the Wolverine

The Wolverine is an armored missile carrier that was deployed by the GI Joe team in its never ending war against Cobra in 1983. Usually manned by Cover Girl (or other ordnance-minded Joes), this vehicle is essentially an oversized missile launcher, capable of traversing the terrain at a sure, steady, and safe rate of travel. It has an effective material strength of 14, as well as these characteristics:

Body Armor (s): part of its very operating description, the Wolverine is a heavily armored vehicle as a general rule of thumb. The Wolverine a very heavy metal object, accounting for its high m.s. rating, and is enhanced by solid steel armor plating, which provides intensity 12 (+3) armor that applies to both the vehicle and to its occupant - a very good thing in a pitched firefight!

Gear Cases (s): the Wolverine is fully equipped with a large array of gear that its pilot may need in the field, in the event of various emergencies. Spread about the Wolverine are various cases filled with first aid kits, mechanical tool kits, road working kits, sleeping bags, and even a small case for its pilots' arms and ammo, should the Wolverine get disabled and its driver have to fight it out directly.

Propulsion (s): this 'power' describes the Wolverine's ability to cross terrain under its own power. Regardless of what kind of geography lies before it, with the possible exception of a lake or sheer rock face, the Wolverine can move forward with intensity 2 speed. Roughly speaking, this is about 33 miles per hour, but aside from stopping it cold, the Wolverine can maintain this speed for hours.

Missiles (i): the Wolverine's twin launchers are armed with twelve surface-to-surface, anti-tank, or anti-personnel missiles. These missiles strike to inflict intensity 10 damage, but can do increased harm when striking a target in tandem. For each of its missiles that strike a target, add a +1 to the overall damage that the Wolverine can inflict upon it.

Optical Targeting System (w): the twin, rear-mounted missile launchers on the Wolverine are assisted by a powerful target acquisition system. Targeted optically by the Wolverine's pilot, its many missiles are then guided home by a powerful laser homing system, which improves the pilot's ability to hit his or her target by +2 under ideal conditions, though only +1 if the lasers are obscured somehow.

1989 Variations

the Lynx

The Lynx is a strange vehicle, a frankenmachine built by the Slaughter's Marauders for their own strange efforts against Cobra. The combination of a Wolverine's body and an MBT Mauler's cannon, the Lynx comes across as a miniature tank with an oversized punch - just the way the team likes it. Though slow and unwieldy, the Lynx has thee above vehicular statistics and capabilities, save for the following:

MXZ-105 mm Earthquake Cannon (a): the Lynx's sole weapon, this martial terror replaces the Wolverine's old missile launchers, and allows its gunner to inflict staggering damage to the opposition. When fired, it fires high explosive shells that will inflict the gunner's Agility +8 damage to anything within near missile distance of where it hits, and it can carry up to 75 shells before needing to return to base for a reload.

Extra Goodies:

Wolverine Saga System 13 Text File Download

GI Joe directories featuring a version of the Wolverine:

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Note: the Lynx uses components of both the Wolverine and the MBT Mauler (sort of half and half).

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