the Rough Terrain Vehicle (RTV)

The Rough Terrain Vehicle is an odd ride the Joes tested out on at least one occasion. It's a prefabricated all-terrain freight hauler (like an off-road tractor trailer), that is designed to be assembled on-site by a minimum crew of six, doing so in about a half hour.

The RTV is made of little steel, being constructed from plastic, aluminum, and foam composites. It looks like a bizarre, futuristic moon-rover, having six extra-large tires, a telescoping cab, and a built-in crane used to load and unload cargo. The RTV has these vehicular characteristics:

Ty 6
Gd 10
In 40
Ex 20

.30 Cal Turrets: the forward cab of the RTV is armed with four powerful gun mounts, each of which can be fired to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a semi-auto burst, +1 CS in a full-auto volley. They're supplemented with enough ammunition to fire for quite some time.

Cabin Pivot: the RTV's driver compartment is mounted on a telescoping arm mechanism, allowing it to elevate up to ten feet over the body of the RTV itself, and twenty feet over the ground in general (assuming a level surface). This gives it exceptional fire superiority in a pinch.

Communications Suite: the RTV is armed with a fully functional, multi-frequency radio transceiver. This device can radio another system anywhere within 1000 miles, granting it an effective Incredible (40) rank. It also has communications scrambling technology of like effectiveness.

Crane: the RTV can likely carry at least ten tons worth of cargo, and the crane that loads it has to be able to manipulate a like amount of weight. As such, this crane can be assumed to have at least Incredible (40) lifting strength for these purposes.

Off-Road Tires: these massive tires, ten feet in diameter, are built to withstand the roughest terrain, and can take the RTV almost anywhere. Filled with self-sealing foam, these tires are of Remarkable (30) m.s., and can withstand a like amount of damage before being destroyed.

Extra Goodies:

RTV Universal Heroes Text File Download

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