Cover Girl


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Like the vast, vast majority of the GI Joe team, Cover Girl is but a normal human, one who has not been blessed with an arcane origin, a genetically enhanced power base, or intense psionic training. However, she is possessed of exceptional physical beauty and truly motivated mechanical prowess, and she has used both of these qualities in the battle against the forces of tyranny!



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Colt M1911A1 Pistol (a): should she find herself in a situation where she's expended all of her Wolverine's missiles, or otherwise winds up without heavy armor backup, Cover Girl does carry one handy, hip-holstered firearm on her person - just in case. This gun can be fired per a +4 weapon when firing a single shot, +5 if Cover Girl uses a magazine-burning, semi-automatic volley of lead.

Wolverine (Armored Missile Vehicle) (i): Cover Girl's favorite ride, this heavy (about twenty ton) and heavily armored tank is essentially a giant, mobile missile launcher. The thing is armed with a total of twelve missiles with which Cover Girl can take enemy forces apart - if she doesn't just run them over first. Check out the Wolverine's entry for more information.


Boxing (s): a basic skill she picked up after hooking up with the Army, this talent allows Cover Girl to defend herself should she wind up in a situation where she has no weaponry - either her Wolverine or her Colt .45. In unarmed melee, Cover Girl can divide her pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Detective / Espionage (i): though not one of her original military specialties, Cover Girl picked up various intelligence skills as a matter of course during her work with the GI Joe team, especially once they began to add more and more armor specialists like herself. Whenever searching for clues or engaging in 'spy work', Cover Girl should make related actions at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.

Guns (a): an essential part of Cover Girl's military training has involved the use of guns. Whether she wields a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Cover Girl may do so as at one difficulty level lower than is usually required. She prefers to just use her Wolverine to tear stuff up, of course, but when she's expended all its missiles, she's more than happy to enter the fray guns a' blazing.

Military / United States (w): disillusioned with the fashion industry, Cover Girl hooked up with the Army to give her life a new direction. Having done so, she now knows military protocols like the back of her hand, and has gained an innumerable amount of pals in the armed forces - above and beyond those in the Joe team. Further, she can reduce the difficulty of any action dependent on a working knowledge of military matters.

Performer (w): before she joined the Army, Cover Girl was a high fashion model, showcasing various new styles of clothing for all kinds of different designers. She was quite good at it too; she can use this skill to distract a body, if she can pass an average difficulty Willpower (willpower) action. She may have left this life behind, but she most likely 'still has it'.

Repair / Tinkering (a): in her life's mission of forever distancing herself from her former occupation, Cover Girl is continually undertaking jobs and learning skills that are decidedly unfeminine. For instance, she's pursued a career in the Army's Armor division, one that has caused her to pick up this skill by default. This skill lowers the difficulty of any attempt she makes to repair a mechanical device by one level.


Being a member of the GI Joe team - much less one of the longer standing ones - Cover Girl can easily rely upon the group for aid in a pinch, since the Joes take care of their own. In addition to this, however, she's acquired an exceptionally long list of contacts in both Military and Fashion circles, guaranteeing her all kinds of different favors that she can call in should she need to.


Soldier: more than anything else, Cover Girl hooked up with the Army to put her 'wimpy' past behind her, causing her to push herself farther and farther into the military 'scene', which is decidedly ignorant to the whims of the fashion-conscious. Whether she's coated up to her elbows in motor oil or hip-deep in a hairy fire-fight, she feels that she's accomplished her goal.


While on the job, Cover Girl wears a decidedly non-standard military uniform. It consists of a tan pair of trousers, a long-sleeved, beige shirt, and a brown leather jacket. She complements this basic ensemble with a pair of brown, leather boots that have green pads to protect her toes and shins, a brown leather belt, and a brown leather hip holster to hold her .45.


Cover Girl is a very self-assured woman who knows what she wants in life. Though what she wants may have changed a few times over the years, it hasn't changed the zeal with which she pursues it. Having spent time with the Joes (time usually under fire), Cover Girl has found that she truly prefers the somewhat adventurous life of a Joe, in that it offers her the ability to make a real difference with her efforts.

Real Name: Courtney A. Krieger, Grade E-4
Occupation: Armored vehicle driver
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: various throwaway aliases
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: auburn
Eyes: green
Weight: 95 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Unlike most of the other members of the GI Joe team, Cover Girl didn't hook up with the military right out of high school. In fact, she was a fashion model through most of her formative years, working the circuits in both Chicago and New York City for quite a while, until she became totally disillusioned with that particular industry; by about the time she was twenty, she decided that she needed a change.

This change came in a completely unexpected direction when, as opposed to going to college to acquire a degree or at least a 'legitimate' trade, Cover Girl decided to enlist in the Army. While going through basic training, Cover Girl began to pursue an increasing number of what can only be described as unfeminine skills, and her personal motivation ran towards big, greasy machinery.

This helped to land Cover Girl a spot in the Armor School at Fort Knox, along with various other tech-type training courses, the results of which have transformed her from a fashion model into a grease monkey who can field repair a diesel engine under fire. This skill and determination is what eventually got Cover Girl noticed by her superiors, who recommended her for a position on the GI Joe team.

After a few training missions with various members of the Joe team, old and new, Cover Girl eventually saw her first battle with Cobra on the very streets of Washington DC, when the whole of the Cobra Command acted out a plot to poison the supply of U.S. currency. She managed to hold her own for quite a while, in fact, destroying a very large number of Hiss tanks before Cobra Commander ran her Wolverine down.

Once she'd proven herself in this operation, Cover Girl went on to participate in an uncounted number of missions against Cobra and other terrorist forces, doing so for the duration of the time the Joe team was active. Of course, over the years, Cover Girl began to serve a more administrative role within the Joe team, helping to coordinate covert operations as assigned to the team by General Hawk.

Exactly what Cover Girl did when the GI Joe team was disbanded in '94 has yet to be documented, but considering her disdain for modeling when she joined the Army, she most likely didn't return to that particular occupation. However, once the team got back together three years later, she naturally hooked back up with the tightly-knit group of military adventurers that she fought beside for so long!

(Historical Divergence)

During this time, Cover Girl began a serious relationship with fellow Joe Shipwreck, and participated in a number of high-profile actions against Cobra, including the second Cobra Island Civil War conflict, and of course World War III - during which those terrorists were seemingly defeated for good (for the third time, mind you). She's presumably with the team still, helping them to clean up Cobra's messes.

2006 Variations


Cover Girl's second GI Joe team uniform is actually rather similar to her first. It includes a pair of tan trousers, a long-sleeved, collared beige shirt beneath a brown leather jacket with a fur interior, brown leather boots, gray leather gloves, a gray leather belt, a gray holster for her firearm, a gray shoulder strap to hold additional gear, and of course her dog tags (just in case).

2013 Variations


Submachine Gun (a): because she's not always behind the wheel of her Wolverine, Cover Girl often carries around a heavier piece than her sidearm. These submachine guns can typically be fired to inflict her Agility +4 in damage with a single shot, her Agility +5 in damage in a semi-automatic burst of fire, and her Agility +6 in damage when fired in a fully automatic fashion.


Cover Girl's third GI Joe uniform is a cross between her first and her second, which were already pretty similar. It includes a pair of tan trousers, a long-sleeved, collared tan shirt over a white T-shirt, a brown leather jacket with a fur interior, brown leather boots, a brown leather belt, a black holster for her sidearm, worn atop her other belt, and of course her dog tags (just in case).

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