the Mobile Missile System (MMS)

The Mobile Missile System, or MMS, is a field programmable missile launching system. Easily towed by any vehicle in the Joe arsenal, this platform can fire up to three Patriot missiles at any opponent within of thirty miles of its location.

Patriot missiles themselves possess intensity 13 flight, allowing them to reach Mach 3 speed, making them difficult to avoid once they get up to speed. The missiles themselves detonate with intensity 13 force, doing so in such a manner to affect all within near missile distance equally.

The Patriot missiles themselves have a material strength of 6, while the MMS unit itself possesses a material strength of 8. Firing the missiles is, in and of itself, an Intellect action, as it involves operating a computer console to program the projectiles.

The operation of the MMS is further enhanced by these additional features:

Gear Cases (s): the MMS has various kits tacked onto it, should some sort of emergency arise. For instance, it has a fully stocked first aid kit, tool kit, and a small compartment full of field-replaceable components for the computer control console that is used to acquire targets.

Integral Radar Tracking System (w): to aid the Patriot missiles' travel, the MMS is guided by an intensity 6 radar system which allows it to track targets designated by the field operator on land or in the air - as long as they are within fifty miles of its location.

Stabilizer Legs (a): the MMS is fully equipped with hydraulic stabilizer legs, enabling it to be utilized in almost any solid terrain. Deepest desert, darkest jungle, or iciest tundra - it makes no difference, as the MMS can fire the same in any of these terrains.

1985 Variations

the Crimson Missile System

A few years after GI Joe started using the MMS, Cobra's Crimson Guard stole the designs for the thing lock, stock, and barrel. The Guard began to use this device as its Crimson Missile System, though aside from its newly sinister paint scheme, it functions identically.

Extra Goodies:

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