/RATs utilize. The wheels don't make this unit any more stable by any means, but they're definitely easier to repair in the field.

the PAC/RAT Missile Launcher

Missile Launcher: this PAC/RAT's one and only weapon, this system allows it to fire four large, two stage rockets at a target. This PAC/RAT can fire one rocket at a foe to inflict the listed damage, two rockets for a +1 RS to the listed damage, or all four for a +2 RS to the listed damage. The two stage missiles that this PAC/RAT fires have these vehicular statistics:

RV 10
RV 40
RV 20
RV 30 Slashing (fragmentary)

Unique Off-Road Chassis: like the Flamethrower PAC/RAT, this unit moves about in the environment via a tread system. Unlike its fellow, however, this unit utilizes one large tread for locomotion as opposed to three small ones, making it much more difficult to topple. Of course, having only one tread, the thing is pretty much immobile if said tread gets taken out.

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