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As is the overwhelming majority of the GI Joe team, General James Longstreet Flagg II is simply a normal human, albeit an ambitious one with really good aim and a tactical mind potent enough to counter the schemes of Cobra Commander and his band of thugs.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Colt M1911A1 Pistol: his standard, Army-issue weapon, the General carries this firearm with him at all times - because you never know, really. This pistol inflicts rank value 6 Piercing damage per shot, raised to rank value 10 Piercing damage when firing semi-automatic.




Detective / Espionage: a master of covert ops in the Army's eyes, General Flagg naturally has this talent. Due to his position, he typically uses it to enhance the planning stages of 'hush-hush' missions, those that involve infiltrations and exfiltrations concerning enemy territory, and the like.

Guns: General Flagg has been trained in the use of all kinds of assault rifles and pistols, whether they be automatic or not. As such, he can wield just about any gun (save for your advanced, energy-emitting types) at a +1 RS to his standard Coordination rank value.

Martial Arts style B: General Flagg's military training has provided him the basic tools of self-defense, which essentially come in the form of an offensive skill. If unarmed, General Flagg can nonetheless make melee attacks at a +1 RS to his standard Melee trait.

Military / United States: having made a career out of his Army life, General Flagg knows military protocols like the back of his hand. Furthermore, he gains a +1 RS in all military matters, such as commanding troops and knowing rules and regulations, and receives the military as a free Contact.


The original leader of GI Joe, General Flagg could easily count the team as a reliable contact. However, his position also put him in regular contact with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which meant General Flagg could pretty much get anything he needed for a given mission.


While on the job, General Flagg was always seen in full military dress; he had no field uniform to speak of. He wore the typical, olive drab officer's uniform, complete with black leather shoes, a black belt w/honorary officer's belt buckle, black sunglasses, and a green General's cap.


General Flagg was an honorable and hardworking man, doing his best to excel to the extent that he was practically the best there was at what he did, second only to Hawk himself. His 'bag of dirty tricks' was legendary, yet he refused to put innocent lives at risk to succeed.

Real Name: General James Longstreet Flagg II; also identified as Lawrence J. Flagg
Occupation: US Army General, Leader of the GI Joe team
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: GI Joe

Height: 6'
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 170 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


James Flagg is the fifth in a line of Virginia Military Institute graduates, and hasn't let the family name down any. He has worked long and hard in the Army, becoming the captain of its pistol team early on, and further excelling by becoming one of the youngest men to ever attain the rank of General; this is a testament to his hard work and sheer tactical capability.

You see, General Flagg is a master of covert ops, and this skill put him in the unique position to form a specialized team to deal with the growing threat of terrorism world-wide. This team, officially christened Special Counter-Terrorist Group Delta, is really a reactivation of the GI Joe team that saw action in the sixties thanks to then-President Kennedy.

Liking the name and purpose of that group, Flagg used it as his template for forming the new team, a duty he specifically charged to one Colonel Abernathy, a man who would come to be known by the code-name Hawk. While Hawk would form the team and lead it in the field, General Flagg ran things behind the scenes, although he sometimes got caught up in the action himself.

On one such instance, Flagg was present with several other Generals during a parade in New York City, primarily to prove that the Joe team's MOBAT was pretty indistinguishable from other tanks - namely by driving it past them without their knowing what it was. Of course, Cobra caught wind of this, and tried to capture the fighting vehicle as it wound its way through Manhattan.

Thanks to Steeler, Breaker, and Clutch, the three resourceful Joes who were driving the tank for the parade, this plot was exposed and defeated. As the trio of Joes wheeled their prisoners up to General Flagg's position, Clutch used the MOBAT's sensors to detect the Cobra control center that had orchestrated the whole debacle - it was right under Flagg's feet!

Driving the MOBAT through the control facility, Clutch inadvertently revealed that Cobra Commander himself, along with the Baroness, were present for the operation. When the two attempted to flee, Flagg drew his .45 in an attempt to capture the Commander, but when the villain hid behind the cover of a Girl Scout troop, Flagg was forced to lower his weapon - and took a shot to the head for his trouble!

The next time General Flagg got directly involved in a Joe operation proved to be his last, as Cobra had determined where the Joe's secret base, the Pit, was located. Knowing that the terrorists would attack the facility with everything they had, Flagg showed up to oversee a plan by Hawk to obscure the true nature of the base, done by building a prefabricated fortress over the Pit itself.

As Cobra attacked, the Joe team threw the book at their opponents in an attempt to feign a final stand, which went off without a hitch. To perfect the ruse, the Joes brought their current prisoners, Major Bludd, Scar-Face, and a heavily burnt Baroness to the prefabricated base to make it appear to be the Joe's true headquarters - they were locked away in the brig.

When the tide of battle turned to the Joes' favor, Flagg checked on the prisoners to ensure that they were behaving, only to find that Major Bludd had overpowered Doc and was preparing to leave. Pulling his gun on the mercenary, Flagg himself was disarmed by Scar-Face, and Bludd then shot him square in the chest; when Doc recovered from his own defeat, it was too late to save him.

Though they celebrated their victory at first, the Joes learned its price when they found out that Flagg was a casualty of the conflict, as was Kwinn, Snake-Eyes' mercenary ally. Days later, after the mess of their battle was cleaned up, the Joes held a funeral for their deceased leader, even though it was marred by a Cobra ambush. Furthermore, they honored his memory by naming their aircraft carrier after him.

Not too shabby, that.

* Note: while General Flagg died in the early 1980s, he received a 'flashback' figure of sorts in the year 2004, which happened to be the first action figure actually made of him (and not his son, who actually had two produced in the early 1990s.) Though he was (obviously) not active during this time, I included it simply so one could research him if necessary.

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