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4 (25)


Like the vast majority of his fellows on the GI Joe team, Snow Job is naught but a normal human, albeit a particularly athletic one. He lacks mutant powers, psionic talent, and seriously high tech gizmos, but he's definitely one tough hombre, especially since he does his job in the deepest, darkest reaches of both the Arctic and Antarctic regions - and most of the Joes don't envy him his job one bit.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Cold Weather Outfit (s): as an Arctic specialist, Snow Job has to wear a special uniform while he's out on missions. This suit consists of heavily padded, triple layered (at least) boots, gloves, trousers, and a hooded jacket, a suit that effectively provides him intensity 12 (+3) protection from cold attacks, covering his entire body (including a visor to keep his face from being terminally exposed).

Colt M1911A1 Pistol (a): a backup for his laser rifle, this trusty standby can be used in a pinch during Snow Job's Arctic escapades. This weapon can be fired as a +4 weapon when using but a single shot, or a +5 weapon when firing a semi-automatic, magazine burning blast of lead; the magazine in the .45 holds eight rounds, so if he fires conservatively, Snow Job can get in quite a few good shots if necessary.

Laser Rifle (a): after Flash's prototype was proven an effective weapon under fire, the GI Joe team began to experiment with more utilitarian (less bulky) laser rifles, and Snow Job was one of the first Joes to get his hands on these babies. This rifle can be fired as a +5 weapon with each and every deadly blast, and can fire ten shots before its energy pack needs to be swapped out.

Skis (a): a must for a soldier in the Arctic without a motorized vehicle to call his own, this pair of skis (and ski-poles) can be used by Snow Job to cross country with remarkable speed. On relatively level ground, he can use his skis to move consistently at his normal speed no matter how thick the snow is, and can achieve intensity 2 speed (30 miles per hour) for short durations.

However, Snow Job can also use these snowy implements to move much faster on downhill slopes. He can theoretically reach intensity 6 speeds (120 miles per hour, give or take), though for every increase in speed intensity above 3 (45 miles per hour) in a downward stretch, he attempts the action to attain that speed, and any maneuvers at such velocities, at an increased difficulty level.


Advanced Guns (a): in addition to his skill with regular guns (which is actually rather significant), Snow Job has been properly trained in the use of advanced, energy-emitting weaponry. Fully qualified and proficient in the use of such military hardware, he can make attacks with laser guns and the like at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary. Half the time, he can do so while skiing!

Boxing (s): part of his combat training that primarily came from his Army education, this skill allows Snow Job to effectively defend himself should he find himself totally unarmed. In such melee combat, Snow Job may divide his pre-card play action score between two attacks, the last of which he may attempt as a contingent action, whether punching, kicking, or even head-butting a foe!

Guns (a): quite competent in the use of firearms, Snow Job is in fact a master marksman. He can utilize any standard, semi-automatic, fully automatic, or directed energy rifle or pistol at one difficulty level lower than is usually required. While the military did help him to brush up on his skills some, he was practically an Olympic contender in the biathlon, so it's a safe bet that he can hit almost anything he shoots at.

Military / United States (w): a promising Olympic candidate, Snow Job hooked up with the Army for the benefit of paid training in his sport of choice; you can imagine the Army's disdain when instead of competing in the games, he hooked up with the Joe team. His Army training has given him an instinctual understanding of military protocols, and the ability to lead fighting men if necessary.

Sports / Skiing (a): though it sort of goes without saying, Snow Job is rather good in the use of these snowy implements, whether he uses them on snow or ice - though he prefers snow, of course. When attempting ski-based maneuvers, Snow Job may do so at one difficulty lower than is usually required. This comes in real handy when he's moving about at extremely high speed on these things.

Survival (w): a trained skier and competent Arctic trooper, Snow Job has been well educated in the fine arts of survival in the most cold and remote of terrestrial regions. Should he find himself left destitute in such a realm, Snow Job can easily scrounge up enough food, water, and shelter to get by until either support arrives or he can make his way to relative safety.


Thrill-Seeker: Snow Job's unique personality and outlook seems to color him in the light of a tried and true thrill seeker, in that he's constantly putting himself at risk - in some form or another - for his personal amusement. Whether it be while braving death in some horrible tundra or just risking a simple beating from his fellow Joes after his latest scam, Snow Job's always in a heap of trouble - and he loves it!


For the longest time, Snow Job stuck to the same, basic Arctic uniform while on the job (and sometimes while not, depending on the weather). It consists of his thickly padded, white jacket, white boots, white gloves, and white trousers (see a trend, here?). He complemented this suit further by adding a black belt, a black holster for his .45, and a large black visor that kept the polar chill out of his eyes while at work.


Snow Job has a notorious (yet justifiable) reputation as a con man; you didn't think his code name came from his being an Arctic trooper, did you? He truly delights in perpetrating practical jokes and scams of all types on his fellow Joes, especially since some of them never seem to learn their lesson. However, he's definitely a team player, and is more than happy to pull his weight for the group when necessary.

Real Name: Harlan W. Moore, Grade E-6, (Sergeant), later E-7
Occupation: Arctic ski trooper
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 6'
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Snow Job wears a thick, red beard and moustache at all times.


Snow Job was a very competent athlete before enlisting in the Army; in fact, he was an Olympic hopeful. While competent in his sport of choice, he lacked the proper training to actually make it to the games proper. As such, he enlisted for the benefit that men such as he received in the way of free training, but by the time he was done, it was found that Snow Job was qualified to fill an opening in the GI Joe team.

After months of further, painstaking training, Snow Job participated in his very first mission with the Joe team, where he and several other Joes were acting to stop Cobra from sabotaging the Alaska Pipeline. After that successful operation, Snow Job went on to participate in several subsequent missions, one of which involved the capture of none other than the Cobra Commander himself!

While the villain eventually escaped his captors, Snow Job continued on with the Joes as they battled the Commander and his fanatic legions of evildoers, and he was present for several pivotal battles against Cobra. One of which involved the creation of Cobra Island itself, after which Snow Job and several other Joes tried to knock the occupying terrorists off the isle before it could be declared a sovereign nation.

On his next major mission, Snow Job found himself captured in the eastern European nation of Borovia - along with Stalker and Quick-Kick. They were in the country to rescue an imprisoned journalist covert op-wise, but by the time they showed up, the Joes (along with Outback, who managed to escape) found that the man had already been released thanks to a deal cut with another government agency.

Having discovered this too late, the Joes tried to escape from Borovia, but failed. While Outback managed to get word about what happened back to the Joe team, the three captured GI Joe operatives were held for months in that Borovian hole, regularly beaten and tortured until they were rescued by Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, the Blind Master, Storm Shadow, Jinx, and Billy (Cobra Commander's son).

Once he'd recuperated from this grueling experience, Snow Job returned to active duty, participating in several more missions before the GI Joe team was mothballed back in '94. When this happened, Snow Job returned to the Army proper, though he likely didn't receive a warm reception. However, the team was reborn once again three years later, and when this happened, Snow Job returned to the fold.

(Historical Divergence)

He's been a member of the GI Joe team ever since, returning to help his pals whenever Cobra shenanigans in the coldest reaches of the world required his expertise. He was also present during such notorious Cobra events such as the second Cobra Island Civil War, and of course World War III, during which the GI Joe team narrowly prevented Cobra from taking over the entire world.

1997 Variation


After the reformation of the GI Joe team, Snow Job slightly changed the composition of his suit, to further aid it in its blending capabilities. His new jacket and trousers, while bearing the same style as his first, were changed from plain white to white with a light gray camouflage pattern dyed into it. He did change the color of his belt to white, but had his boots and gloves changed to a light gray hue as well.

2010 Variation


Survival Gear (i): to further enhance his survivability during cold weather assignments, as well as to allow him to perform such for longer periods of time, Harlan started carrying additional gear with him in the field. This includes a small stove, fuel to operate it, a tent to hide from the elements, and a radio which works with intensity 7 ability, having a maximum range of 100 miles.


While it worked for over a decade, Snow Job eventually refreshed his field uniform in '10. His third ensemble consists of a padded, hooded white jacket with grass green camouflage elements, padded white trousers with grass green camouflage elements, padded grass green boots, padded grass green and orange gloves, a grass green cap, a white leather belt, and a large black visor with which to protect his face from frostbite.

2014 Variation


Survival Gear (i): to further enhance his survivability during cold weather assignments, as well as to allow him to perform such for longer periods of time, Harlan started carrying additional gear with him in the field. This includes a small stove, fuel to operate it, a tent to hide from the elements, and a radio which works with intensity 7 ability, having a maximum range of 100 miles.


After a few years, Snow Job again tweaked his field uniform. His fourth ensemble consists of a padded, hooded white jacket with dark blue camouflage elements, padded white trousers with dark blue camouflage elements, padded dark blue boots, padded dark blue and orange and gloves, a dark blue cap, a white leather belt, and a large black visor with which to protect his face from frostbite.

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