GI Joe: 2010 Personnel and Equipment


Beach Head: one of the hardest, meanest Rangers ever to come out of Fort Benning, Wayne is a perfect addition to GI Joe, as his never-ending quest for personal perfection tends to rub off on others - even if it does so in a somewhat abrasive fashion! Availability:

Beach Head (MSH Classic)

Beach Head (4C System)

Beach Head (Marvel Saga)

Big Lob: an obsessive basketball fan, Big Lob showed he was a true athlete upon breezing his way through basic training. He's since proved himself to both the regular brass and the GI Joe team, and excels in all manner of the team's special missions! Availability:

Big Lob (MSH Classic)

Big Lob (4C System)

Big Lob (Marvel Saga)

Clutch: after this Asbury Park gear-head finally grew up somewhat, he enlisted in the Army, eventually becoming an expert in vehicular combat. After decades with the Joes, he's become their resident grease monkey, and a sort of anti-Dreadnok! Availability:

Clutch (MSH Classic)

Clutch (4C System)

Clutch (Marvel Saga)

Duke: with his years of experience in special ops, Duke was an excellent choice to be GI Joe's field leader. Second only to Hawk in the team's command structure, Duke has consistently led the Joes to victory against Cobra over the years! Availability:

Duke (MSH Classic)

Duke (4C System)

Duke (Marvel Saga)

Dusty: born and bred in dry, dusty Las Vegas, Ronald grew up surrounded by desert - and has loved it his entire life. As such, he makes a perfect desert specialist, a vital skill the Joes need since Cobra frequently works in desert climes. Availability:

Dusty (MSH Classic)

Dusty (4C System)

Dusty (Marvel Saga)

Flint: enlisting after he grew bored with the life of an academic, Flint utilized both his innate intelligence and brash confidence to excel in various elite specialties - which ultimately saw him being recruited onto the GI Joe team by Duke himself! Availability:

Flint (MSH Classic)

Flint (4C System)

Flint (Marvel Saga)

Kickstart: something of a polymath, Joseph Rivera is an expert computer programmer, electrical engineer, and biotechnologist. This makes him the ideal brains behind the GI Joe team's lastet mech, the Steel Marauder, which they also have him inexplicably pilot. Availability:

Kickstart (MSH Classic)

Kickstart (4C System)

Kickstart (Marvel Saga)

Lifeline: though some of the more action-oriented members of the GI Joe team may believe otherwise, Edwin is one of the group's most valuable members. An avowed pacifist, he will go out of his way to save another's life - even risking his own! Availability:

Lifeline (MSH Classic)

Lifeline (4C System)

Lifeline (Marvel Saga)

Night Fox: having earned a place amongst the Navy SEALs before he joined the GI Joe team, Armando M. Ortiz has a wide selection of combat skills with which to fight terrorists. You can easily see why the Joes eagerly snapped him up for their war against Cobra! Availability:

Night Fox (MSH Classic)

Night Fox (4C System)

Night Fox (Marvel Saga)

Quick Kick: a Hollywood stunt man before he was recruited by GI Joe, MacArthur was raised by immigrant parents in Watts and grew up tough. A master of numerous martial arts, MacArthur has become a silent weapons specialist in the fight against Cobra! Availability:

Quick Kick (MSH Classic)

Quick Kick (4C System)

Quick Kick (Marvel Saga)

Recondo: growing up to hate Wisconsin's cold winters, young Daniel wanted to explore the deepest African jungles as a child - and grew up to do just that. Both on and off the Joe team, Daniel has become an expert in jungle combat - and many other disciplines! Availability:

Recondo (MSH Classic)

Recondo (4C System)

Recondo (Marvel Saga)

Sgt. Slaughter: a force of nature, Sgt. Slaughter was born on Parris Island, and raised to become as tough and mean as is humanly possible - a perfect Marine! The ultimate drill instructor, the Sarge is who GI Joe relies upon to keep themselves on their toes! Availability:

Sgt. Slaughter (MSH Classic)

Sgt. Slaughter (4C System)

Sgt. Slaughter (Marvel Saga)

Snake-Eyes: a singularly mysterious man, the commando known only as Snake-Eyes has experienced nothing but tragedy in his life. However, he's persevered through the years, and become a true force to be reckoned with - as would any other ninja master! Availability:

Snake-Eyes (MSH Classic)

Snake-Eyes (4C System)

Snake-Eyes (Marvel Saga)

Snow Job: an olympic contender, Harlan decided best training that he could get, for cheap, could only come from of the Army. Expecting him to compete, you can imagine how unhappy the military was when he instead accepted a job with GI Joe! Availability:

Snow Job (MSH Classic)

Snow Job (4C System)

Snow Job (Marvel Saga)

Spirit: a psychologist and Vietnam veteran, Charlie is an expert woodsman that brings considerable talent to GI Joe. His fellows fail to understand him now and then, but they respect his skill and his ability to keep them alive! Availability:

Spirit (MSH Classic)

Spirit (4C System)

Spirit (Marvel Saga)

Tomahawk: an Air Force test pilot who has flown almost every fixed-wing aircraft currently in service, not to mention numerous additional, experimental means of aerial conveyance, Willian P. Folger is a welcome and essential addition to the GI Joe team! Availability:

Tomahawk (MSH Classic)

Tomahawk (4C System)

Tomahawk (Marvel Saga)

Whiteout: Leonard was recruited onto the Joe team after his highly publicized rescue of twelve skiers buried in an avalanche. Enjoying skiing for a living after his publishing career tanked, Leonard began using his impressive skills against evildoers world-wide! Availability:

Whiteout (MSH Classic)

Whiteout (4C System)

Whiteout (Marvel Saga)


the AWE Striker: a small, lightweight vehicle, this black and brown, off-road marvel was first adopted by GI JOE in 1985. Weighing 2.8 tons and armed with a powerful, recoil-less rifle, the AWE Striker can offer the Joes fire support almost anywhere! Availability:

the AWE Striker (MSH Classic)

the AWE Striker (4C System)

the AWE Striker (Marvel Saga)

the Ghost Hawk: handy when standard air support and cover simply isn't practical and/or possible, the Ghost Hawk is a small, lightweight vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that can easily help the Joes attain air superiority! Availability:

the Ghost Hawk (MSH Classic)

the Ghost Hawk (4C System)

the Ghost Hawk (Marvel Saga)

the Steel Marauder: hatched in the mind of Kickstart, the Steel Marauder is a powerful mech, or humanoid vehicle. Heavily armed and armored, the Steel Marauder and similar technology is absolutely devastating against enemy forces, whether mounted or otherwise! Availability:

the Steel Marauder (MSH Classic)

the Steel Marauder (4C System)

the Steel Marauder (Marvel Saga)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 6: this off-road, khaki colored combat vehicle is a complete redesign of the original, taking into account all the best additions to its line over the year - and, of course, a few extra goodies for good measure! Availability:

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 6 (MSH Classic)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 6 (4C System)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 6 (Marvel Saga)

the Wolf Hound: the Wolf Hound can traverse the nastiest of icy terrain thanks to its half track design, in even the coldest of Katabatic winds. Armed with surface-to-surface / air missiles and ground based 'ski torpedoes', the 'Hound commands winter battles. Availability:

the Wolf Hound (MSH Classic)

the Wolf Hound (4C System)

the Wolf Hound (Marvel Saga)

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