the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun

The Whirlwind essentially consists of two large, 20mm rotating barrel gun systems, which when fired together inflict Incredible (40) Shooting damage per deadly burst. The Whirlwind is towable by any vehicle with a hitch on it (it is not self-propelled), and only has room for one person - in the firing chair. The Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun is equipped with these features:

Carbon Graphite Armor Plating: since the Whirlwind's operator is often using the thing while under fire (and heavy fire, at that), the Twin Battle Gun is equipped with a massive, inch thick plate of carbon graphite armor, armor which provides a body using this weapon Remarkable (30) protection from frontal attacks (but frontal attacks only).

Collapsible Tow Wheels / Isolation Pads: the wheels of the Whirlwind can fold down while it isn't being towed, allowing them to prevent the Twin Battle Gun from rolling back from its firing recoil. This is also enhanced by a main firing brace at the front of the gun, which essentially mounts the gun in a sort of tripod configuration while it is stationary.

Computer Enhanced Target Display Panel: the Whirlwind's onboard threat computer helps a Joe using the Twin Battle Gun to eliminate the enemy more efficiently. The thing effectively adds to the gunner's chance to hit an opponent by +1 CS, which helps in a pinch - especially with the Joes' tendency to use the Whirlwind while it's being towed around.

Hydraulic Bio-Form Command Seat: this advanced chair allows the Whirlwind operator to easily adjust his or her body for maximum comfort while the Twin Battle Gun swivels about, since it can do so in a full 360 degrees, and with about a 45 degree arc of fire. The command seat doesn't do anything else, really, but it does sound pretty darn cool.

2004 Variations

When needing additional firepower for teams utilizing their latest iteration of the VAMP, GI Joe pulled a few of its Whirlwind Twin Battle Guns out of mothballs, and simply hitched them up. Aside from a lighter shade of Army green, this weapon functions as it did twenty years ago.

Extra Goodies:

Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun Universal Heroes Text File Download

GI Joe directories featuring a version of the Whirlwind Twin Battle Gun:

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