the Skystriker XP-14F Combat Jet

The Skystriker XP-14F Combat Jet is the first attack aircraft that GI Joe fielded in their battle against terrorist forces and rogue states (such as Cobra, which has qualified as both). This incredibly powerful (and expensive) fighter jet has these vehicular characteristics:

Armor Plating (s): the Skystriker is a rather tough vehicle, designed to take considerable G-forces, much less enemy fire. It has an effective material strength of 12, and offers the pilot like, or +3, protection from whatever attacks may strike the aircraft.

Communications System (i): the Skystriker benefits from a powerful communications system. With a 2,200 mile maximum range, the Skystriker needs such power to talk to the aircraft carriers that usually act as its base. This comm system has a 1,000 mile range (intensity 10).

E-41a Port-side Vulcan 50mm Cannon (a): the primary short-range weapon of the Skystriker, this 50mm cannon can cause considerable damage to aircraft. It can fire a short burst of rounds to inflict damage per a +6 weapon, or a continuous stream of lead for +7 damage.

E-81 Aero Vulcan Gatling Cannon (a): mounted on the bottom of the Skystriker, this cannon is a backup for the aircraft's main gun. Like the primary cannon, it can fire a short burst of rounds to inflict damage per a +6 weapon, or a continuous stream of lead for +7 damage.

Electronic Counter-Measures (i): in addition to its threat detection radar system, the Skystriker is also armed with a powerful ECM system. This includes rear-drop flares to confuse heat-seeking missiles, chaff sprays to mislead radar, and more. These are intensity 9 defenses.

Flight (a): the principal feature of this vehicle, the Skystriker can soar above (or among) the enemy to put him or her down. It has a normal cruising speed of Mach .72, or 467 miles per hour (intensity 8 flight), but has a rather elegant feature available to it.

Thanks to a unique wing sweep function, the Skystriker can modify its aerial profile to gain a considerable speed boost when such is necessary. When so configured, the Skystriker can attain Mach 2.38, or 1,785 miles per hour (which translates into intensity 12 flight).

Phoenix Missiles (i): these two AIM-54A long-range, air-to-air, radar-seeking missiles are the primary 'smart' weapons at the Skystriker pilot's disposal. With a maximum speed of 3,000 miles per hour (Mach 5!), these can strike anything in the air, and inflict intensity 11 damage each. *

Radar Unit (w): this pulse Doppler radar system, mounted on the Skystriker's nose cone, is a powerful threat detection system. Not only can it paint any aircraft within a 250 mile (intensity 8) range, but it can screen out various common items to highlights true threats to the airplane.

Sidewinder Missiles (i): using a solid-state infrared homing system, these two air-to-air missiles are the Skystriker's secondary smart weapons. Not quite as fast, and lacking the Phoenix's range, these missiles are still good for close combat, and inflict intensity 10 damage each. *

Sparrow Missiles (i): these two AIM-7 air-to-surface, radar-guided missiles are primarily intended for use against ground-based targets, but can be wielded against airborne hostiles if necessary. Sparrows are a mid-range attack system, and inflict intensity 10 damage each. *

* Note: It should be noted that all of the Skystriker's missile systems have a splash effect; in other words, they will inflict damage to whatever they hit, in addition to everything else within near missile distance of their impact site, as this is a rather explosive form of damage.

1989 Variations

the Night Boomer

When the Night Force decided it needed heavy duty air support, they decided that instead of commissioning their own aircraft, why not just repurpose some older Joe fighter jets. Thus was the Night Boomer, being an old Skystriker painted midnight black, born!

2015 Variations

the Skystriker

Over twenty years after they were originally put to use, the GI Joe team upgraded their fleet of mothballed Skystrikers to get more use out of the money spent on them. Though functionally the same, these vehicles now sport a gunmetal gray coloration, instead of the original white.

the Scythe

As they are wont to do, Cobra stole the technical data on GI Joe's modernized Skystrikers, and put that information to use in the construction of their own equipment. While functionally identical, Cobra's Scythes are painted silver and red, evoking that organization's logo in the sky!

2016 Variations

the Sky Patrol Skystriker

Though redundantly named, the Sky Patrol Skystriker is what happens when you marry refurbished GI Joe Skystrikers with Sky Patrol's chromium-based stealth technology. Thanks to this, the Sky Patrol's variation on this vehicle benefits from intensity 15 radar invisibility.

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