GI Joe: 1982 Personnel and Equipment


Breaker: Alvin is a master of at least seven languages and most NATO radio gear. Despite an initial lack of combat experience, and being one of the youngest men to ever become a Joe, Alvin has proven indispensible as the team's communications officer. Availability:

Breaker (MSH Classic)

Breaker (4C System)

Breaker (Marvel Saga)

Clutch: after this Asbury Park gear-head finally grew up somewhat, he enlisted in the Army, eventually becoming an expert in vehicular combat. After decades with the Joes, he's become their resident grease monkey, and a sort of anti-Dreadnok! Availability:

Clutch (MSH Classic)

Clutch (4C System)

Clutch (Marvel Saga)

General Flagg II: a master of espionage and covert military tactics, General Grand Slam Longstreet Flagg II was the GI Joe team's original leader. It was he who modeled Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta on the original Joe group from the 1960s! Availability:

General Flagg (MSH Classic)

General Flagg (4C System)

General Flagg (Marvel Saga)

Flash: logical and methodical, Flash mastered several areas of electronic knowledge even before enlisting. After working his way through a bevy of advanced Army schools, he became a specialist in laser weaponry, and the Joe team's lab techie. Availability:

Flash (MSH Classic)

Flash (4C System)

Flash (Marvel Saga)

Grand Slam: a comic book / sci-fi fan, Grand Slam has always been fascinated with advanced technology. An electronics major in college, he attended the Army's Special Weapons and Advanced Technology schools, allowing him to wield the HAL! Availability:

Grand Slam (MSH Classic)

Grand Slam (4C System)

Grand Slam (Marvel Saga)

Grunt: his sheer enthusiasm for military life helping him graduate Advanced Infantry Training near the top of his class, Robert was a perfect fit for the original GI Joe team. He's been associated with the Joes on and off ever since! Availability:

Grunt (MSH Classic)

Grunt (4C System)

Grunt (Marvel Saga)

Hawk: head of the GI Joe team since its inception in '82, Clayton Abernathy has proven time and time again that he's a capable leader, tactician, and victor in the seemingly eternal war against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world! Availability:

Hawk (MSH Classic)

Hawk (4C System)

Hawk (Marvel Saga)

Rock 'n Roll: the Joes' original heavy machine gunner, Craig is from beautiful Malibu, California. He eventually grew up and joined the Army, hoping to make the world a better place, and found that membership in the GI Joe team lets him do just that. Availability:

Rock 'n Roll (MSH Classic)

Rock 'n Roll (4C System)

Rock 'n Roll (Marvel Saga)

Scarlett: having trained as a martial artist since she was nine years old, and then being put through more 'dirty tricks' training in the Army, Shana's combat prowess and ability to gain intelligence on various Cobra operations is second to none! Availability:

Scarlett (MSH Classic)

Scarlett (4C System)

Scarlett (Marvel Saga)

Shooter: leading a spiritual and charitable life outside of the military, few would guess at SFC Jodie Craig's actual Army job. A highly decorated sniper, she was one of the original members of the GI Joe team - even if they didn't even know it! Availability:

Shooter (MSH Classic)

Shooter (4C System)

Shooter (Marvel Saga)

Short-Fuze: coming from two previous generations of Army guys, it was only natural that Eric would himself enlist. His natural mathematical capabilities made him a demon with a mortar, a skill which made him a candidate for the new GI Joe team! Availability:

Short-Fuze (MSH Classic)

Short-Fuze (4C System)

Short-Fuze (Marvel Saga)

Snake-Eyes: a singularly mysterious man, the commando known only as Snake-Eyes has experienced nothing but tragedy in his life. However, he's persevered through the years, and become a true force to be reckoned with - as would any other ninja master! Availability:

Snake-Eyes (MSH Classic)

Snake-Eyes (4C System)

Snake-Eyes (Marvel Saga)

Sparks: Alex Verdi was General Flagg's assistant and a liaison between GI Joe and the rest of the military - at least until the General's death. He retired for a time, but came back when General Colton personally requested his return! Availability:

Sparks (MSH Classic)

Sparks (4C System)

Sparks (Marvel Saga)

Stalker: though he started out as an urban warlord in Detroit, Lonzo cleaned up his act and joined the Army, quickly becoming one of its very best operatives. A qualified Ranger, helicopter pilot, and field medic, Stalker is an invaluable GI Joe operative! Availability:

Stalker (MSH Classic)

Stalker (4C System)

Stalker (Marvel Saga)

Steeler: Ralph has an affinity for large, mechanized vehicles, and loves blowing things up. Once he passed the unbelievably tough GI Joe entrance exam, Ralph served on the team with distinction, having a proper outlet for both of his predilections. Availability:

Steeler (MSH Classic)

Steeler (4C System)

Steeler (Marvel Saga)

Zap: a New York City native, Rafael grew up in awe of the gigantic structures around him. He joined the Army for the education needed to take part in the construction of such buildings, though he now knows how to best take buildings apart! Availability:

Zap (MSH Classic)

Zap (4C System)

Zap (Marvel Saga)

Disavowed Personnel:

Agent Delta: Lorcan Rourke was one of General Flagg's original recruits for his small, anti-terrorist operation. Sent to infiltrate Cobra early in its formation, Lorcan was believed to have been killed in the line of duty - at least, until recently. Availability:

Agent Delta (MSH Classic)

Agent Delta (4C System)

Agent Delta (Marvel Saga)


the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK): the Field Light Attack Cannon is a towable heavy assault weapon that can be loaded with a variety of mission-variable ammunition, ranging from non-lethal smoke canisters to flares to high-explosive anti-tankshells. Availability:

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK) (MSH Classic)

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK) (4C System)

the Field Light Attack Cannon (FLAK) (Marvel Saga)

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL): the Heavy Artillery laser is an experimental, directed energy weapon system developed by the US Army. It is a towable device that can be deployed in most any terrain, and can eliminate most hard targets with just one shot. Availability:

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) (MSH Classic)

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) (4C System)

the Heavy Artillery Laser (HAL) (Marvel Saga)

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP): the JUMP transforms a single soldier into an airborne implement of destruction. This miniature 'vehicle' makes for instant air support in a pinch, and has become a GI Joe mainstay over the years. Availability:

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) (MSH Classic)

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) (4C System)

the Jet Mobile Propulsion Unit (JUMP) (Marvel Saga)

the Mobile Missile System (MMS): the MMS is a towable rocket launcher system, which can fire three Patriot rockets at anything within its range. Whether said targets are in the land, on the sea, or in the air itself, the MMS can easily take 'em out! Availability:

the Mobile Missile System (MMS) (MSH Classic)

the Mobile Missile System (MMS) (4C System)

the Mobile Missile System (MMS) (Marvel Saga)

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT): essentially a highly advanced variation on one of the Army's classic treaded fighting vehicles, the MOBAT is what the GI Joe team turns to when all their other hardware isn't enough to take down an opponent. Availability:

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT) (MSH Classic)

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT) (4C System)

the Multi-Ordnance Battle Tank (MOBAT) (Marvel Saga)

the Pit: regardless of its current location, the GI Joe team's main headquarters, the Pit, invariably takes the form of an underground facility hardened against all threats, up to and incluing a nuclear explosion directly above! Availability:

the Pit (MSH Classic)

the Pit (4C System)

the Pit (Marvel Saga)

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM): the RAM is a high speed ground attack vehicle. This bike and its deadly gun car can reach speeds in excess of 100 MPH, allowing Joes using it to quickly race into - and out of - combat situations in the blink of an eye! Availability:

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) (MSH Classic)

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) (4C System)

the Rapid Fire Motorcycle (RAM) (Marvel Saga)

the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV): the RTV is an experimental, off-road freight hauler. This six-wheeled conveyance is a prefabricated vehicle constructed from lightweight materials, which can be assembled in the field quickly by a small, motivated team. Availability:

the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV) (MSH Classic)

the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV) (4C System)

the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV) (Marvel Saga)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 1: the off-road, olive drab VAMP is equipped with twin-mounted, swivel-based .50 Cal cannons on the roof, and can easily rout conventional infantry troops - as well as various small vehicles! Availability:

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 1 (MSH Classic)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 1 (4C System)

the Vehicle Attack / Multi-Purpose (VAMP), Mark 1 (Marvel Saga)

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