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Like the vast majority of the GI Joe combat force, Lance J. Steinberg is simply a normal human, albeit one who is an elite soldier that has been extensively trained in the principles of vehicular combat, various weapons of mass destruction, and standard infantry techniques.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Colt M1911A1 Sidearm: Clutch packs a pistol at all times, should he finds himself without other armament for some reason. This pistol inflicts rank value 6 Piercing damage per shot, raised to rank value 10 Piercing damage when firing semi-automatic.

Helmet: as his job involves his getting shot at and driving vehicles in hazardous situations, Clutch usually has a helmet on while 'at work'. This item offers his cranium rank value 10 protection against any attack that strikes him there.

the VAMP, Mark 1: the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose combat vehicle, or VAMP, is an all-terrain assault weapon. Since Clutch's primary function on the team is as a vehicular combatant, he's typically in command of this vehicle while on a mission. See its description for more details.


High-Stress Threshold: one of Clutch's notable personality traits is that he rarely, if ever, takes any situation seriously, even if it involves severe personal risk to his person. Thanks to this, he receives a +2 RS when attempting to maintain a cool demeanor in the face of adversity.


Detective / Espionage: having undergone specialized training in Covert Ops school, Clutch can perform surveillance missions, infiltrations, and can typically piece together clues and such involving a crime or mystery. He receives a +1 RS when performing actions towards these ends.

Guns: Clutch has been trained in the use of all kinds of assault rifles and pistols, whether they be automatic or not. As such, he can wield just about any gun (save for your advanced, energy-types) at a +1 RS to his standard Coordination trait value.

Martial Arts style B: Clutch's military training has provided him the basic tools of self-defense, which basically comes in the form of an offensive skill in Clutch's case. If unarmed, Clutch can nonetheless make melee attacks at a +1 RS to his standard Melee trait.

Military: having been in the Army for a good long time, Clutch knows military protocols like the back of his hand. Furthermore, he gains a +1 RS in all military matters, such as commanding troops, knowing rules and regulations, and receives the military as a free Contact.

Repair / Tinkering: the Joes' chief grease monkey, Clutch can fix broken machinery and alter existing equipment into new devices at a +1 RS to his Intellect trait. He's been doing this since he was a kid, and always enjoys getting down and dirty with mechanical toys.

Vehicular Combat 2: Clutch's extensive Army training and personal experience makes him adept at aggressive driving techniques. He should receive a +2 RS when attempting combat behind the wheel of a vehicle, whether he's making offensive or defensive maneuvers.


As a member of the GI Joe team, Clutch can rely upon that organization for aid should he need it, as the group never leaves its members out in the cold. Furthermore, as a military man, he can possibly rely upon the various American armed forces in a pinch, if they're available.


Clutch typically wears army green pants and shirts while in action, along with a green helmet and brown boots. He also has a brown belt with several pockets and pouches for ammo and such, brown shoulder pads, and a brown shoulder holster for his personal pistol.


A natural gear-head, Clutch has been fixing, rebuilding, or otherwise modifying cars, trucks, and motorcycles since he was a young teen. Smooth and light-hearted, Clutch rarely, if ever, takes anything seriously, caring only for cars and women.

In fact, he's something of a relic of the early eighties, and seems to refer to women as 'chicks' still. But he's otherwise an okay guy. Really. Otherwise, why else would he be risking his life to protect the world on a nearly daily basis?!

Real Name: Lance J. Steinberg, Grade E-4
Occupation: GI Joe vehicle driver
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: presumably single
Alias(es), if any: Double Clutch
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 5' 10
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 165 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: when he hasn't grown out a full beard and moustache, Clutch often has a rather unshaven look about him.


Born in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Clutch grew up as a hopeless grease monkey, loving cars and little else. In fact, his first job involved working for his uncle at an auto garage. Clutch eventually grew up, as much as he could anyway, and enlisted in the Army to forge himself a future.

After basic training, Clutch entered (and graduated from) several armored and wheeled vehicle training schools, and actually saved Colonel Abernathy from mercenary assassins once. This was what landed him a position in Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta, code-named GI Joe!

As one of the original members of GI Joe, Clutch has been on dozens of missions against the vicious terrorist organization known as Cobra, a ruthless band of cut-throats and mercenaries ruled by a disillusioned businessman with paranoid tendencies and delusions of grandeur.

Such missions included the invasion of Springfield, a town that was Cobra's primary base of operations in the States, and participation in a civil war on Cobra Island (once the terrorists went legit for a time) between Cobra Commander and the genetically engineered Serpentor.

Furthermore, Clutch has a tendency to run afoul of Cobra agents while on leave with his good pal Rock 'n' Roll on occasion, usually when the duo get in the way of one of the destructive Dreadnoks' joyride / rampage fests. This has happened at least twice that we know of.

The first time this occurred, Clutch, Rock 'n' Roll, and Breaker were on leave after being removed from field duty. Randomly assaulted by Dreadnoks in Malibu Beach, the trio of Joes chased them down until they were driven off the road by a hologram generated by Zartan's bike.

The trio eventually got their payback, however. While they were being carted away in an ambulance, the Joes spotted the Dreadnoks fleeing the scene of yet another crime they'd committed and, seeing through the camouflage on Zartan's bike, smashed the Dreadnoks up real good.

The second time Clutch and Rock 'n Roll ran into the Dreadnoks involved the duo's vacation to the town of Broca Beach. This town was actually another Cobra front, from which Zarana was running Cobra's various money-making plots, such as pyramid schemes, real estate fraud, etc.

The two Joes had run into several cops sporting rings with a Cobra sigil on it, and tried to leave. They were recognized by the Dreadnoks, though, leading to their eventual capture. Taking advantage of this, Zarana reprogrammed their minds with the late Doctor Venom's brain-wave scanner.

Her ultimate goal involved letting the Joes go, and slipping them into the Pit, at which point she would trigger a murderous rampage within the two brainwashed men. This plot ultimately failed when their inherent morals prevented them from acting against their pals and their base.

While they were later proven free of permanent damage, Zarana had done her work all too well, and Clutch and Rock 'n Roll never did figure out where they were reprogrammed. In fact, they couldn't remember what'd happened within Broca Beach - or that they'd even been there.

Clutch was a member of the team for the duration of its existence, as a vehicular combatant when not testing out new, prototype equipment for use in the war against Cobra. After the Joes disbanded in 1994, Clutch resumed a civilian lifestyle, mostly engaging in auto racing.

(Historical Divergence)

When Cobra activity forced the reorganization of the GI Joe team, Clutch naturally answered the call of duty. Despite his successful racing career, he was never one to sit back while others had all the fun, and now drives various vehicles for the team, such as his new desert coyote.

He stuck with the team through thick and thin, even during its second, pretend deactivation, up through the veritable end of Cobra, during the caper in which it instigated World War III. Though Cobra seems defeated, the Joes have been tasked with holding the entire world together.

The world needs time to rebuild after all the damage Cobra did to almost every nation on earth.

1984 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

the VAMP, Mark 2: though the original VAMP was his baby, Clutch had to move with the times, and when the basic model VAMP was updated to include a rocket launcher instead of .50 Caliber weapons, he went with the flow. Check out the new VAMP's entry for more information.


Clutch's second uniform, which he adopted when he began driving around the mark 2 VAMP, was basically the same as his first, save for one notable difference. Since the mark 2 was meant to be a desert terrain vehicle, his uniform was tan in color, instead of green.

1993 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Body Armor: after becoming the driver of the Monster Blaster APC, Clutch adopted a special suit of diamond-lined, Kevlar armor, one that provides him rank value 10 protection from all conventional attacks. This suit's boots also have climbing spikes on the heels, for added traction.

Machete: for some bizarre reason, Clutch took to carrying around a large blade while acting as the Monster Blaster's designated driver. Mostly used to cut through the brush, this blade can be used on a person to inflict rank value 10 Slashing damage per deadly assault.

Mega Concussion Missile Cannon: as the Monster Blaster's driver, Clutch carried a single-handed missile launcher, one that could fire small yet deadly rockets at his foes. Aided by an infra-red targeter (for a +1 RS to hit), these rockets have the following statistics:

RV 10
RV 40
RV 10
RV 30 Slashing (fragmentary)

Monster Blaster APC: for a short time, it was Clutch's job to pilot this armed and armored personnel carrier. When he's not driving anything else at you, he's often in this vehicular monstrosity. Check out its vehicular entry for more details.

Pistol Grip Shotgun: while assigned to drive the Monster Blaster APC, Clutch carries around this aggressive weapon, a shotgun with a pistol grip. In battle, this weapon can be used to inflict rank value 20 Piercing damage per blast, and can fire two rounds before a reload is required.


For a time, Clutch wore a rather 'loud' uniform while assigned to drive the Monster Blaster APC. This suit consisted of red pants and a red vest, orange boots, orange thigh pads, orange gloves, an orange cap, and a black bandoleer for various ammo and accessories.

2003 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Desert Coyote: upon his return to the Joe team, Clutch picked up a much smaller ride. Essentially a souped-up go-kart, the desert coyote is armed to the teeth, and is a rugged ride only Clutch could love. Heck, he probably built it himself. The desert coyote is described in its own entry.


Upon his return to the Joes, Clutch adopted an outfit similar to his original. It includes dark green trousers, a dark green collared shirt over a black T-shirt and under a metallic vest, which itself is adorned with gun holsters, black leather gloves, boots, and belts, and a green cap.

2007 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Rifle: augmenting his standard firearm, this weapon allows Clutch to spread more lead when necessary. It can be fired to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage in a single shot, rank value 10 Piercing damage in a short burst, and rank value 20 Piercing damage when fired fully automatic.

the VAMP, Mark 6: yet another modification of the line's 'Desert Striker' variant, the mark 6 VAMP is something of a reversion to the original version of the Desert Striker, albeit in an olive drab color scheme. Like the others, this VAMP is described in its own vehicle entry.


Clutch's fifth uniform is another variation on his original. It includes olive drab trousers, a long-sleeved, olive drab shirt over a white T-shirt and beneath a black leather vest, black leather weapon holsters, boots, and gloves, and a black leather belt.

2010 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Kevlar ™ Vest: supplementing his helmet, this vest offers Clutch considerable protection to his torso. While it does not completely dull the effect of bullets, it reduces their intensity by 2 RS, transforming their inflicted damage type to Bashing in the process.

the VAMP, Mark 7: the latest in a long line of vehicles bearing this name, the mark 7 VAMP is once again Clutch's to drive. A seriously advanced variation on the theme, the mark 7 has plenty more armament and passenger space! Check out the new VAMP's entry for more information.


Clutch's sixth uniform is also similar to his original, but nonetheless has some differences. It includes a long-sleeved, olive drab shirt, olive drab trousers, an olive drab helmet, black leather boots and gloves, a black leather belt, and a black Kevlar ™ vest.

2014 Variations

Additional / Substitute Equipment:

Chainsaw: the better to dismantle zombies at close range, this weapon almost seems more fitting to a Dreadnok than to a GI Joe operative. Nonetheless, Clutch has made it his own, and he can use it to inflict rank value 10 Slashing damage with every gory strike.

Grenades: though he never bothered with them before, Clutch recently began to carry grenades on missions. He can fling these devices up to a sector away from himself, and they explode to inflict rank value 30 Slashing damage to all uncovered targets within their detonation sector.

Helmet: slightly different than his normal headgear, this helmet is equipped with a transparent face shield. In addition to keeping zombie splatter out of Clutch's eyes, this extends the normal protection of a helmet against physical attack, rank value 10, to his whole head.

Kevlar ™ Vest: supplementing his helmet, this vest offers Clutch considerable protection to his torso. While it does not completely dull the effect of bullets, it reduces their intensity by 2 RS, transforming their inflicted damage type to Bashing in the process.

Rifle: augmenting his standard firearm, this weapon allows Clutch to spread more lead when necessary. It can be fired to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage in a single shot, rank value 10 Piercing damage in a short burst, and rank value 20 Piercing damage when fired fully automatic.


When taking on Cobra's various zombie-like creatures, Clutch wears a light gray vest over a light gray and brown jacket, a brown helmet with a transparent face shield, brown trousers, light gray knee pads, black leather boots and gloves, a black leather belt, and black holsters.

Extra Goodies:

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